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Reuters: Hungary’s Orban rejects ‘Sovietization’ by Brussels, defends nation state [2]

Politico: Viktor Orbán’s revision of the 1956 revolution

Ron Paul Institute: Former Hungarian Communist Party paper goes bankrupt, Washington panics [1]

Washington Post: A Hungarian newspaper embarrasses the government. Days later, it is shut down.  [5]

TIME: Hungary’s mistreatment of refugees today ignores history [29]

Orbán says Europe must avoid “anarchy” in allowing migrants, urges visa-free travel for Ukrainians [3]

Government says 1956 commemoration “above politics” [2]

Busts of Hannah Arendt, Polish poet Herbert unveiled by opposition mayor in Budapest

Foreign minister complains about negative press coverage in BBC interview [30]

Court orders National Bank to divulge information on sale of MKB bank [1]

Reuters: Samsung enlists Ukrainians to beat Hungary labor crunch [1]

Police capture suspect in Budapest bombing [VIDEO] [6]

Gov’t scraps Budapest transit tender, fines agency over foreign bus purchase [5]

Wages jump in August as ministry to hike pay for soldiers [1]

Hungary may seek membership on key international foreign aid body

Hungarian foreign minister tries to reassure foreign investors [1]

Socialist leader warns Jobbik to “blackmail” Fidesz over constitutional change

Orbán aiming to “torpedo” migrant quotas at pending EU summit [1]

Quotable: Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó on Hungarians living in the UK and Brexit [4]

Financial Times: Hungarian camerawoman who kicked refugees wins prize [2]

Government may rush tenders for EU funding [1]

Hungarian, Slovenian interior ministers discuss strengthening borders

Opposition figure turns down gov’t nomination for democracy post

Constitutional Court overturns ban on publication of police photos

Jobbik says junking “residency bonds” for foreigners precondition to support for constitutional ban on migrant quotas [1]

Socialists standing firm against constitutional amendment on migrant quotas

Government to propose tighter rules on spending of public funds [2]

Lázár: Gov’t needs all Hungarians to win “battle” against migrant quotas

Exhibition on 1956 uprising in Washington

Budapest Business Journal: Hungary nurtures plans to strengthen military [4]

Hungary Today: Jobbik proposes introducing Eastern European time in Hungary [4]

POLITICO: Why Central Europe’s youth roll right [2]

Ministry claims poverty down in Hungary in recent years [4]

Socialists only parliamentary party to abstain from declaration on 60th anniversary of 1956 anti-Soviet revolt [1]

Hungarian FM says no military solution to Syria conflict [1]

Népszabadság owner reiterates claim politics led to closure; slams Socialists for turning back on newspaper [3]

Orbán slams Brussels “empire” as MPs open debate on constitutional amendment banning EU migrant quotas [2]

Orbán says Good Friday to be made national holiday; reaffirms “simple truth” of Europe’s Christian foundations [3]

Hungarian president tells regional peers security challenges akin to Soviet invasions [1]

Roma pride march held in Budapest [1]

Opposition stages demonstration over closure of Népszabadság as gov’t sees new “balance” in media market

Financial Times: Poland and Hungary seek more control over companies

AFP: Hungary’s embattled journalists reeling after paper shut down [2]

Budapest Mayor: no money to upgrade Metro 3 stations unless funding raised [2]

Reuters: Hungary tax authority raids NGO, rekindles fears of crackdown [4]

The Guardian: Hungary’s future looks worryingly like Europe’s past

Frontpage Mag: Hungary opens “unprecedented” office for persecuted Christians

State-affiliated bank revealed as holder of mortgage on Népszabadság assets [1]

Quotable: Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog on the Orbán’s government’s “puritan” style [3]

LMP urges control over state management of EU funds [1]

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