June 2nd, 2008

No shock as Deutsch kicks latest wife into the ditch


The old saying “fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice, shame on me” may need to be officially updated – at least in Hungary – after leading opposition politician Tamás Deutsch-Für officially updates his family name by removing the half belonging to his latest humiliated wife.

On Thursday the former Minister of Sport – and current chief-of-staff to Fidesz chief Viktor Orbán – told tabloid Blikk that he is divorcing Ágnes Für to take up with yet another woman. As part of the split-up, the two will de-hyphenate their respective names. Deutsch-Für/Deutsch said the two first talked about getting a divorce back in January. While she thought the marriage could be saved, he said “the ship of our life together had sunk.”

It’s not the first Deutsch Love Boat to go down. He divorced his first wife, Krisztina Fesszel, in the summer of 2004. During that marriage, which resulted in three children, he took some “time off” to father another child with Anita Urr, his former secretary.

He then left them both to marry Für, the daughter of former Defense Minister Lajos Für, with whom he recently had a very public political spat. Deutsch said his battle with Für the father was unrelated to his battles with Für the daughter, as the latter was apparently unknown to the former. He also denied that his latest squeeze was the cause of the impending divorce, though he did not deny that he is already in a relationship.

As for the “other other woman,” 35-year-old Tünde Juhász (above right) is also divorced, and raising two daughters aged two and five. She told Blikk that she and “Tamás” had known each other since 2000, when he was sports minister and she worked as a public servant at the ministry, but their relationship only started earlier this spring.

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