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Tough guy wedding photographer assaults woman at Tusványos – The Budapest Beacon [8]

Reuters: Swimming – ‘Iron Lady’ Hosszu thrills home crowd by striking gold

Orbán awarded highest honour of International Swimming Federation [2]

Socialists condemn Orbán for failing to speak of Hungary’s grave problems at Baile Tusnad

Nurse doesn’t notify. Patient’s life in danger – Daily News Hungary [1]

Eurobserver: Orban vows to defend Poland from EU’s ‘inquisition’ [1]

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development lends Budapest Airport EUR 100 million [1]

DK and LMP point to Budapest Transport Company e-ticket system’s failure as ethical hacker is arrested [2]

Orbán is fighting his own demons – opposition on Baile Tusnad speech [4]

Orbán in Baile Tusnad: Europe “must regain independence” from “Soros Empire” [1]

Viktor Orbán, the leading statesman of Europe – Hungarian Spectrum

Yahoo News: Syrian refugee Mardini returns to Hungary for world swimming champs [1]

DK demands apology from HR minister for labelling ethnic Hungarian Roma as burden [1]

LMP: replacement of school headmasters is political showdown [1]

Orbán warns against “continent of mixed peoples” [10]

Socialist PM candidate calls for parliamentary hearing over Orbán jeopardising Hungary [1]

LMP threatens legal action over Paks expansion data

Election committee rejects Együtt leader’s complaint over Orbán’s letter to ethnic Hungarians

Áder: water crisis is threatening reality [2]

Mysterious ad columns skirt new Fidesz-authored law on political advertising – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Pro-gov’t journalists call American singer “fat nigger” on Orbán confidante’s television [11]

Hungarian government has met with state of New York twice in 4 months over Lex CEU – The Budapest Beacon [1]

Liberal Party calls for consistent gov’t policy against anti-Semitism [2]

Police alerted to bomb threat affecting international train services [2]

MEP Kovács denies accusations of budgetary fraud at prosecutor’s hearing [1]

Orbán and Netanyahu address Hungarian-Israeli business forum [1]

Politico: Moscow spooks return to Hungary, raising NATO hackles [1]

Opposition party says defacing anti-Soros gov’t posters legitimate political demonstration [2]

HUF 400 million cyclist bridge built for FINA 2017 closed to cyclists during the championships – The Budapest Beacon [9]

Hungary signs declaration on EU 5G development [1]

Gov’t official: Hungary keeping border fence [13]

“Culpable political gamble” – opposition comments on Netanyahu’s visit [1]

The Guardian view on Poland and Hungary: heading the wrong way | Editorial [23]

Viktor Orbán’s letter to Hungarians beyond the border – The Budapest Beacon

Jobbik: Our outdoor media campaign was so successful that Orbán banned it! – Daily News Hungary

Sales of tobacco products set to rise to record high this year [2]

Over 5000 public sector employees strike on Monday [1]

Amnesty International voices concern over deepening Orbán-Netanyahu ties [1]

General Electric joins gov’t’s supplier support programme

Euractiv: Meeting of minds as Netanyahu visits Orbán

Poll finds Jobbik supporters more tolerant of gay people than Socialist or Fidesz voters [45]

Jobbik supports public sector wage raise demands [3]

Economy minister opens Turul Expo exhibition in Transcarpathia [5]

Freedom House slams Orbán gov’t’s vilification of NGOs and refugees [3]

Interstate deal signed to keep McDaniel College in Budapest [2]

FINA 2017 – The story behind the biggest and most expensive sports event in Hungary’s history – The Budapest Beacon [21]

European Commission has steps up infringement procedure over supermarket law [16]

Jobbik submits complaint to Constitutional Court over billboard law [3]

Top court: rules on tax donation for churches unconstitutional [4]

Orban Courts Voters Outside Hungary With Grants, Cheap Loans – The New York Times [1]

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