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Budget amendment earmark additional HUF 50 billion for Modern Cities scheme [4]

Rehab Critical Mass for accessible society to be held on Sunday [3]

Fidesz to submit changes to election law in autumn [3]

Democratic Coalition lambasts bill aimed at introducing mandatory parent support [3]

Russian foreign minister to visit Budapest on Wednesday [6]

Academy of Sciences to hold conference on 1956 Revolution [2]

LMP Budapest councillor suspects Metro 3 renovation could be delayed [2]

Socialist: Hungary already investment rate under previous governments [18]

Fitch puts Hungary back to investment grade [1]

Quotable: Lutheran bishop’s Pentecost message on the need to stand up against corruption [1]

Gov’t spokesperson: fiscal adjustments recommended by EC “unnecessary” [2]

Socialist leader Tóbiás calls on President Áder to take a stand on National Bank’s spending [2]

Democratic Coalition: Hungary and Orbán both have a lot to thank George Soros for [19]

Leading political analyst: Fidesz “will do anything” to win 2018 general elections [3]

LMP suspects abuse of EU funds over Reformed Church procurements

Socialists: Budapest prosecutor investigates National Bank spending

Budapest Council plans to renovate Chain Bridge and Blaha Lujza Square

Gov’t office chief Lázár makes George Soros allegations one more time [2]

Police giving huge fines to refugees for minor traffic offenses [14]

Associated Press: White House scoffs as Hungary says US wants to fill Europe with Muslim migrants [3]

National Roma Self-gov’t operates like mafia, says member [3]

Justice minister: reintroduction of non-accessory mortgages could boost banking sector [1]

Socialist leader: basic income is a means for better society

European Commission suggests fiscal adjustments to Hungary [3]

Orbán confidante said launching free daily newspaper – with taxpayers’ money [13]

Roma Resistance Day during WW2 marked at ombudsman’s office

Strasbourg Human Rights Court rules House Speaker violated lawmakers’ rights by fines [9]

Gov’t submits bill to put public education fully under state control [2]

Socialist leader: National Bank foundations being used to finance Fidesz’s 2018 campaign [1]

US Ambassador Bell: corruption is a worrying problem in Hungary [1]

Only 23% of young people financially well-informed in Hungary [1]

Trade union leader envisages pay rise in health care sector

Együtt party: PM Orbán is Hungary’s richest man with HUF 205 billion handled by strawmen [9]

Socialist EP member Ujhelyi: gov’t anti-quota ad campaign is a waste of money [7]

Gov’t official: TTIP free trade deal “highly unlikely in 2016”

Gov’t spokesperson: rejecting migrant quota does not mean no to EU [6]

Socialists call for parliamentary probe over National Bank’s money squandering [1]

Economy Minister: slower GDP growth “temporary blip” [6]

Compulsory religious and moral education may be abolished in state schools after just three years [2]

Politico: “Hungarian? Who, me?”: Confessions of Brussels pariahs [3]

Government closes down refugee reception centre in Nagyfa [1]

Socialist Party: migrant quota referendum is not about national sovereignity

LMP reports funding abuse of scholarships for socially disadvantaged students [1]

Democratic Coalition proposes database of sex offenders after swimming head coach scandal [4]

Propaganda ministry official: EU migrant fines would amount to HUF 100 billion if quota is refused [62]

Government to draw up “national” bus production strategy [10]

Amnesty International concerned about “terror threat” measures that would restrict human rights [1]

Quotable: National Bank governor Matolcsy thinks he could only be held responsible for the activities of his immediate family [1]

Orbán signs Modern Cities cooperation with Veszprém mayor [2]

Parliaments votes to cut benefits for migrants and to issue residence permits more easily [24]

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