April 28th, 2008

PM announces new government members

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány announced his six new ministers today, all of them new to “big government” politics, writes FigyelőNet.

As expected, the new health minister is National Health Fund (OEP) head Tamás Székely.

The leader of a new ministry, the combined ministry of development and economic policy, is Gordon Bajnai, who has filled the post of minister for local government and regional development until now. The official name of the new ministry is Ministry of National Development and Economy (Nemzeti Fejlesztési és Gazdasági Minisztérium).

Károly Molnár, a rector of the Budapest Technical University, fills the new post of minister without portfolio in charge of research and development.

The leader of another new ministry called Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (Közlekedési, Hírközlési és Energiaügyi Minisztérium) is Pál Szabó, CEO of Hungarian postal service Magyar Posta.

Erika Szűcs, Socialist mayor of Szolnok, is the new minister of labor.

Independent MP István Gyenesei fills the post of minister for local governments.

Finally, the new leader of the ministry of environment and water is Imre Szabó, Socialist chairman of Pest County.

The new ministers are expected to take the oath of office next week.

In addition to the Liberal politicians leaving the government, former Socialist minister of labor Mónika Lamperth is also leaving her post to participate in the operative management of the party.

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  • John Simpson

    Really funny that the ex head of the Post Office Pál Szabó has been made minister for Transport, Telecommunications and Energy.
    Whilst head of the Post Ofice he was responsible for the disater where several million items of mail were undelivered, some up to twelve months after they had been sent!
    Gyurcsany is keeping his dream a reality. The chaos continues…..

  • Viking

    “several million items of mail were undelivered”
    I agree with you, John. It was better in Kadar-time.

  • Stan

    Lots of things were better back in the Kadar era.
    Hungary was the envy of the Eastern Bloc. Now it’s on the bottom and sinking. We had more, cheaper and better food, we had health care, safer streets and no homeless and uneployment problems.
    We traded all that for the freedom of getting beat up by the police (democracy). We could travel and exchange our money (if we had any) and we can buy those ridiculous European micro cars for a lifetime of debt. Are we really better off?
    No, we’re not.
    Of course I don’t want the Kadar era back, but I see so many ways to improve on the current conditions, even after 20 years of horrible waste. I’ll tell you all about it as soon as the Hungarian people come to their senses and elect me king. Until then it’s hopeless as usual.

  • Viking

    King John does not sound so Magyar, does it?

  • John Simpson

    King Stan sounds OK though 🙂

  • Viking

    Sorry, I mixed you up! Not so hard, though.
    I would think Adrian would suggest “King Satan” more.

  • king5508

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  • What about Undine? And personally what about my pick, I want to investigate where all the cost over run money and the kickbacks gone. I want to put that whole gang of crooks in jail. I hope you not fixing to let bygones be bygones Slippery David.It is we Bajans money and I want it for the country.

  • John

    I estimate The Home Ownership Revolving Fund that will provide interest free loans to appointed public servants with 5 years service who are first time homeowners will only benefit 200-300 persons. I doubt that there are only this number in the public service who have put in 5 years and are first time home owners.

  • Stan…is that really you?

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