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Catholic priest silenced by church after challenging Orbán in video comment [3]

LMP calls for more green areas in Budapest

Opposition parties slam Orbán’s Baile Tusnád speech endorsing Trump

Bloomberg: Orban becomes first EU leader to endorse Donald Trump [68]

Democratic Coalition condemns gov’t’s anti-migrant referendum billboards [11]

Gov’t unveils new, three cabinet structure [1]

Business tycoon Simicska to provide support for Jobbik ahead of 2018 elections [2]

Prosecution to gather information on 11-year-old kicked in City Park

Együtt calls on gov’t to spend no more state funds on migrant quota referendum [2]

Gov’t encourages naturalised Hungarians to vote in quota referendum [1]

Economy minister: Hungary to “rely more on domestic funding” in future [1]

OTP group fined by National Bank for violation uncovered in probe [1]

Socialists rejects Fidesz’s charges of “supporting” migrant quota [10]

Plenary session in Parliament on Liget ptoject abandoned due to gov’t party MPs’ no-show [1]

Szentkirályi Mineral Water founder looks for acquisition targets in region [2]

Socialists dismiss euro adoption as farcical, DK calls on Fidesz to clarify standpoint

Economy minister: euro adoption possible by 2020 [4]

Less than one third of big firm expect better economic conditions for 2017

Socialists raise charges over state’s loss of dominance in Hungarian Postal Service [1]

LMP call on gov’t to oppose Nord Stream extension [2]

President Áder expresses condolences to Esterházy family, readers hold vigil for author [1]

Socialists to submit draft resolution on easing labour shortage [22]

Ombudsman’s office condemns discrimination against Roma in airport checks [1]

Ákos Hadházy elected as LMP co-leader

Budapest mayor expects EU support for Metro 3 line renovation [11]

President and prime minister express condolences over Nice attack [2]

Hungarian author Péter Esterházy dies aged 66 [1]

Liget Project vows to replant healthy trees, activists and opposition do not believe them [1]

Paks nuclear plant’s Block 1 operation suspended due to control malfunction [1]

Lázár: new gov’t structure to help decision making and preparation for 2018 [1]

Budapest Mayor cuts Fidesz bigs out of city’s new public procurement company

Gov’t Debt Management Agency exchanges HUF 20 billion at Swiss auction

United Arab Emirates to open embassy in Budapest next year

Human Rights Watch: migrants are treated violently at Hungary’s border [3]

Reuters: Uber to suspend operations in Hungary due to govt legislation [1]

Kopint-Tárki lowers GDP growth projections for 2016 and 2017

Court rejects registration of company established to take over Zsolnay operation [1]

Civil rights organizations and opposition decry top court ruling [1]

Top court rejects appeal concerning banned demonstrations in 2014

DK calls on interior minister to probe security guard actions in City Park [1]

Nézőpont Institute claims left wing collaboration is likely to happen

Orbán: Brussels is causing crisis, Együtt: Orbán is fearmongering

Opposition: Fidesz is lying about European Parliament vote on “migrant fine”

Socialist Party proposes Free Europe Day for October 2 instead of migrant quota referendum

Gov’t and Fidesz affiliates in rich deals with Foreign Ministry’s “national trading house” [5]

Hungary’s rating not updated by Moody’s

Parliamentary committee addresses Liget Project without Fidesz-KDNP members

Hungary to launch nationwide colon rectal-screening in mid-2017 [2]

Budapest mayor: capital not ready to set start date for Metro 3 revamp [1]

Dialogue for Hungary co-leader proposes parliamentary session to stop contested Liget Project

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