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Director: word-of-mouth most important for award-winning Son of Saul movie

LMP wants information on why EU not banning chemicals to help free trade agreement

Jobbik complaining about planned mandatory class on Holocaust at Pázmány University [5]

Gyurcsány: Hungary should participate in European Commission investment plan [1]

Lázár: gov’t rejects EU migrant quota proposal [1]

Democratic Coalition to resubmit bill on conflict of interest [1]

Gov’t increases budget for Hungary’s mission in anti-IS operation [1]

Investment volume falls 4.5% in Quarter 1 [1]

Hungary full-fledged member of International Investment bank again [1]

Orbán rules out running for president in 2017 [46]

Jobbik VP says Hungarian Guard to get state support if party gains power [6]

European Court ruling obliges gov’t to pay billions to churches deprived of legal status [8]

Council of Europe Hungarian delegation coordinating with Szekler Council in Parliament [1]

Budapest’s largest community gardens opened [1]

Governing parties propose allowance for WWII widows and orphans [1]

Budapest Mayor sees homelessness a “serious social issue”, still criminalises it [1]

Csepreghy: gov’t to boost employment through EU funding [3]

Justice minister says Roma community “our shared responsibility” after being called upon to apologize [3]

Economy minister: 2016 budget about tax cuts and developments [2]

Hard words from Hungarian right for country’s Cannes award-winning film [57]

Hungarian Helsinki Committee to sue Fidesz over “abusive” press release [2]

Gyurcsány firm to sue Orbán over “malignant” remarks, expects public apology [12]

Gov’t considers support program for big companies [13]

Central bank cuts base rate by basis points, in line with expectations

Catholic university introduces mandatory class on Holocaust [23]

PM proposes to debate EU on having capital punishment instead of real life prison sentence [2]

Rosatom opens office in Hungary linked to Paks upgrade [3]

LMP launches legal aid to help sacked civil servants [1]

Prime minister signs city development plan in Székesfehérvár [2]

Prime Minister’s Office busy transferring EU funding before deadline [5]

Hungarian film Son of Saul wins Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival [57]

Opposition parties call on justice minister to quit after racist remarks on Hungarian Roma [86]

Controversy over allegedly forged letter about plans to sell campus of Corvinus University [1]

President Áder attends Pentecost pilgrimage in Csíksomlyó [4]

Orbán: Riga summit fails to resolve Ukraine visa issue [1]

RTL Klub reporters banned from Parliament for “filming in wrong corridor” [39]

New York Times: The new dictators rule by velvet fist [37]

Wall Street Journal: Hungary’s challenge to European values [22]

National Bank: banks want to boost their lending activity [2]

Teachers protest higher education law [4]

Regional gas deal signed at Riga summit [5]

Hungarian Spectrum: Kim Lane Scheppele on Hungary and the state of American Democracy [113]

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Watch as Hungary’s Orbán gets an earful [40]

Quotable: Viktor Orbán on Hungary and multiculturalism [118]

AFP: “Hello dictator,” Juncker says to Hungary’s Orbán [60]

Kun-Mediátor clients ask prime minister for Quaestor-like compensation [4]

US Ambassador: it is important to confront the past [4]

Cardinal Erdő: death penalty goes against Catholicism [8]

Workers’ unions concerned about Paks safety due to possible job cuts [1]

Lázár: gov’t interested in developments, not tenders [1]

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