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EU launches infringement procedure over restrictions on land acquisition [1]

Együtt demands removal of senior state officials over Quaestor affair [1]

PM’s Cabinet official: gov’t would pass EC fine over M4 motorway construction to builders [3]

Brussels takes Hungary to court over energy legislation [3]

Arrested former gov’t lobbyist may have arranged visas for Russian prostitutes, criminals [5]

Economic researcher firm expects Hungary’s GDP growth to fall to 2.4% [13]

Orbán to stay away from hearing on communist collaboration charges [6]

Erste Bank dismisses reports of financial troubles [5]

Opposition says Orbán has responsibility for Quaestor troubles [15]

Shops in World Heritage sites to be kept closed on Sundays [60]

Top court rules suspension of FX borrowers’ cases in line with Constitution

Orbán made call to take ministry’s money out of Quaestor [7]

Lázár claims obstacles to Paks fuel supply deal are removed [22]

Socialists call on Foreign Ministry to reveal their information on Quaestor [4]

Opposition parties highlight central bank governor’s responsibility in Quaestor case

National Bank cuts base rate by 15 basis points [62]

KDNP leader wary of “Simicska media” [32]

Lázár : gov’t to campaign to keep shops closed on Sunday [27]

Small investors promised compensation [2]

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union wins lawsuit against government over investigations of NGOs [44]

Tax Office chief refuses to appear in front of Parliament’s Budget Committee [14]

Associated Press: Year-long protest against memorial in Hungary to continue [6] Hungary PM Orbán wants to seize assets of brokerage scam perps

Budapest Assembly restores temporary allowance for homeless people [4]

Lázár to discuss Paks upgrade with EU energy commissioner [2]

Defence Minister submits bill on involvement in fight against IS [8]

Szijjártó: German – V4 cooperation boosts growth [1]

Tarlós denies decision made on Budapest congestion charge [8]

Fidesz promises strict rules on troubled brokerages [12]

Jewish cemetery vandalised in Gyöngyös [23]

Civil groups protest at Holocaust memorial by Danube [36]

Socialists and DK criticize Sunday shop closures [5]

Christian Democrats re-elect Semjén [1]

Orbán: energy remains national competence [5]

Lottery ticket sales jump as rollover jackpot grows [26]

Taxi drivers protest Uber in Budapest [67]

Együtt supports participation in anti-IS coalition with conditions

Szijjártó: Hungary at talks with Tunisian Ambassador on best way to help

For eighth time, Fidesz blocks declassification of communist-era informant files [29]

Hungarian Spectrum: Moderate Fidesz as a bulwark against the extreme right? [2]

Ynetnews: Israel protests Hungary’s Eurovision entry over mention of Gaza deaths [93]

European Court defends right of legal recourse for gas traders against state [1]

MOL eyeing acquisitions in North Sea, Russia, Pakistan [1]

European Greens hold hearing on Hungary Paks project [3]

Head of data protection authority: provocator database illegal [3]

Five-party consultations on codes of procedures [11]

European Court of Justice: loan guarantees are illegal state aid [10]

Ministry said to have paid for luxury Paris getaway for defense minister, mistress [15]

Hungarian Free Press: A new regional alliance – without Hungary [28]

Kim Lane Scheppele: Hungary without two-thirds [75]

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