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Reuters: U.S. diplomat criticizes PM Orban’s Russia policies [15]

PM says he doesn’t understand why U.S. not providing evidence on bans [5]

US move not triggered by Hungary gov’t measures, says diplomat [2]

Questioning Hungary’s democracy an insult to 1956 martyrs, says deputy speaker [5]

EU climate, energy strategy not to burden Hungary budget, says Orbán [2]

Foreign minister sees more Canadian investments, growing bilateral trade

Hungarians commemorate anniversary of 1956 revolution [5]

Foreign ministry presents Norway Grant investigation report to ambassador [1]

NGOs call for more active civil society at anti-govt demostration [2]

Jobbik calls for “freedom fight” [1]

Transparency International says Hungary shows “limited enforcement” of anti-bribery convention [1]

Washington supports central Europe’s energy security, says Szijjártó [2]

BBC News: Hungary’s Fidesz: Cracks emerge in ruling party [17]

Norway minister to be invited for talks over grant scheme, says Lázár [28]

Gov’t to embark on state reform, says cabinet chief [7]

Economy minister meets internet providers over planned tax [9]

EP approves new commission with Navracsics [3]

Gov’t control office submits report against NGO disbursing Norway Grants [1]

South Stream highly important for strengthening Hungary energy security, says Rogán [5]

RIA Novosti: Hungary under strong political pressure from U.S. [9]

USA Today: Hungary angles to move past friction with U.S. (Video Interview with Péter Szijjártó) [10]

What we know and what we don’t know about the US travel ban on corrupt Hungarians [61]

Gov’t control office reportedly says criminal activity found in disbursal of NGO funds [25]

Foreign mininster says Hungary won’t accept doubts over its democracy during trip to U.S. [12]

EC takes away responsibility of EU citizenship from Navracsics as he’s named commissioner for culture [11]

EP holds debate about Hungary [24]

Economy minister announces new Internet tax [11]

Investment funds to be hit by 25% tax

Lower VAT extended to all livestock [8]

The New York Times: U.S. denial of visas for 6 in Hungary strains ties [10]

Opposition demands Fidesz mayor’s removal over alleged racist remarks [23]

Navracsics criticizes media law, says EU membership is a “privilege” [5]

Top US diplomat says his country might stop being ally to Hungary [113]

US vegetable oil firm reportedly behind allegations of official corruption [19]

Municipal elections committee reverses Budapest committee’s decision to repeat ballot in E Budapest suburb [1]

EP holds public hearing on Hungary media rules [8]

Six Hungarians banned from entry to US [6]

PM supports official associated with secret services [1]

Hungary-US friendship could end, says minister [5]

Two held by police, stripped down to underwear for doodling on Fidesz election poster [8]

Founder of Hungarian social networking site sues political parties over “impossible” tax system [2]

More skilled workers needed in Hungary, says economy minister [15]

Budapest mayor insists on keeping right to veto

Rogán says US refusing to reveal info “provocation” [10]

Hungary losing ground in recycling [2]

Orbán: all people on benefits will be put to work by 2018 [2]

Ombudsman says gov’t has constitutional right to investigate NGOs [3]

Gov’t official calls for streamlining higher education system [2]

Gov’t calls for “openness, transparency” over U.S. entry bans, says Szijjártó [34]

U.S. is one of Hungary’s most important allies, says foreign ministry [3]

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