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Week-long Kurtág 90 music festival starts on Sunday [1]

Zsolnay manufacturer suspects “intent for hostile takeover” from gov’t [12]

Railway trade unions likely to call national strike [5]

Lázár: fate of ten ministerial support institutions still undecided

Teachers’ Trade Union ready to negotiate with gov’t if treated as equal partner

Jobbik will not help Fidesz gain excessive powers [5]

UN High Command for Refugees calls on V4 leaders to show solidarity with refugees [14]

Gov’t publishes final conditions of home purchase subsidies [4]

Orbán suspects “EU-Turkey pact” after Merkel’s visit to Istanbul [26]

Opposition party said helping infamous right-wing firebrand to chill out [18]

European Commission clears management company established by National Bank for operation [1]

Police investigate neo-Nazi march in Székesfehérvár [48]

Prime minister’s office rejects Austria’s position on Paks expansion [1]

Jewish federation leader submits complaint to interior minister on neo-Nazi event [8]

New education state secretary promises changes at state school manager KLIK [1]

Gov’t spokesperson rules out holding early election [2]

Kecskemét get HUF 25 billion of state funding under Modern Cities program [3]

Opposition parties united in criticism of public education roundtable

Economy minister: public debt falls, rating agency upgrades “expected” [11]

Hungary to offer consular services in France during European Football Championship [3]

Development ministry in talks with Russian Sukhoi on new national airline [40]

Public education roundtable starts off without two big teacher trade unions [2]

Ynetnews: Wiesenthal Center slams Croatia, Hungary for downplaying memory of Holocaust [27]

Court ruling puts government plans for March 15 commemoration into doubt [22]

EC approves € 95 million for international road section upgrade at Balaton area

Szeged court passes 80 decisions on illegal border crossing [28]

Orbán: Poland can count on Hungary [42]

Tax authority buys drone to fight tobacco smugglers [5]

LMP wants to see impacts studies gov’t “bureaucracy reduction” plan [7]

State secretary of education pledges “calm and stability” for teachers [2]

Gov’t office chief: cutting red tape “key to competitiveness” [26]

Cabinet ministers said to oppose Orbán plan to centralize state institutions [4]

UN special rights rapporteur to visit Hungary

Socialists: gov’t must put forward constitutional solution on “terror threat” [1]

Opposition: removing head of public education will not solve problems [18]

State secretary for public education placed to another position [4]

Managing directors earn eight times average Hungarian wage [4]

Budapest mayor: metro line 3 renovated to be completed by 2019 [1]

Orbán calls for keeping doors open for EU workers [102]

National Bank lets investors double-check account balances [1]

Local protesters show outrage over red sludge court ruling [29]

Lázár: gov’t “ready” for talks on public education [4]

European Commission forecasts 2.1% GDP growth for 2016 [98]

Romania plans to open refugee camp near Hungarian border [70]

Gov’t office chief Lázár flags public administration “streamlining”

Quotable: former accountability commissioner on state loans provided for Andy Vajna [9]

Gov’t praises centralised education, opposition supports teachers and students [4]

Gov’t official: audit finds most Uber drivers have no tax numbers [1]

Szijjártó: Hungary supports Poland against “unacceptable attacks” [44]

Teachers demonstrate against centralised public education across Hungary [2]

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