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Reuters: Economic victory fails to deliver popularity boost for Hungary’s Orban

Quotable: Parliament’s Deputy Speaker on the need to fight corruption [35]

Analysts see National Bank cutting base rate on Tuesday

Deputy PM calls Transylvanian Hungarians to stick together [87]

Gov’t plans to abolish intelligence services’ trade unions [7]

Gov’t spokesperson blames criminals for latest financial fraud case [20]

Opposition parties heavily criticize gov’t over EC funding freeze [38]

House Speaker Kövér to commemorate 1456 victory together with Serbian prime minister [60]

European Commission interrupted funds to Hungary after last May’s audit [1]

Cabinet Chief promises 30-50% pay rise to civil servants at weekly press briefing [3]

US Ambassador and Prime Minister mark Holocaust Memorial Day [3]

Associated Press: Hungary PM Orbán ready to back 2024 Olympic bid by Budapest [10]

Hungary’s middle class waning, says Statistical Office study [4]

Vietnam offers € 350 million investment for Hungary [9]

Holocaust Memorial Day address from Cabinet Chief Lázár [4]

Orbán’s sports diplomacy mission in Lausanne [2]

Company of PM Orbán’s son-in-law continues winning streak despite police investigation [5]

MTVA files criminal complaint over assaulted M1 anchor [3]

LMP to sue National Roma Self-gov’t for secrecy [12]

National Bank starts probe against travel agency for embezzlement

Opposition demands release of European Commission’s funding report [2]

European Commission suspends HUF 700 billion funding for Hungary [17]

Foreign Affairs Committee chair claims to know names on US entry ban list [7]

Phone bills in Hungary highest in region because of taxes [7]

Áder explores avenues of cooperation with Mongolia [37]

New pro-gov’t media empire in the making with Habony as its head [30]

Government Roma commissioner in fraud allegations

The Wall Street Journal: Fear and loathing in Hungary [32]

IMF raises Hungary’s 2015 growth forecast [43]

Prime minister comments on Jobbik’s Tapolca by-election win [2]

Opposition parties welcome land bill failure

Gov’t to seek consensus with opposition over failed land bill [3]

State TV news anchor assaulted [19]

Bill on career models for police and soldiers passed

Parliament passes law for compensation of Quaestor clients [5]

Parliament approves of anti-IS military mission [5]

Facebook rants of by-election winner show difficulty of “pruning” racism from Jobbik [166]

BUX index sky-rockets on policy expectations [8]

Fourteen Hungarians left to be rescued from Yemen

“Modern Cities” gov’t program promises HUF 1.200 billion for urban development [2]

Rest of opposition sees Jobbik by-election win as warning sign [30]

Vona wants to develop Jobbik into a “people’s party”

The most hilarious English-language video about Hungary you’ll watch this year [32]

Reactions to Jobbik’s win in Tapolca by-election [4]

Jobbik wins “protest vote” in by-election according to pro-gov’t analyst [29]

Reuters: Far-right Jobbik party hurting Hungary’s image, says Jewish leader [19]

President Áder opens World Water Forum

Former PM Gyurcsány not banned from Russia [19]

Left wing, liberal parties hold anti-gov’t demonstration in Budapest [1]

Jobbik candidate wins Tapolca by-election, result not yet final [12]

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