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Police investigation launched against company of PM Orbán’s son-in-law [3]

Christian Democrats criticize new rules for student officials [3]

Defence minister meets US Army official [1]

Áder: water crises herald future problems [1]

Budapest Beacon: It appears Viktor Orban’s hypocrisy knows no bounds [7]

Fidesz loss of supermajority hits home as motion in Parliament fails due to mistaken vote [5]

Hungary prepares for worsening situation in Western Ukraine [44]

Greenpeace reveals heavy metal pollution near Hortobágy National Park [2]

Outcry over classifying Paks contract [9]

Talks over military role in anti-IS mission reach a stalemate in Parliament

Hungary’s top spy said to resign under pressure [8]

Lázár: Hungary will not build Holocaust memorial without Jewish support [28]

Balog: promoting democracy is still a must [34]

Gov’t mulls 3-5% advertising tax [1]

Opposition condemns classification of Paks agreement [1]

Associated Press: Hungary makes nuclear deal with Russia a 30-year secret [20]

Democratic Coalition demands names of officials banned from US [28]

Opposition lawmakers ask questions from Orbán over Putin visit [38]

US state department official Melia meets govment officials in Budapest [1]

Central bank revokes DRB banking group licences [1]

Top court defines boundaries of legislation [8]

NATO crisis management exercise starts [6]

LMP demands extension of evictions moratorium [3]

Fidesz: welfare services will be adjusted to local needs [3]

Budapest Beacon: Interview with Zoltán Kész, victor in crucial by-election [12]

March 8 protest planned after prosecutor throws out criminal complaint involving suspect real estate deals in Budapest [4]

European Commission starts energy infringement procedure against Hungary [28]

Opposition: Orbán speech exposes weakening Fidesz [4]

US Ambassador: issues need to be resolved together [31]

Orbán: “Liberal multiculturalism” unfit to meet today’s challenges [10]

Euronews: Why home-loving Hungarians are flocking to London [57]

Quotable: Viktor Orbán on Hungarians, political correctness and common sense [129]

Carnegie Endowment: Tales of transformation from Hungary, Romania, and Moldova [18]

Szijjártó not aware of govment reshuffle plans [15]

European Commission starts infringement procedure against Hungary for pálinka tax rules [5]

Paks data to be classified for 30 years [3]

Hungary purchases Munkácsy trilogy piece from Canadian owner [3]

Electricity distributors unaware of any state acquisition plans

Govment assesses Buda-Cash fallout [1]

Eurobarometer: EU more popular in Hungary [10]

Hungary has no excessive macro imbalances, says EU commissioner [48]

Parliamentary committee set to discuss changes to ad tax

Govment packs EU-Us pact with conditions [2]

Direkt36: How Western taxpayers help boost the businesses of Hungary PM’s inner circle [42]

Green party leader says planning defamation suit against new opposition star over claims of Fidesz ties [3]

Over 700,000 apply for Hungarian citizenship [16]

Firms say corruption integral part of business in Hungary [9]

Socialists and DK urge parliamentary committees to discuss anti-ISIS mission [6]

Socialists seek radical changes to Labour Code [5]

Lázár proposes micro-census in 2016 [5]

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