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Reformed Church bishop calls for revised church financing system [1]

Kover says he would welcome offer to return to house speaker post [1]

DK official calls for resistance against WWII monument [24]

Five parties, party alliances registered to run for EP elections [1]

Lawmakers with faulty wealth reports could face sanctions in future, says Fidesz official [3]

Municipal Court asks top court to annul savings coop integration law [2]

Jobbik submits list of candidates for EP Elections [4]

New parliament to hold first session on May 6 [1]

Ruling parties present candidates for ethnic Hungarians [5]

Democratic Coalition collects 43,000 signatures to support list

Border control officers taken into custody on bribe charges [12]

Govt to amend land law [17]

PMO has no suite in sports venues [2]

Big retailers lobby for big premises [3]

Groups to forgo govt Holocaust funds [13]

Hungary and the Jews  (Jerusalem Post)  [72]

Hungary reopens consulate general in Toronto [1]

Budget for public works schemes increases this year, says ministry [7]

Outgoing FM discusses bilateral, EU matters with French counterpart

Socialists call on central bank to stop “outrageous spending” [3]

Bajnai, PM co-chair top E-PM list for EP elections

Hungarian ambassador to France to be new justice minister, says Martonyi [1]

Fidesz-ChristDems present joint list for EP elections

EP elections registration for away-from-home votes ends on May 23 [1]

Socialists support calls to convene parl session on farmland issues

Govt wants to falsify past with WWII monument, says liberal party head [19]

Hungary-US tax pact now in parliament

Hungary remembers Holocaust [4]

Obama among dignitaries who didn’t congratulate Orbán on re-election victory [9]

Vote recount in Budapest swing district makes no change in outcome [4]

Pain of Holocaust shared by whole nation, Orbán tells Jewish organization head [13]

V4 members, Romania, Bulgaria to coordinate development strategy [3]

Jobbik seeks to strengthen representation in EP [2]

Brussels moves forward with infringement procedures against Hungary [17]

Orbán: Voters said yes to new economic policy [8]

LMP to file suit to have access to Paks upgrade plans [2]

Mesterházy: Harder to carry on than to give up [7]

Senior Socialist politician resigns from post as regional chapter leader [6]

EU Parliament names hall after Horn [3]

Monument protestors vow more action [5]

Leader of recently-formed pro-free market party criticizes Fidesz policies, prepares for EP elections [7]

LMP co-President Schiffer verbally attacked for deeming protests against occupation memorial excessive [23]

The 2014 Hungarian parliamentary elections, or how to craft a constitutional majority  (Washington Post)  [10]

Hungary: A land of bad choices  (New Eastern Europe)  [3]

Hungary’s election points to dark days ahead  (Forbes) 

Hungarians must share the blame for the Holocaust  (Huffington Post)  [73]

Top court rejects Budapest district’s complaint over Margaret Island

Hungary receives 24 billion euros in EU funds between 2007-2013 [15]

Hungarian party in Vojvodina to go into govt with winning party

State Audit Office head “Fidesz placeman,” says E-PM [1]

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