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Hungarian Spectrum: A watershed? Did Hungarian society awaken as some people think? [1]

Gov’t to submit 2015 budget on Thursday [4]

Chief prosecutor serves political interests by not launching investigation into corruption charges, says E-PM [5]

Gov’t rejects charges of “looting” savings cooperatives’ assets [2]

Gov’t alliance increases support after election

DK asks Orbán about persons implicated in US entry ban

Court to handle internet tax protesters’ case in ordinary proceedings

Matolcsy out to reduce bureaucracy

Bloomberg View: In defense of Hungary’s Internet tax [3]

Tax authority chiefs reject corruption charges following US entry ban scandal [11]

Magyar Telekom shocked by internet tax [11]

Hungarian-Turkish relations at all-time best, says ambassador [5]

Christian Science Monitor: Taking a page from Putin’s book, Hungary’s Orbán muffles his critics [3]

Reuters: Around 100,000 Hungarians rally for democracy as internet tax hits nerve [35]

Incoming EU commissioner Navracsics declines to judge internet-tax debate [4]

One detained protester released, five to go to court after Sunday’s internet-tax demo [3]

Fidesz pledges to prevent transfer of internet tax to subscribers [4]

Jobbik calls for cancelling measures to control soccer fans

Lazar appoints head of centralized PR office [1]

Transparency International: Hungarians lobbies are uncontrolled

Internet tax “bad direction”, says EC commissioner spokesman

Gov’t spokesperson in Twitter row with US diplomat [13]

No danger of isolation for Hungary, says official [5]

Rogán claims Sunday’s demo arranged by Socialist activists [4]

US may send ambassador to Hungary before year-end, says Goodfriend [3]

New “Tesco tax” planned [9]

Orbán did not tell MPs about tax [7]

Ministers not impacted, says Rogán [5]

Chief prosecutor requests US information concerning entry ban [5]

Fidesz submits amendment with cap on internet tax, says Rogán [4]

Hende promises soldiers’ wages to increase by 50% in four years

Gov’t supports HUF 700 cap on internet tax, says Varga [1]

Hungary-US relations “outstanding” despite entry ban, says official [2]

Hungarian Free Press: Does Hungary’s Orbán pose a national security risk to western democracies? [7]

Hungarian consulate in Istanbul gets yellow-powder envelope

“Verbal cold war” waged against Hungary, says Kövér [9]

Six arrested in internet tax demo aftermath [3]

Telecoms leaders stunned by tax [1]

Demonstrators attack Fidesz HQ [23]

Protesters demand withdrawal of proposed internet tax [17]

House Speaker Kövér says Hungary could leave EU [17]

Quotable: Magyar Nemzet editor on why he thinks the U.S. is “picking” on Hungary [2]

Reuters: U.S. diplomat criticizes PM Orban’s Russia policies [43]

PM says he doesn’t understand why U.S. not providing evidence on bans [19]

US move not triggered by Hungary gov’t measures, says diplomat [3]

Questioning Hungary’s democracy an insult to 1956 martyrs, says deputy speaker [18]

EU climate, energy strategy not to burden Hungary budget, says Orbán [2]

Foreign minister sees more Canadian investments, growing bilateral trade [1]

Hungarians commemorate anniversary of 1956 revolution [7]

Foreign ministry presents Norway Grant investigation report to ambassador [1]

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