August 18th, 2008

Youth group stages protest at Russian embassy

A few hundred people gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in Budapest on Friday, to protest against Russia’s military operations in Georgia.

The demonstration was organised by Fidelitas, the youth arm of the main opposition Fidesz party, and the Federation of Young Christian Democrats.

Tamas Deutsch-Fur, Fidesz’s deputy parliamentary leader, told participants that “Russia’s presence in Georgia evokes the 20th century, the spirit of Communism.” “There has been no example for such open brutality motivated by imperial interests since the end of the cold war,” he added.

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  • Demagogue

    Are there any Russians or Ossetians protesting outside the Georgian embassy/consulate against their first strike approach to solving territorial issues among their breakaway regions (or for that matter, in using force against its neighbour’s troops in that first strike)?
    Thought not. We can probably guess what would happen if they did protest, knowing the Russo-phobia that exists in Hungary (for historical reasons).
    The Georgians fucked up by using force.
    The Russians fucked up by using too much force in response.
    The US State Dept. and the US Govt. have been winding the Russians up for years, mainly with regards to destabilizing international agreements on nukes and various other missle and missle-related systems, using Georgia, as well as most of the other former Soviet republics, as pawns in this.
    Just as all conflicts, this isn’t simply ‘good vs evil’. The whole world should remember that before we all start pontificating at Russia. This is a US created conflict in many ways and we should act accordingly. Lets all protest outside the US embassy instead. Hungarians, Russians, Georgians, everyone. Lets show them that we know their game and don’t want to play anymore.

  • Bela

    How quaint:
    Russia occupies and brutalizes a small country, her standard modus operandi since tsarist times from the Baltic as far as the Deep South and the resident Russian shill puts the blame on the USA.
    Bashing the USA only is unfair, the Little Satan, the Evil Jews need to be accused as well.
    Am I right, Tovarish?

  • Demagogue

    Wooh there Bela! Jews! Weren’t too many of them in the US State Dept. and the various branches of the secret service & military last time I looked. The whole thing, including the recent Russian threats at Poland, is a consequence of the US Govt. decision to continue with developing and deploying missles and missle-related systems in the face of on-going Russian and international condemnation in complete breach of the various treaties signed at the end of the Cold War. Georgia has been receiving comforting words from Washington for years, as if the US military really is a position to assist them! Thing is, they gave the impression they were. US airbases in Iraq and the Persian Gulf are very close to Georgia. Why aren’t they providing the assistance they have promised for so long? Because they’ve left the Georgians out to dry. There’s no way they could reasonably and feasibly retaliate without sparking the largest conflict we have ever seen. So now we, Europeans, have to deal with the enraged bear next door. A bear that just happens to supply us with a lot of gas.
    To deny that the Georgians didn’t start this by invading S.Ossetia (an action they knew the Russians would respond to) is foolish. The repercussions of their US State Dept. inspired actions will live with us for years.
    I am certainly no shill for Putin and this New Russia of his, if you look at my other posts that’s clear. But I don’t like the US establishment either and I can know my geo-politics.

  • Anonymous

    Your opinion is duly noted but people on the two opposite side of the ideological divide have very little to agree upon, much less to engender common ground or understanding.
    Old Europe always supported the Russians regardless of their brutal actions in Eastern Europe and the Europeans’ Anti-Americanism is no secret either.
    I had an ephemeral impression that the Jew-bashing was missing from your post for it’s also the integral part of the America bashing EU rituals.
    Easterners resisted the Bear sometimes well beyond their true ability to do but they followed their moral conscience which is a nonexistent commodity in the West.
    There are extensive debates going on as per this situation on several Western blogosphere, far more sophisticated than this forum would ever lend itself to.
    You believe that a EU-NATO member, independent country has no right to place 10 unarmed rocket on her territory whereas Russia has the right to annihilate half of Europe with thousands of nuclear arms and furthermore disseminate nuclear materials to crazy mullah?
    I would rather ask the Poles than Gordon Brown the Leper or the Frogs.

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