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Reuters: Hungary’s priority is alliance with Germany, minister tells Figyelo [1]

Women unemployment cut most in Hungary in EU comparison

Close cooperation with China in Europe’s interest, says Szijjártó [2]

No benefits from opening to the east policy, say Socialists [3]

Jobbik seeks to oust gov’t but rejects foreign influence, says Vona [1]

Gov’t asks central bank to support MKB [3]

Gov’t said in talks with Erste, Raiffeisen over expanding state role in banking sector [5]

Disgraced former Hungarian president named “Sportsperson of the Nation,” given big monthly stipend [17]

Áder marks 1989 Romania revolution anniversary [11]

Fidesz praises, Jobbik criticizes EU budget [4]

Most Hungarians would tighten drug laws, says Századvég [15]

DK calls on foreign minister to resign [1]

Lázár: Legal system bans incitement to hatred [5]

Opposition parties slam gov’t Paks proposals

Torture prevention mechanism in place from Jan 1 [2]

Activist reports Orbán to police for forcing tax office chief to file lawsuit against US diplomat [10]

Is Viktor Orbán actually insane? [101]

Reuters: Retailer Spar cuts back hard on Hungary investments [16]

Hungary, Serbia prime ministers meet [11]

NAV employee suspected of corruption reported to police [4]

Former Hungarian constitutional judge Péter Kovács selected for ICC [1]

Orbán hails Belgrade-Budapest EU-China cooperation on rail link [5]

Áder to attend commemoration of 1989 Timisoara uprising [3]

Official voices support for sanctions against Russia [25]

Protesters in Budapest demand change of regime [31]

Gov’t official raises concerns about US plans at EU forum [6]

Orbán assures Montenegro of Hungary’s support for Euro-Atlantic integration [1]

President of National Bank of Hungary dismisses anti-corruption inquiries as “illegal” [29]

Gov’t puzzled by US action plan, says Orbán [35]

No connection to notorious criminal Portik, says Rogán [1]

NBH cuts inflation forecasts sharply in Inflation Report [1]

Residency bonds to increase to EUR 300,000 [3]

Ethnic minorities to receive HUF 2 billion more from central budget [3]

Ruling parties submit proposal on Sunday wage premium [1]

Lawmakers approve healthcare contribution by tobacco companies [2]

CoE commissioner urges amendments in media regulations, warns of rise of intolerance

Parliament approves Sunday closure for shops [5]

Gov’t prepared to reduce corporate tax, bank levy, says Varga

US anti-corruption action plan reason for concern, says Szijjártó [3]

PMO’s office starts audit into Swiss NGO Fund for potential abuse of funds

National security screening for foreign affairs committee members

Russian, Hungarian foreign ministers discuss bilateral relations by phone [7]

Public media companies to be merged [14]

Parliament votes to increase tax, minimum retail price for tobacco [1]

Algemeiner: Jobbik leader remains a Holocaust denier, says Jewish journalist and Holocaust survivor [20]

Mayor of Orbán hometown “forgets” to include HUF 1 billion in asset declaration [3]

Parliament adopts 2015 budget [1]

Bloomberg: Hungary premier Orbán sticks to maverick path as U.S. ties sour [10]

Bloomberg: Orbán defies critics of the Hungarian model, aims to lower bank tax by 2017 [7]

Government to discuss road toll changes on Wednesday [3]

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