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Paks local gov’t supplements state funding for HUF 1.4 billion stadium expansion

Jobbik calls gov’t to compensate failed brokerages’ clients properly

Gov’t mulls folding tax office into a ministry [3]

Gov’t plans to sell 300,000 – 380,000 hectares of farm land for local farmers [6]

Együtt files criminal complaint over suspected graft at Széll Kálmán Square’s reconstruction [1]

71 dead refugees found inside truck with Hungarian number plate in Austria [76]

Gov’t proposes to tighten laws “in face of” migration wave [31]

Hungary’s economic acceleration indicator shows slowdown [4]

Budapest Mayor contemplates closing transit zones for migrants as huge influx is expected [12]

Value of public procurement falls on decline of EU-funded projects [1]

Investigation into Norway Grants scheme extended [3]

Quotable: Széchenyi Award-winning professor on his decision to boycott PM’s banquet [10]

Art collector removes Munkácsy painting from Debrecen museum by end of August [7]

Democratic Coalition to turn to EU anti-fraud office over railway upgrade project [9]

Socialists make proposal for border crisis management [88]

Gov’t official: guest lecturers play vital role in burnishing Hungary’s image abroad

Private health care on the rise [1]

Quotable: Hungarian policeman explaining why migrants should not stay in Hungary [5]

Police to bolster border controls [33]

National Bank keeps base rate on hold as analysts expected

European Commission decision on migrant aid for Hungary expected soon [9]

Opposition parties heavily criticize gov’t performance since 2010 [2]

Cabinet chief Lázár: gov’t prepares for self-assessment [6]

Gov’t to tighten laws on migration [80]

Socialist politician Sándor Nagy dies

Gov’t pledges to reduce public debt to 75% of GDP by 2018 [17]

Transparency Int: Hungary’s adherence to OECD anti-bribery pact still limited [3]

Együtt lawmaker: gov’t is losing control over illegal migration [6]

Opposition parties cry foul over gov’t spending on Milan World Expo [4]

Health authority: migrants pose no threat of epidemic [12]

Politico: The Hungary games – How Budapest evades its migrants obligations [143]

Former prime minister: Immigration is “issue of race and ethnicity” [70]

Elderly demonstrator slapped by guards at August 20th celebration in Budapest [2]

American tanks said to be deployed to Hungary [3]

Budapest District VIII mayor promises investigation into fight at August 20 celebration [1]

State awards presented for August 20 [4]

Jobbik wants local referendum on planned refugee reception centers [3]

Hungary celebrates August 20 national holiday [58]

Despite focus on migration, Hungary only EU country not to participate in joint border protection operations [74]

Gov’t to call tenders for all 2014-2020 EU-money by mid-2017 [14]

Budget deficit at 100.2% of full-year target [4]

Economy Minister: government to assist forint conversion of more FX loans [49]

British American Tobacco to increase workforce by 200 in South-west Hungary base [2]

Analysts think National Bank will keep base rate on hold next week [2]

Opposition: plan to border police shows fence is ineffective, also inhuman approach [38]

Business confidence falls in second quarter of 2015 [1]

LMP: gov’t spends too little on municipal developments

Torrential downpour inflicts damage throughout Hungary [2]

Fidesz-linked media firms said eying leading news portal Origo as ex-editor to head state media group

21 people injured in train collision in Northern Hungary

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