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LifeSite: George Soros has been interfering in Hungary’s politics for years. Now, they’re fed up. [2]

Politico: UK trade deals could put EU in ‘very unfavorable position,’ Hungary warns [2]

Former Socialist group leader calls for broad consensus on future prime minister candidate [1]

Opposition parties call for stricter rules on asset declarations [1]

Opposition: EU fraud report on Metro 4 must be released immediately [1]

State secretary: EU anti-fraud office identifies Metro line 4 fraud [5]

Budapest Business Journal: Equal pay in Hungary still a half century away, suggests report

The Guardian: Hungarian camerawoman filmed tripping up fleeing refugees is convicted [1]

Reporters Without Borders: Symbolic posthumous victory for Népszabadság journalists [1]

Pro-gov’t think-tank unsurprisingly finds George Soros “unpopular” in Hungary [6]

Democratic Coalition demands asset declarations by all public personalities [1]

God bless the NGOs and may the government repent! – The Budapest Beacon

Fugitive terror suspects from Belgium and France arrested at Hungary’s border [1]

LMP congress re-elects party’s co-leaders, aim to unseat Fidesz gov’t in 2018 [5]

HR minister in Transylvania: “religious freedom must be fought for” [1]

Socialists to set up shadow cabinet with external experts

Top court rules law on public administration court procedures unconstitutional [1]

Hungary heads to foreign antique auctions as billions lavished on Orban’s new offices [22]

Visegrad Revue: The results of a traditionalist turn: Hungary’s democratic neo-feudalism

Politico: UK, France blazed trail for Hungary nuclear deal

Socialists to submit proposal to compensate investors of failed Quaestor brokerage

Jobbik proposes five party talks on transparency of NGOs – including pro-gov’t ones [1]

Residency bonds scheme to be winded up after HUF 112 billion profit for offshore firms [4]

Gov’t to introduce detention of asylum seekers [7]

Gov’t office chief: energy and economic ties on the agenda of February 2 Orbán-Putin meeting [2]

Quotable: Gábor Vona on Jobbik and Israel [1]

Liberal Party demands closing makeshift refugee camp for winter [18]

Farm minister: basic foods cheaper “thanks to gov’t policies” [4]

Jobbik demands declaration of assets owned by politicians’ families

Very serious step towards dismantling the rule of law – opposition comments on Fidesz threat to NGOs [1]

Bloomberg: Soros Group to Stay in Hungary Amid Trump-Inspired Crackdown [2]

Political analyst: “Orbán’s ambitions are way bigger than Hungary” [3]

EUROPP: Hungary in 2017: Could the left and far-right unite to keep Orban out of power?

DW.COM: Refugees battle cold in Serbia and Hungary (video)

Survey: 69% of Hungarians expect having to work in retirement [1]

Socialists advocate reintroduction of Swiss index for pensions

President Áder greets diplomats for new year at repection

Democratic Coalition demands 40% reduction of retail gas price

Bloomberg: Hungary plans to crack down on all Soros-funded NGOs [3]

One of the most famous thermal baths to be sold in Budapest [1]

Farm ministry: bird flu costs over HUF 3 billion

Hungarian state secretary gets Russian church honour [3]

LMP proposes five party talks on politicians’ wealth [1]

The Guardian: Civil activists fear new crackdown in Hungary after Trump election

LMP warns against increasing Russian influence in Hungary [8]

Hungarian programme launched on V4 group’s radio channel

Record low temperature measured at -28.1 C on Sunday

House Speaker opens Reformation memorial year [1]

Transparency International: Over 40% of public procurements in Hungary may involve single bidder – The Budapest Beacon

Thousands of troubled borrowers face eviction [18]

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