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Hungary offers to send troops to Baltics

Bajnai to head investment fund

Quotable: Erik D’Amato on EU funds and the “Putinization” of Hungary [2]

Lázár sets meeting with Jewish community leaders, declines discussion on House of Fates

Lázár applauds EU money granted to Hungary

Wall Street Journal: Hungary’s new notes speak of late conversion to Euro [1]

Debate over revamped education policies continues as new school year starts

Rogán proposes raising face value of citizenship bonds [1]

Hungary banknotes to get revamp [7]

Ethnic Hungarian party slams new election law Ukraine

Hungary, Jordan parliamentary speakers discuss bilateral ties

Air patrols important for combatting border migration, says police chief

WWII breakout marked at Great Synagogue

Arbitration tribunal orders MOL to act in INA’s best interests [4]

Banks’ lawsuits defending unilateral contract changes continue

Nearly 100,000 Hungarians commute through border [2]

MNB uncovers huge Ponzi scam

Socialists may have to move out of HQ [2]

EC and Hungary agree on use of funds [1]

Hungary rejects Norwegian minister questioning its commitment to democracy [11]

Orbán says EU deceiving itself by believing Russian sanction policy successful [26]

Germany’s view of Hungary has improved, Kövér claims [5]

Lázár outlines new stage in revamp of public admin [4]

Commissioner appointed to handle Russian embargo at foreign ministry [1]

Opposition parties slam gov’t handling of Ukraine conflict [2]

PM to attend EU summit on Saturday [2]

Fidesz: Holding banks to account under way [2]

EC adopts agreement on funding strategy for Hungary [4]

Socialists demand removal of central bank governor [1]

Foreign ministry warns Russian incursion in Ukraine would “gravely escalate” conflict [11]

Russia-Ukraine crisis hits forint [4]

Norwegian minister calls for EU response to “illiberal” government [14]

MNB to spend HUF 200 billion on setting up foundations [2]

Hungary urges political resolution to Ukraine conflict [14]

Latvian-Hungarian military cooperation pact signed [2]

Fidesz youth organization to light candles for Christian victims of ISIS [2]

Gov’t requests EC hearing on road tenders

Gov’t continues utility price cut program

Vocational training to be handled by economy ministry from 2015, says Varga [1]

Jobbik’s mayor candidate proposes law to clarify role of state in Budapest

Ministerial team preparing for consolidation of public utility firms

LMP candidate pledges cheaper, more transparent Budapest

RTL pays over 1 billion forints in ad tax [4]

Gyurcsány erred by starting power struggle within opposition, says E-PM

Court rejects AXA Bank suit [3]

LMP candidate pledges cheaper, more transparent Budapest

French university for Szeged

Gyurcsány: opposition either joins forces or dies [1]

Tarlós sets out stall ahead of local elections [2]

DK accuses gov’t of scheme to quit EU

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