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Qpposition partes protest sale of state-owned land

Bundestag vice president warns against inciting fear of migrants

Socialist MEP opposes European Parliament liberal group’s article 7 initiative

Varga and bank heads discuss conditions for growth

Hungary marks fifth anniversary of toxic sludge disaster [3]

Democratic Coalition calls for parliamentary probe into police action at Röszke [1]

Hungary Today: Latvian youths pay tribute to Hungary’s “responsible” immigration policy [26]

Professional sports team latest focus in war between Orbán and former tycoon ally Simicska [2]

Hungarian Spectrum: The moral health of Hungarian society [6]

Biszku pleads not guilty to war crime charges in new trial [8]

Visegrád4 ombudsmen sign joint declaration on refugees’ rights [10]

Commissioner to propose lowering internet VAT to 18% [2]

Foreign minister calls for “global solution” to migration crisis at UN [2]

Castle Garden Bazaar project, Orbán’s “symbol of Fidesz governance,” beset by more cost overruns [12]

Opposition parties criticize planned sale of state lands [2]

Varga: gov’t watching emissions scandal [2]

Gov’t to remove fiscal cap on refugee crisis spending [6]

Quotable: Viktor Orbán on the political takeover of the EU by radicals [49]

LMP calls opposition to consultations on freedom of information law [2]

National Roma Self-gov’t clash over graft and leadership

Communications state secretary at PM’s Office resigns

Deutsche Welle: Hungary is “creeping dictatorship” [48]

Reuters: Hungary’s minorities bear brunt of anti-migrant rhetoric [6]

National Bank confirms Hungary’s Maastricht debt reaches 79.6% of GDP [9]

New Fidesz group leader calls for “quality improvements” in governance [1]

Socialist MEP: migration requires European solutions

Former state official sentenced to four years for Sukoró graft [3]

Socialists demand making self-governance constitutional right [1]

Orbán addresses migration in UN General Assembly [28]

University Chancellor steps down following uproar over racy anti-migrant Facebook post [6]

Hungary slips to 63rd place in global competitiveness ranking [44]

Budapest Assembly scraps Mahir Cityposter contract [1]

Gov’t’s US lobbyist makes “absurd” claims to justify Hungary’s refugee policy [2]

Economy minister: gov’t weighs cutting VAT on house building

POLITICO: Hungary, “canary in the coal mine” of EU press freedom [5]

Gov’t posts planned church law amendments as earlier restrictions overruled [1]

Gov’t office chief discusses Paks upgrade with Brussels officials [6]

Foreign minister: Hungarian troops to help train Kurdish fighters against IS

Tax office to be overhauled, says Economy Minister

State secretary: suspended EU payments restarted

Economy minister: Hungary too exposed to car industry [9]

Budapest Beacon: Former US congressman Connie Mack paid $5 million to lobby for Hungary [3]

Huffington Post: Viktor Orbán’s great opportunity to change… or not [30]

Együtt proposes transparent selection of new tax authority chief [2]

LMP calls on gov’t to postpone farm land privatisation

Hungary signs for new EUR 500 million loan with European Investment Bank [2]

Hungary to propose global refugee quotas [1]

Hungaroring launches HUF 750 million repaving project

Nézőpont poll: Fidesz support up in September [19]

Five embarrassing issues for the Hungarian gov’t the refugee crisis diverted attention from [10]

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