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National tax office sues anti-corruption watchdog for defamation

Controversial tycoon Simicska bows out of crucial Veszprém by-election

Reuters: After Hungary’s Swiss franc mortgage manoeuvre, a nod to “Orbánomics”

Defence minister meets new US ambassador [17]

Hungarian gas deliveries to Ukraine rise sharply, says local TSO [21]

Áder calls for one-minute silence by media to mark Auschwitz anniversary [1]

Minister says no problem if schools teach Roma kids only [3]

Orbán praises Hungarian Jews’ readiness for sacrifice in WW1 [10]

Residency bonds not to be confused with economic migration, says Rogán [3]

Orbán says Hungary not willing to be “target country for immigrants” [67]

Szijjártó meets Transcarpathia Hungarian organization, local leaders in Ukraine [65]

EU anti-fraud office probes Budapest development project [8]

Gov’t mandates establishment of national utilities company [1]

Szijjártó envisages new era in Hungary-US ties [4]

Bloomberg Businessweek: How Viktor Orbán became Europe’s new strongman [30]

Gov’t fine-tunes road toll system [24]

EP committee holds hearing on human rights in Hungary [9]

Quotable: Attila Mong on freedom of media in Hungary [3]

Montreal Gazette: Roma family fearful of deportation to Hungary [22]

European Council on Foreign Relations: How should Europe respond to Russia? The Hungarian view [25]

Rogán launches counter-attack over District V real estate scandal [1]

Watch and comment on incoming US Ambassador Colleen Bell’s welcoming video [52]

New US ambassador presents credentials to president [45]

Excellent perspectives in Hungary-Russia ties, says Lavrov [3]

Kuria decision on homeless ban requires district councils to act, says municipal council [2]

US refuses to withdraw Goodfriend’s immunity [55]

Majority of Hungarians would tighten immigration rules [6]

Putin to visit Hungary on February 17 [4]

Guest Post: What is the endgame for U.S.-Hungarian relations? [42]

Another fissure in Fidesz as leading MEP criticizes House Speaker on Europe [9]

Supreme Court annuls municipal ban on sleeping rough [11]

Socialist berates gov’t for disbursing EU funds along political lines [5]

Closing shops on Sundays will reduce budget revenue [14]

No need for Paks expansion to meet Hungary’s energy demands, says think-tank [2]

Central bank hits back at HirTV for citing comments that profits should be channelled to treasury [4]

Fidesz parliamentary head Rogán rules out Orbán run for presidency [5]

Orbán hometown mayor again in spotlight for profiting from pensioners’ Christmas handouts [36]

No threat of terror in Hungary, says national security committee [9]

Opposition parties call on gov’t to help FX car loan holders

Orbán hails German businesses at launch of new Mercedes model

Gov’t to approve EU fund payment action plan on Wednesday, says Lázár [1]

Almost HUF 40 billion deposited on accounts conferring tax amnesty

Quotable: Viktor Orbán on Hungarians, migration and the European Union [8]

Small demo held in Budapest against PM’s immigration remarks [56]

Wallenberg disappearance anniversary commemorated in Budapest [6]

Islamic community rejects charge of skimming subsidies [2]

New US ambassador arrives in Budapest [41]

Rogán: Hungary would suffer if it replaced forint with euro [17]

Opposition demands household utility price cuts

Szijjártó: Cooperation with Russia in Europe’s interest [5]

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