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DoS attacks repeated against government IT network [7]

Number of people with HIV rising in Hungary [3]

Civil rights NGOs criticize supreme court over its approval of migrant quota referendum

Opposition calls on Orbán to dismiss Matolcsy over recent financial scandals [2]

LMP: amendments to 2017 budget bill try to hide state-organized robbery

Orbán blames brain drain on shadowy powers, promises huge subsidies in Academy of Sciences speech [11]

Hungary death rate fifth highest in EU [4]

District XIV mayor vetoes local council’s decision to support Museum Quarter project [3]

Opposition parties lambast gov’t’s migrant quota referendum [20]

Supreme court approves of migrant quota referendum [1]

European Commission projects faster growth for Hungary [5]

Fidesz group leader and Socialist leader have different views on Sunday work conditions [3]

The Economist: How foundations linked to Hungary’s central bank used $1 billion [7]

Socialists petition president Áder over gov’t’s anti poverty policy [2]

Jobbik calls on National Bank governor Matolcsy to resign over foundation scandals

Teacher movement not pleased with gov’t plans to alter education system [6]

Quotable: former president Sólyom speaks of “violent, ruthless regime” at gov’t-critical conservative forum [2]

Gov’t to increase spending on school supervisor Klik [1]

Unions and left-wing parties voice demands on Labour Day

Orbán inaugurates Felcsút light railway line while local football team gets relegated [9]

IMF urges policy reform to improve investment climate in Hungary [1]

Socialists demand removal of National Bank governor as foundations’ scandals loom [1]

Fiscal Council weighs in on bill that would raise 2016 spending [1]

Prime Minister’s Office to hold consultations on public procurement law [3]

Fidesz group leader Kósa demands answers in Alstom case involving former PM Medgyessy [3]

Hungarian nonprofits said to have grown stronger as a result of gov’t attacks launched two years ago [3]

Two-thirds of Hungary’s homeless live on the countryside [11]

EC closes one infringement procedure and launches another one against Hungary [2]

Jobbik finds government’s self-promotion too expensive based on 2017 budget [2]

City Council cuts Budapest Festival Orchestra’s funding by HUF 200 million [4]

Data recovery company KÜRT to expand in China

2017 state budget bill targets deficit of HUF 1,166.4 billion [16]

Democratic Coalition calls for probe into gov’t official’s offshore dealings [2]

Jobbik wants direct presidential election [1]

Opposition lambasts 2017 state budget [3]

Gov’t invites ideas for national World War I monument [5]

Parliament approves amendments removing secrecy of National Bank’s foundations [2]

Economy minister presents state budget for 2017 [2]

US economist: TTIP could hurt European trade and raise unemployment [2]

Election Committee rejects PM party’s referendum initiative on Paks expansion [2]

Supreme Court to look into undoing post-1956 death sentences [1]

Opposition blasts Fidesz-KDNP’s Fundamental Law of 2011

Financial Times: Hungarian journalists quit over website’s central bank funding [3]

LMP co-leader Schiffer files lawsuit to reveal details of billion forint tender at state-owned bank [4] Fiscal Council warns there could be a problem with Hungary’s 2017 budget [3]

Associated Press: Hungary’s PM Orban: “Islamization” banned by constitution  [24]

Civil groups protest against planned museum quarter in Budapest City Park

Együtt requests data on cabinet relocation plans to Buda Castle

Socialists: planned vocational school reforms may have grave consequences [3]

Opposition parties file complaints as excessive spendings of National Bank’s foundations revealed [4]

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