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State Audit Office: anti-graft measures “working”

Socialist Party submits anti-corruption bill to Parliament

Budapest into third round in bid to host 2024 Summer Olympics, rivals Los Angeles and Paris

Far-right extremist group led by killer of detective disbanded

Orbán urges ethnic Hungarians to vote in Romanian elections

Gov’t office chief: EU “wants to corner” Hungary on migration issues

EC steps up infringement procedure on gas, electricity – Daily News Hungary

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: State Department to Hungary: ‘Let NGOs decide terrorism cases’ [1]

Editors of regional papers owned by Orbán confidante in mass firing

Pro-gov’t “civils” mount ad campaign tarring Jobbik leader and former PM with same brush [4]

Top court rejects complaints over Quaestor brokerage law

Top court rejects request to annul contested land fund clauses [1]

Opposition parties express concern over state of Budapest metro lines [2]

BBJ: Hungarian govʼt quits pro-transparency organization [4]

Politico: The 28 people who are shaping, shaking and stirring Europe – no. 10: George Soros “the scourge of illiberalism”

Reuters: Orban allies tighten media grip ahead of Hungary election

Industrial output edges down 2.1% in October [2]

Hungary becomes full member of OECD committee for development assistance [3]

Parliament passes public procurement law [2]

Hungarian students’ performance deteriorates in international PISA test [4]

Bloomberg: Hungary Evades ECB Ire as Central Bank Splurges on Property

Politico: Hungary hopes health app will launch new era of care [3]

Gov’t submits bill setting 9% flat-rate corporate tax to Parliament [1]

LMP welcomes election of green president in Austria [1]

Ten people injured in Budapest metro collision [1]

Foreign minister: Hungary’s aim is “peaceful nuclear energy use” [1]

Hungarian Free Press: Hungary loses yet another independent publication – Government historian buys weekly Figyelő

Support for EU grows in Hungary despite gov’t constantly slamming “Brussels” according to Medián poll [1]

Politico: Poland – ‘We don’t want to become a second Hungary!’

Kodály Method included in UNESCO World Heritage list

President Áder vetoes two laws [2]

Socialists: government sets energy prices above cost [1]

Fidesz: more powers to energy body “could save” utility bills scheme [1]

EU Observer: MEP Jávor barred from questioning Oettinger on plane trip [5]

Hungary’s grey economy shrinking according to pro-gov’t think-tank [4]

Visegrád 4 farm chambers reject EU plan to use rural subsidies towards refugee costs [1]

Reuters: Hungary adds transaction tax rebate to 2017 stimulus mix

Gov’t to focus on “boosting mobility and training” to tackle labour shortage [3]

Budapest Council surprised by Erzsébet Square transfer to state by Parliament [1]

National security committee briefed on foreign intelligence activities in Hungary [1]

The Guardian: Amnesty condemns jailing of Syrian on terror charges in Hungary [3]

Donations invited for bust of former President Árpád Göncz

Number of homeless people around 15,000, 4,000 spend nights on streets

Swimming association president Gyárfás resigns after losing gov’t backing [2]

Syrian refugee sentenced to ten years [3]

The Washington Post: Hungary’s right-wing leader hopes Trump will bring him in from the cold

Politico: Hungary calls for ‘immediate’ EU accession talks for Balkans [16]

Development minister: gas reserves sufficient

Orbán: pensions to rise by 1.6% in 2017 [2]

Áder: water-related investments to double by 2021 [1]

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