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Documents show nearly HUF 1 billion spent on PR for Paks atomic plant expansion

Statistical Office: vacancies in business sector up 25% in Q2

Jobbik pledges to introduce electronic voting from 2022 if they are elected [1]

” Focus on real issues” – opposition reacts to Orbán’s speech in Parliament [2]

Orbán: “Hungary will never be immigrant country” [7]

Refugee Ahmed H. to stand trial again in October [29]

Socialist PM candidate calls on leftist parties’ alliance for 2018 election [8]

Fidesz group leader: gov’t wants to “show Brussels solid public support” for migration policy [4]

Campaign to collect signatures for anti-corruption referendum starts – Hungary Matters [20]

Origo and Ripost might have to pay millions in compensation to Márton Gulyás – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Homeless shelters offer 5549 temporary places nationwide [2]

Statistical Office: more than half of Hungarians live in municipality of birth [2]

Ambassador: UK aims for “smooth, seamless” Brexit [5]

Quotable: civil activist theatre director on who present real national security risk [1]

Ombudsman turns to HR ministry over irregularities in education of children with special needs [1]

Socialists see room for 32% cut in retail gas prices

Gergely Gulyás elected as Fidesz parliamentary group leader [1]

“Deal with real problems” – opposition blasts gov’t “Soros plan” survey plans [2]

The “Soros Plan” national consultation is coming! – The Budapest Beacon [23]

Pécs nears bankruptcy, Orbán “unhappy” but cannot replace city’s Fidesz leadership [9]

Hungary suffers from record high labor shortage – The Budapest Beacon [3]

Supreme court: Hortobágy National Park acted lawfully in land deals [1]

Food sector eyeing nearly EUR 1 billion of EU funds according to official [1]

Head of European Parliament urges eastern EU members to cooperate in migrant distribution [2]

Socialist Party: Tesco workers’ strike just

Andy Vajna buys publisher of two county papers and tabloid Bors – The Budapest Beacon [3]

Budapest Mayor to call local referendum on Római levee [2]

Gov’t spox claims New York Times editors “still don’t get it” [8]

Liberal Party calls on parliamentary committee to probe far-right extremists [1]

UN High Commissioner for Refugees: protection of refugees not incompatible with security

Ukraine’s language law sparks political storm in Hungary – The Budapest Beacon [1]

European Trade Union rejects Jobbik’s wage union bid

Jobbik to file articles of impeachment against President Áder [6]

Hungary turns to international organisations over Ukraine education law [19]

Hungary blocks OECD membership for Romania, Croatia – Budapest Business Journal [4]

European Union Grapples With Defiance on Its Eastern Edge – The Wall Street Journal [1]

Hungary journalist group slams blacklist – AFP [1]

27 Tesco stores close down due to strike on Saturday

WHO official: health of Hungarians “generally improving” [1]

HR minister: “cooperation necessary” between Hungary and Romania [4]

Ukrainian ambassador summoned over education law impacting minorities [6]

Hungary Is Making Europe’s Migrant Crisis Worse – The New York Times

Hungarian products in Great Taste Award Top 50 [2]

Inflation picks up to 2.6% in August [1]

Hungary: Visit by MEPs is ‘political interference’ – [21]

WHO to hold regional committee meeting in Budapest [3]

Liberal Party to file public data request for Ásotthalom town rangers service reports [1]

Kósa to step down as Fidesz group leader [3]

“Hungary not immigrant country” – Orbán writes letter to Juncker [47]

Lázár’s wife’s foundation gets HUF 1.2 billion in public funds – The Budapest Beacon [1]

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