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Gov’t to launch new national consultation on Soros-linked NGOs and “fight with Brussels” [1]

Quotable: anonymous Fidesz source on what they are really afraid of concerning Olympics bid [5]

Foreign ministry claims no visa abuses committed under Szijjártó as uneasy dealings surface [1]

Fidesz group leader says Budapest’s Olympics chances “over”, plays blaming game [6]

Parliament scraps several administrative fees [1]

Environmental lawyer Bándi elected as green ombudsman

Police investigate Christian Democrat deputy mayor for intimate relation with underage girl [4]

Euractiv: With Hungarian support, Poland defies EU over rule of law [2]

Opposition parties react to Orbán’s address to Parliament

Competition Office rejects RTL Hungary’s bid to buy stake in Central Digitális Média [2]

LMP proposes parliamentary investigation into spendings connected to Olympics bid

Goals achieved, enemies identified – Orbán addresses Parliament at start of spring session [3]

Suspects admits role in Budapest bomb attack last September [7]

Socialist PM candidate Botka: both Orbán and Gyurcsány need to step down from politics for Hungary’s sake [4]

Ildikó Enyedi’s On Body and Soul wins Golden Bear at Berlin Film Festival

Blame shifting inside Fidesz after successful referendum drive on Budapest Olympics bid [1]

Fidesz to submit bill on transparency of civil groups in March [2]

Amnesty International: new border control rules proposed by gov’t unlawful

Momentum presents 266,141 signatures for Olympics referendum, calls on Fidesz not to back out of it [9]

DW.COM: Hungary pays couples who pledge to have babies [3]

Independent: Top Donald Trump aide defends wearing medal linked to Hungarian Nazi sympathisers [3]

Regional gov’t office turns to top court court over discriminative Ásotthalom decree [1]

Lázár: wages at state-owned companies to grow by 30% [1]

Hungary protests planned EU visa rules [3] we sued government for withholding corruption investigation records

Smog warning reintroduced in Budapest [1]

Former PMs, Budapest mayor stay away from Fidesz-headed parliamentary hearing on Metro 4

European Commission starts infringement procedure vs Hungary on retail food sales

Socialist lawmakers nominate former ombudsman Majtényi as President of Hungary

Gov’t extends “state of crisis because of migration” until September [1]

The American Alt-Right’s Hungarian Love Affair – The Budapest Beacon [8]

Hungary hits snags with squad to stop migrants – BBC News [2]

Socialists: planned detention system humiliates refugees [2]

Dialogue party quits opposition talks on preselection of candidates for 2018 [2]

KDNP backs “European citizens’ ” initiative against same-sex marriage [4]

Parliament’s security committee focuses on terror threat, illegal Schengen visas provided by diplomat [1]

Son of Saul just won a BAFTA Award – Daily News Hungary

Central Statistical Office: construction sector output continues to fall in December

Dialogue Party plan rally against Budapest’s Olympics for international committee visit in May [1]

Former Budapest police chief fined over violence during 2006 riots [1]

European Commission: Hungary awaits rapid growth [20]

Eurostat report: Hungarian minimum wage in 17th place – Daily News Hungary

Fidesz mayor living in hunting lodge built with EU funds ducks media enquires [2]

New Hungarian community centre opens in Western Ukraine

LMP calls for new direction for Hungary in their state of the nation address

“He lives in his own world” – opposition slams Orbán’s “state of the nation” address

Orbán delivers “state of the nation” address [1]

Romania’s protests and Hungary: Interview with G. M. Tamás – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Hungary prepares for floods

Government plans to submit 2018 budget proposal in spring

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