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Head of election office urges vigilance for 2018 elections in light of cyberattacks abroad [5]

Jobbik vows to set up health care ministry and improve wages if they can form gov’t [3]

LMP: Metro 3 reconstruction corrupt and dangerous [2]

Underpaid nurses leaving public health-care system for jobs in retailing – The Budapest Beacon [4] Hungarian MEPs from the governing party silent about office rent [1]

Hungary’s population decline accelerates in first four months of 2017 [4]

Budapest transport company demands Russian maker of Metro 3 carriages pay HUF 800 million fine [4]

Parliament accepts radically altered political billboard bill with simple majority [3]

Economy minister praises Tax Office’s new pit filing management [1]

Lázár: political billboards bill unlikely to garner two-third majority [1]

Lázár: gov’t rejects “migrant villages” proposal [21]

Budapest Business Journal: Solar panel boom envisaged for Hungary [2]

The Economist: What to do when Viktor Orban erodes democracy [2]

Hungarians give country’s democracy poor rating in new poll; even Fidesz supporters dissatisfied [4]

“What do you do with a drunken ally?”- Two resolutions on Hungary before Congress – The Budapest Beacon [3]

Hungary’s UN mission in New York closes 1956 memorial year [3]

LMP to appeal gov’t’s NGO law at Constitutional Court [1]

Trial of human smugglers charged with killing 71 refugees starts

Hungary Today: Here’s Why The U.S. Federal Government Won’t Negotiate “Lex CEU” With Hungary

The Economist: A new Hungarian liberal party challenges the autocratic Viktor Orban Budapest council approves dam without risk assessment or contingency plan [44]

Gov’t official accuses COE commissioner of “doing Soros’s bid” regarding refugees [1]

LMP: gov’t at fault for Hungary’s living standards falling behind neighbouring countries [15]

Socialists: no cooperation with Fidesz on billboard law or anything else [2]

The US State Department expresses concern over Hungary’s law on NGOs

Hungary and Croatia sign declaration of intent on reserve gas flows [1]

Population catastrophe? Another million Hungarians to leave the country – Daily News Hungary [6]

Democratic Coalition calls on House Speaker Kövér to stop lying about health care [3]

Liberal Party welcomes win of Macron’s centrist party in French elections

Parliament to hold extra session on political billboards law

Hungary takes over Visegrád 4 presidency

TV report with Orbán on “bright future of Hungarian football” runs afoul of national team’s humiliating defeat [9] Ten million euros spent on ‘Stronger Hungary’ campaign [5]

Hungarian movie Of Body and Soul wins Sydney Film Festival

Orbán and Academy of Sciences president discuss regional plans [1]

Jobbik offers social contract to voters ahead of 2018 election [2]

Venice Commission: Hungary’s law on NGOs still raises concerns [3]

Áder sends back law on plitical billboards to Parliament [3]

Áder signs law on NGOs [4]

Hybrid Warfare discussion in Budapest: Russian actions in Ukraine unacceptable [2]

Parliaments votes to hand over communist era informant files to archives [5]

Parliament approves 2018 budget

Szeged appeals court orders retrial in case of Ahmed H. – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Lázár: Hungary “won’t give in” to EC “pressure” [1]

Euractiv: Germany voices ‘great concern’ over Hungarian NGO law [1]

Quotable: Fidesz group leader commenting on opposition voting against bill on ban of political billboards [113]

Statistical Office confirms industrial output falling 3% in April [1]

Hungary appeals European Court of Human Rights ruling on Bangladeshi asylum seekers [3]

Opposition parties point to Budapest authority shortcomings on Római levee and M3 [1]

Gov’t bill on campaign billboards fails as opposition votes together [6]

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