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Two held by police, stripped down to underwear for doodling on Fidesz election poster [1]

Founder of Hungarian social networking site sues political parties over “impossible” tax system

More skilled workers needed in Hungary, says economy minister [2]

Budapest mayor insists on keeping right to veto

Rogán says US refusing to reveal info “provocation” [3]

Hungary losing ground in recycling [1]

Orbán: all people on benefits will be put to work by 2018 [2]

Ombudsman says gov’t has constitutional right to investigate NGOs [3]

Gov’t official calls for streamlining higher education system [2]

Gov’t calls for “openness, transparency” over U.S. entry bans, says Szijjártó [20]

U.S. is one of Hungary’s most important allies, says foreign ministry [3]

Committee to Protect Journalists: Hungarian journalists work in climate of self-censorship, fear [18]

Foreign ministry briefs party group leaders on US entry ban [2]

Hungary demands US to disclose corruption evidence for banning officials [5]

Foreign ministry summons US charge d’affaires over entry bans [2]

Hungarian companies reportedly seek workers in N Serbia [2]

Gov’t to fight poverty through work, opportunities, opposition sceptical [1]

Gov’t signs cooperation agreement with ethnic Hungarian teachers

Orbán in secret talks with Erste CEO [1]

PMO takes control of MKB bank [3]

Homeless people win compensation [3]

Debrecen University asks African students not to travel to Africa citing Ebola threat [1]

Ukraine’s Naftogaz expects reverse gas flows from Hungary to re-start in January [4]

Financial Times: Hungary questions EU sanctions on Russia [1]

Átlátszo: “Public work for the right vote: open elections in Borsod county” [5]

Gov’t says it’s ready to stand up for ad tax in Brussels [1]

Jávor appeals to Strasbourg court [2]

Fidesz slams “attempts” to lean on Hungarian authorities [2]

EC opens infringement procedure against Hungary’s land law [4]

EP to hold plenary debate on situation in Hungary [28]

Quotable: Fidesz candidate Zoltán Rozgonyi on losing mayoral race [2]

Row ensues after undersecretary shows up uninvited to Roma murders documentary screening [4]

Szanyi resigns as EP delegation head after bet scandal [2]

Number of job seekers lowest in 8 years [1]

Austrian president says Hungary’s land and bank tax are problematic [4]

Lázár to reduce number of government offices nationwide [4]

Paks project transferred to PMO [2]

Socialists signal end to left-wing cooperation [3]

State-owned project company to control Paks upgrade [4]

Austrian president notes division between Hungary and EU [3]

Fidesz-ChristDems “overperform” at local elections – Nezopont

Socialist MEP sorry for far-right biker invite to Brussels [4]

Hungary to return to 4-year municipal cycle in 10 years, says Kósa [1]

Taxi drivers ready to protest against planned changes in regulations [2]

Foreign Policy: Nationalist gathering ends with confusion [5]

Ukraine crisis hits tourism hard [1]

Nuclear fuel arrives by plane from Russia [2]

New York Times: Elections in Hungary tighten prime minister’s hold on power [1]

Broad social cohesion needed for Hungarians in Slovakia to survive, says official [2]

Bokros: Fidesz used “underhand tactics” [1]

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