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Orbán to meet Erdogan in May [5]

Secondary line added to fence at Serbian border [4]

Government deprives refugees of food at Kiskunhalas camp – The Budapest Beacon [5]

Teachers’ Union opposes planned changes to public education law

LMP suspects abuse of EU funds at National Public Service University [2]

Council of Europe calls on Hungary to suspend bill on NGOs and implementation of Lex CEU [1]

Lázár: Orbán “defends Hungary’s interests” [6]

Politico: MEPs increasingly back kicking Viktor Orbán out of EPP [2]

Lorenzo de’ Mészáros just keeps getting richer, now Hungary’s 5th wealthiest – The Budapest Beacon [6]

Birth rate down in first two months of 2017, aggravated by 18 year record death rate [26]

CEU refutes Orbán’s remarks made at European Parliament [4]

Áder appoints minister for Paks atomic plant expansion on 31th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster [2]

Socialists to submit complaint over House Speaker rejecting bill to repeal Lex CEU [1]

Politico: Brussels punches back at Viktor Orbán [5]

Survey finds a quarter of Hungarians think Budapest’s foreign policy serves Russia’s interests [8]

Series of resignations follow shift to pro-government line at news site [3]

Reuters: EU opens legal case against Hungary over Soros university [1]

LMP submits more referendum questions on Paks expansion [1]

Fidesz lawmaker charged with attempt to misappropriate public funds [1]

European Court of Human Rights rules gov’t has to compensate Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship

CEU president: university will not close down

EUobserver: Orban set to face down EU threats [1]

Eurostat: Eximbank assets should not be included in Hungary’s national accounts statistics [35]

Ombudsman criticizes low wage of prison inmates

Education state secretary: Holocaust education increasingly important as survivors are fewer

LMP and independent lawmaker call for higher defence spending because of Russian aggression

Gyurcsány: I’ve seen documents that prove Orbán is being blackmailed by Russia – The Budapest Beacon [4]

The Guardian: Democracy and academic freedom in Viktor Orbán’s Hungary | Letters from Michael Ignatieff and others

Budapest International Book Festival attracts over 60,000 visitors

US senators write letter to Orbán for keeping CEU in Budapest [1]

Hungary offers hosting children from Eastern Ukraine

Satirical Two-tailed Dog Party holds mock pro-gov’t “peace march” in Budapest [3]

Euractiv: Petition launched to eject Orban’s Fidesz from EPP [2]

NGOs say gov’t “transparency” bill aims to stigmatize them [16]

CEU calls on gov’t to end false accusations and start talks with university

LMP files constitutional complaint over Lex CEU

Orbán: political ties between Hungary and Georgia “perfect” [1]

The Guardian: I just don’t recognise Viktor Orbán as a ‘tyrant’ [46]

New cold record set in Hungary for April 20 [4]

DK proposes changing electoral system

US studies research centre opens at Public Service University [1]

Gov’t office chief: 2018 budget “to benefit employees”

Only 140,000 responses received so far to gov’t’s “national consultation” [20]

LMP co-leader: Orbán and Fidesz lawmakers serve interests of Russia [11]

Data Protection Authority: NGO bill should include parties, groups funded by gov’t too [2]

Paks expansion receives permit from environmental authority [1]

Hungary will cease providing Kiskunhalas asylum-seekers with food by end of April – The Budapest Beacon [19]

Orbán only European leader to congratulate Erdogan on Turkish referendum – The Budapest Beacon [2]

Gov’t office chief claims there is no “election budget” for 2018 Tender software could cost Hungary HUF 18 billion in EU funding

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