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Number of staff in ministries has doubled since 2010 while Orbán gov’t preached “bureaucracy reduction” [4]

Festival of Folks Arts opens at Buda Castle

Hungarian pavilion at Astana expo receives 200,000 visitors over two months [9]

25 young Roma to represent Hungary at Varna forum of Phiren Amenca [1]

Socialists voice conditional support for probe into Fidesz’s 2010 campaign spending

Áder appeals to Macron to expand Paris climate accord [2]

Momentum calls for return of two-round elections, direct presidential election – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Metro 3 line renovation to start in November [4]

Around 450,000 people attend Sziget Festival [34]

Extraordinary Parliament session likely to lack quorum for Fidesz-KDNP no-show [1]

Jobbik to start collecting signatures for wage union bid on August 20 [2]

Public money keeps flowing to Orbán’s family: now they work on a state-owned power plant’s project – Direkt36 [1]

Chief of army staff: modernisation of air force priority [5]

Jobbik calls on all parties to back probe into Fidesz’s 2010 campaign spending

Liberals call on rest of opposition to boycott Jobbik [4]

Gov’t to revive closed-circuit phone services between ministries and state institutions [2]

Lex CEU: The Hungarian government’s war on two fronts – The Budapest Beacon [1]

State company CEOs paid huge premiums in 2016 – The Budapest Beacon

Gov’t helps Slovenian Hungarians with EUR 1.6 million

Hungary’s authorities continues probe into terrorist Abdeslam’s local ties

Orbán gov’t blames Soros yet again for EC’s infringement procedures [27]

Mészáros-connected publishing company fires regional editors – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Hungary’s ‘hipster patriots’ set sights on Orbán –

DK to start election campaign in September [1]

LMP: Orbán gov’t gave multinationals HUF 80 billion in tax breaks

Fidesz group leader claims some in Venice Commission “sponsored by Soros” [1]

Venice Commission: amendment of higher education act ” highly problematic” [2]

Trading places on the Hungarian right – [1]

Liberals call on capital to name starting date of Metro 3 renovation [1]

LMP urges Fidesz and Jobbik to support package to help FX borrowers [2]

Victims of Communism memorial to be set up near Danube next year [1]

Sebastian Gorka, the West Wing’s Phony Foreign-Policy Guru – Rolling Stone [23]

Péter Heim was very close to the Orbán-government. But a stormy autumn has changed everything – Direkt36

Hungarian film 1945 wins audience and jury prize at San Francisco Jewish Festival

LMP slams Interior Ministry’s draft surveillance bill as “Big Brother law”

Socialists have ample support for parliamentary session on Lex CEU

Breakthrough could come in CEU case – The Budapest Beacon [5]

Banks “see no major problems as National Bank’s exchange rate scheme concludes [1]

Gov’t reallocates HUF billions from budget reserves for sports funding [1]

Jobbik urges investigation into Fidesz’s 2010 campaign spending [1]

Fidesz mayors, MPs would prevent refugees from vacationing at Lake Balaton – The Budapest Beacon [73]

Hungary Oscar nominee to be chosen from among twenty films

LMP: gov’t cementing Hungary’s Russian energy dependence [1]

Socialist MEP slams Jobbik’s EU wage union campaign

Farm Ministry: test shows “double” EU food standards [3]

Toward a police state? A proposed government “data grab” – Hungarian Spectrum

Politics Can Be Different’s youth chapter would lower voting age to 16 – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Jobbik likely behind new wave of “public service message” billboards – The Budapest Beacon

Jobbik challenges Orbán over pensioner issues [1]

DK protests Interior Ministry plans for facilitating surveillance of citizens

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