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No rules broken by inviting bikers to Brussels, says Szanyi

Chancellor Merkel could visit Hungary in first quarter of 2015, says Lázár

Tarlos leads, left fights old woes, say analysts

V4 oppose EU climate policies posing disproportionately high burdens [3]

Banned conference not racist, says Jobbik official

Freedoms should not permit hate speech, says Nemeth in Strasbourg

Justice committee says no irregularities by ombudsman in needle-exchange program [1]

Tarlos presents 2014-2020 development plans for Budapest

Hungary gas stocks, storage capacity sufficient, says Áder [4]

Seszták, Lázár in charge of setting up national utility holding

Closure of Tallinn embassy ill-considered move, says head of foreign committee [2]

Frequency auction raises HUF 130 billion

Bokros says voters face a stark choice

Energy security comes before solidarity with Ukraine, says PM Orbán [7]

Socialist deputy leader says Szanyi must be disciplined for hosting far-right bikers [2]

Unity greatest national achievement of recent years, says Orbán [1]

Interior minister bans “racist” conference [7]

Fundamental Rights Center finds OSCE Hungary report inaccurate [3]

Rogán complains about “aggressive” banking association [1]

US top diplomat meets Socialist leader [3]

Banking Association appeals to Áder on refund law [1]

Gov’t extends nearly HUF 7 billion debt bailout to universities [2]

Political elite should help Hungarian interests abroad, says Kövér [4]

Falus to step down as mayoral candidate in Budapest [2]

New foreign minister Szijjártó buys HUF 167 million house in Dunakeszi [3]

Court condemns Budapest Police for trying to ban Budapest Pride [3]

Budapest Times: Orbán, Simicska cross blades: “I will crush them if I have to” [2]

Leftist opposition campaign may bring in Bokros in Budapest [6]

Tax office greenlights EuroJackpot for Hungary

National utility provider to be up by March 2015 [2]

Orbán orders banning of “racist” conference [7]

Index: A glorious match made in Russia [4]

Reuters: Hungary to import more gas from Gazprom, says PM Orbán [79]

Deutsche Welle: NGOs under attack in Hungary [9]

Hungary summons top US diplomat over civil society remarks [15]

PM says Hungary needs Christian democracy, not liberal democracy [14]

“Orban’s package” would push people into poverty, say Socialists [3]

Civil activists occupy vacant building in Budapest

Balog tells Roma: “Our task is to go from victims to being responsible” [1]

Fidesz: State ready to hand over funds to local councils to simplify bidding for EU grants [1]

European Commission says it expects Hungary to facilitate reverse gas flow to Ukraine [10]

Jobbik mayoral candidate suggests creating Budapest Guard to combat ‘beggars’ mafia’

Opposition parties call for probe into Szijjártó’s wealth

Newsweek: Far-right MEP accused of acting as Russian spy [6]

MOL unit suspends gas delivery to Ukraine [16]

Foreign minister commends Paks upgrade deal [4]

Law on “fair banks” expected on Jan 1, says Orbán

Hungary’s energy supplies cannot be compromised, says Orbán [22]

US government informed about Hungary situation through embassy, says diplomat [4]

No austerity ahead, says economy minister [1]

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