July 7th, 2008

Prime minister calls for anti-extremist rally

A rally against extremists will be held on September 6, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány announced following Saturday’s violent attacks by far-right groups on the gay parade.

This is the final straw, he declared, adding “this is not a police, nor a gay, nor a Jewish, nor a Gypsy, but a common cause”.

Gyurcsány is calling on the top public dignitaries to discuss why the majority of society appears to be weak in the face of extremists who terrorize the majority, and what is missing from the system of constitutional and democratic institutions.

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  1. Stan says:

    Something is really rotten in Hungary when lowlife, criminal scumbags like Gyurcsány can hang onto power. Everything else is just diversion.

  2. őcsi says:

    Gyurcsány has my vote! It’s time he challenged the right-wing scum in Hungary.
    And Stan, get a life.

  3. there he goes again says:

    While I agree with the cause itself, I’m not prepared join ranks with a man whose main concern over the past few months has been nothing but whip up right-wing extremists and use it for his own political cause.

  4. Viking says:

    The radical right-wing/neo-nazis ARE active in Hungary, as in many parts of the old Soviet-occuped parts of Europe. The Soviet occupation has made them into heroes, as you can notice with Stan.
    The problem in today’s Hungary is that the question how to handle these kind of ideas is dividing the Parliamentarian parties, giving a field day for theses subversive groups. It must be all Parliamentarian parties to stand up united against them, few in numbers, but influential in politics.
    So it comes down to Fidesz’ refusal to take active stand against these groups. The major reason is of course that Fidesz always flirted with sympathizers with these radical groups. They locally co-operate and field common candidates. As long as the Fidesz leadership does not have a problem with this, MSZP will make party-politics out of it. This is probably the way MSZP can win the next election, scaring the normal Hungarian, who actually cares about Democracy. It is Fidesz own doing, because they let MSZP do this.

  5. Bela says:

    All these second generation Bolshevik shill longing for the old beautiful days when Daddy sent the AVO (political police) for those who who refused to obey.
    Today everybody is called a Fascist, Nazi, Hitler etc. who is unwilling to follow the Commie party line personified this lying scumbag Gyurcsany whose friends pulled off the fingernails of their enemies yesterdays and today preaching democracy.
    For these people democracy is equals political prisons and History shows ample proof of that.
    My name was “EA 2140” at the Fő u. Prison Complex.
    We shall remember.

  6. Viking says:

    So you mean Viktor Orban is “willing to follow the Commie party line personified this lying scumbag Gyurcsany”?
    They people who normally are called “fascists” etc, and of them many call themselves that also, number in a few thousand in Hungary today, so I cannot get your math together.

  7. Bela says:

    I did not say a word about Viktor O. so why the hell do you bring that subject up? I said that nowadays everybody is being called as Nazi, Fascist etc. who disagree with this 2nd. generation “KISZ titkar” scumbag Gyurcsany. Isn’t that clear enough for you?
    The whole country is run by the sons and daughters of “Pajtas Rakosi”.
    For you everybody is “radical right-wing/neo-nazis” -(your words) who is not pushing the Commie Party line, isn’t it tovarish Viking? You would like to send the non-Communist to Recsk? Or to “Allampuszta? How about to hang them like your comrade did to Imre Nagy? Democracy for you is “Nepi Demokracia” and Andrassi ut 60.

  8. Viking says:

    I was quoting you, so please do not put words in my post. It was you who wrote that Hungary consist of 2 type of people = The “followers” or the “not followers”. In your post you wrote that everyone who was “not a follower” was called a “fascist etc” today. That is why I asked where you put a politician like Orban Viktor, which camp does he belong to – “the followers” or the “non-followers”? Just so I can understand your reasoning that Hungary just consist of 2 groups of people.
    So, who are you trying to confuse? You make really no logic, which makes your other claims less believable. To my knowledge I do not have any “comrades” anywhere.

  9. Bela says:

    May be I wasn’t clear enough so deliver more enunciation: the Marxist-Leninist Commies and their sympathizers like you call everybody Fascist/Nazi. From your Leftist standpoint Viktor O. is a Fascist (or an enabler of the Nazis), may be I am Nyilas too, isn’t it?
    “The major reason is of course that Fidesz always flirted with sympathizers with these radical groups. ” – you wrote.
    The corollary of that is that Fidesz is a Fascist supporting party according to you. The next logical step is how to silence anybody who is not Marxist short of reinstating the AVO.
    My argument rests on the assumption that you are supporting this Communist turned Capitalist scoundrel Gyurcsanyi.

  10. Viking says:

    You are wrong.
    I never called Fidesz “fascist”, if you read the post again you will see that it was the very mainstream Hungarian opinion about Fidesz flirt with radical right voters. Voters who normally would vote for MIEP/Jobbik. Parties that contain members who has no problem defining themselves as “fascists”. I personal know several. These parties Fidesz have actively worked with during different elections, mainly on the local scene.
    If you compare the political scene in Hungary with Western Europe you will find several countries were the “normal” Political Parties have joined forces to politically combat these radicals. Fidesz has not yet come to that mature stage in their political development yet. That is one reason I feel that MDF is a more mature political party trying to push their political line and not just trying to be opportunistic, which I feel Fidesz is more. If a would label Fidesz anything, it is more populist that actually a “center-right” party, they call themselves. This is the problem in today’s Hungarian politics, no balls, just looking for what will please the current opinion.
    The people I wrote about in my first post are the people who violently are trying to influence the political life in Hungary. In many countries such people are called terrorists, what do you call them?

  11. Bela says:

    Let’s not digress and stay with the original subject, namely:
    “Prime minister calls for anti-extremist rally…
    Let me ask you a simple question: Who are the extremist? Those who force their sexuality down our throat, who perform public homosexual acts on the streets or those who refuse to tolerate public obscenity?
    Straight people have the right to have public sex too at the Hősök teren? Yes or no?
    Please take a look at these horrible homosexuals in San Francisco, pictures:
    Russian opinion:
    On 26 May 2006, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov says: “We will not give our consent [for Pride marches in Moscow]. At least as long as I am mayor, we will not permit such parades. “Morality works here. If one has any deviations from normal principles in organising one’s sexual life, these deviations should not be exhibited for all to see.”
    So scumbag Gyurcsany is off the mark here.

  12. Joe says:

    Béla, Béla, Béla. In one post you condemn communists and in another post you praise what they’re doing.
    In your last post you prise the mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov, for his stand against gay rights.
    Did you know that Yury Luzhkov joined the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) in 1968?
    Why is he suddenly a “good guy” in your books?
    Could it be that, actually, you like the heavy hand of former communists as they deny other people their human rights.
    Deep down inside, Béla, you seem to like authoritarian communists. Especially when they do your own dirty social manipulation.
    Nem esik messze az alma a fájától.
    Shame on you!!

  13. Bela says:

    I did not praise anybody I showed a link to lurid pictures of those engaged in homo sex as a nauseating agent to throw up and I also presented a Russian opinion.
    Based on your twisted logic mere quoting a Russian equals being a KGB member isn’t it?
    If it would be pertaining to this narrative I could find billions of opinions on the net rejecting public homo sodomy: do you believe only I am disgusted by that?
    So it’s your human right to publicly annoy us yet we are prohibited to express our disgust.
    The whole fake “Human Right” issue is nothing more than a money making tool for some smart guys: do you know that Spain will grant human right to apes?
    “Spain’s parliament approved a measure Wednesday to extend some human rights to gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans, becoming the first country to explicitly acknowledge the legal rights of nonhumans.”
    I explained the rest in my post addressed to Viking.

  14. Viking says:

    It is true that the current Gov’t, with the majority of the Parliament are “off the mark” if you make the Mayor of Moscow your mark. Like most of the West-European countries. Like many other people I do not get my opinions rubberstamped in Moscow.
    If you have any proof that anyone have commited public sex I have no problem believing you will report it to the Police. There are sufficent laws and regulations in Hungary so the Police can deal with that.
    An interesting question is though, what is “public sex” for an obvious rigid person like you? Holding hands, kissing, grouping? People like you would make good head-teachers stalking out any secondary school, were you will find this behaviour frequently.
    For a person who claims to been a political prisoner, tortured, during the Communist era in Hungary have, as Joe pointed out, remarkable understanding for the old Soviet communists. Did not the current Moscow Mayor do part of his military service in Hungary? Maybe you met him at the prison?

  15. Bela says:

    Our discussion is about to morph into an endless argument and counter argument I am reluctant to getting into. The point I want to make is that there are millions of people who believe just – like I do – that the homos public display of their sexual preferences is a disgusting provocation, providing benefit to none. Sexuality is a private matter for normal people, everybody can do whatever they like to do in their home.
    I see no cogent reason as to why homos feel the need to create hatred and animosity with their profanity unless this is an act, saying in French: “épater le bourgeois” to wit, to shock the people.
    You will see over time that the majority will revolt facing constant provocation by a deviant minority whoever they might be. As for the Mayor: while my resentment at Communism is well founded there could be situations where we may have concurring opinions in certain cases and this one is one of those.

  16. Stan says:

    Viking says: “In many countries such people are called terrorists, what do you call them?”.
    Funny. A Hungarian terrorist training camp. Right-wing extremists are learning the art of warfare:
    angry looks, offensive slogans and of course egg throwing. We’re doomed. No one is safe any more…

  17. Viking says:

    You know exactly that I am not refering to “legal” actions (obviously includes throwing of eggs today) as acts that some people would call “terrorist”. I refer to, as stated in another thread, to the fact that Hungary the last 2 years have had several politicians home fire-bombed, “white-powder” scares, and journalists beaten up by political/racist motives. That is what I refer to, but I suppose you see this as “necessary acts for freedom”.

  18. Stan says:

    No, it’s not “necessary acts for freedom”.
    These minor disturbances are the price of freedom. English or Dutch soccer hooligans have a much worse record than all of Hungary.
    As for the “firebombs”, they are pretty lame “molotov cocktails”, rarely do any damages or injuries. Some of them are used for insurance fraud, others as a test of bravery among drunken teens.

  19. Viking says:

    When did English/Dutch soccer hooligans fire-bombed politicians homes, initiate “white-powder” scares and beat up journalists for political/racist motives?
    Sport hooligans violence is normally not political motivated, it can sometimes have a political edge, like Lazio SS and Fradi, but it is not the essence of their acts. They are sometimes racist, but normally against the other teams minority players, so it is no logic in it. Their violence is more random and not planned outside their sphere, meaning they do not havge a plan to influence the politics of the Nation.
    The political dimension is what differs “sport hooligans” from what I am discussing. And we all know that if these Super-Magyars running around with petrol-bombs etc, would quote the Koran instead, you and your likes would not call it “the price of freedom”.

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