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Siemens eyes Paks expansion turbine contract [15]

Number of Hungarians working in Germany and UK rising [1]

DK calls for minimum wage increase to reduce emigration

Hungary’s Gripens alerted mostly to Russian violations of Baltic airspace [1]

Academy of Sciences celebrate UNESCO’s 70th anniversary with conference

Németh: keeping Hungarian schools in Slovakia is key to good ties [1]

Jobbik demands removal of gov’t commissioner for Roma affairs over corruption claims [1]

Lázár: EC “attacks Hungary” with infringement procedures [15]

Hungary retail sales up by 5.1% in September [2]

National Bank deputy governor to head Budapest bourse [4]

Justice minister optimistic about challenging refugee quotas [2]

Facebook fundraiser new weapon in ongoing war over Budapest district’s below-market property sales [1]

Counter-terrorism force arrests far-right sympathizers whom they presumed Islam extremists [17]

Dunaferr steel works looks to gov’t for survival [1]

Court acquits officials of charges over 2008 real estate resale

Parliament national security committee head: threat of terrorism not up in Hungary

Socialist leader: “replacing the regime of Viktor Orbán is our job and responsibility” [19]

Interior and Economic Ministries to relocate to Castle District [6]

Hungary signs agreement with China on issuing yuan-bonds [3]

Dialogue for Hungary protests commercial TV RTL Klub’s ban from Parliament [13]

State secretary: Slovak position shifts towards settling Bős dam dispute [2]

Hungary and China sign Budapest-Belgrade railway upgrade with Chinese financing [1]

Economy Ministry submits proposal to change banking tax rules

Poor maize harvest cuts Hungary’s grain production to 13.5 million tonnes [2]

Hungary prepared to tackle possible bioterrorist attack [4]

National Bank to draft new strategy for developing Budapest Bourse [2]

Greens reports House Speaker Kövér to European Court of Human rights for silencing party leader [2]

Greenpeace Hungary demands sale of state owned lands to be halted [1]

LMP lawmaker dumps manure in front of gov’t office in Kaposvár by way of protest [2]

Fidesz: EU attacks utility cuts, opposition calls for halting Paks expansion project [6]

Quaestor investors ask for National Bank’s involvement in compensation [2]

National Bank acquires Budapest Stock Exchange [1]

POLITICO: “All the terrorists are migrants” – an interview with Viktor Orbán [199]

Up to 20,000 Hungarian fans expected to support national football team in France [19]

Council of Europe urges more transparent party financing in Hungary [1]

European Commission launches probe on Paks expansion [1]

Socialist Party demands army reform and expansion

Fitch affirms Hungary’s junk rating, outlook positive [4]

Economy minister: gov’t to tweak bank levy rules after EC objections [1]

Foreign minister: “No need to renegotiate Paks contract” [2]

Quotable: education minister of first Orbán gov’t on how public education preserves social inequalities [10]

HR Minister: pensions to rise by 1.6% [2]

Rosatom eyes Paks expansion dispute [2]

Orbán: review of EU treaties needed [50]

Neighbor of Orbán cabinet chief wins closed tender for EU-financed government PR campaign [3]

Direkt36: How Brussels took on the son-in-law of Hungary’s Prime Minister [4]

Budapest and Pest County to be separated from 2020, BKV gets huge instant financial aid [3]

Opposition demands that gov’t suspend preparations for Paks expansion [1]

Gov’t office chief: Hungary to consult Brussels on Paks expansion, but “prepared to sue” [19]

NATO Secretary General: Russia should focus on attacking ISIS in Syria, Muslims are main victims of terrorism [10]

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