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E! Sharp: Post Dutch elections optimism is premature for EU because of Hungary’s Orbán [4]

DK promotes closing gender pay gap, while Socialists advocate free medicines to people over 65

Hungary joins Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Lázár: EU tenders to be published next week [3]

Gov’t office chief: European Human Rights Court ruling “unacceptable” [1] Hungarian secret agent reveals in detail how serious the Russian threat is [2]

DK calls on Budapest Transport Company not to pay Russian firm until revamped M3 trains function properly [4]

Gov’t launches huge scheme to help ethnic Hungarian entrepreneurs [2]

Fidesz: Hungary “under attack” by “extreme human rights fundamentalism” [10]

Foreign minister: Hungary to increase military presence in Iraq [1]

Budapest Business Journal: Report says pro-Trump propaganda came from Hungary [1]

Severe shortage of teachers nationwide [2]

Parliament elects head of Commerce and Trade Chamber’s wife to central bank’s rate-setting council [3]

LMP warns of security risks of Paks expansion while see their referendum initiative turned down [1]

Orbán makes promises to develop Salgótarján [1]

Refugees flee Hungarian camps to avoid detention – The Budapest Beacon

Quotable: Együtt party leader Péter Juhász on the sparkle that may blow away the Orbán-system [7]

EBRD and gov’t to set up working group on impact of amendment of Judicial Enforcement Act [1]

Deputy PM Semjén presses for autonomy of ethnic Hungarians in neighbouring countries [9]

Liberal Party calls for EU flag to be displayed on Parliament

Áder: Europe’s security depends on Balkan stability [1]

Euractiv: Red star over Hungary? Heineken may see trademark banned [7]

LMP advocates comprehensive approach to tackling labour shortage [1]

Jobbik vows to introduce “landlords’ tax” if elected in 2018 [2]

OECD recommends more competition, anti-corruption agency for Hungary [1]

Hungary to appeal Strasbourg Court’s ruling on deporting Bangladeshi refugees [3]

Independent: Former BNP leader Nick Griffin says he hopes to emigrate to Hungary within ‘the next six months’ [25]

Boston Review: A Country for Old Men [1]

Budapest Mayor: four revamped carriages introduced on line 3 before end of March [1]

Appeals court acquits defendants in Moscow property case [1]

Gov’t to launch training and employment scheme for Roma women [1]

Euractiv – Energy analyst: New nuclear reactors will heavily increase Hungary’s debt [13]

Budapest to turn green on Saint Patrick’s Day [1]

Trade Association: prices could rise due to planned legislation against food chain stores [1]

Economy minister discusses EU pillar of social rights with employment commissioner [12]

Socialists to launch anti-poverty campaign

Átlátszó.hu: Premier Orbán and Interior Minister Pintér accused of taking mob payouts in the 1990s [1]

Pro-government media intensifies attacks on opposition, but backlash looms [1]

The Washington Post: Ethnic Hungarians in Romania celebrate national day [18]

LMP stresses need to fight for independence, self-determination

Majtényi: revolution and freedom fight of 1848-49 teaches perseverance

President Áder presents high state awards

Socialist PM candidate Botka: 2018 election will be pivotal

Reuters: Hungary’s Orban makes rallying call to European nationalists [3]

EUobserver: Hungary illegally detained migrants, court says [28]

Environmental group suggests department stores pay “pollution fee” for home delivery [5]

Refugees start hunger strike in reception centre near Békéscsaba [18]

Majtényi’s speech before presidential vote: aim is to restore Republic of Hungary [1]

Parliament re-elects Áder as president after second round of vote [2]

The New York Times: Hungary Plays the E.U. [1]

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