December 5th, 2008

Opposition urging internationalization of Hungary-Slovak dispute

Disputed issues between Hungary and Slovakia should be highlighted at international forums, Zsolt Nemeth, MP of the main opposition Fidesz party and head of parliament’s foreign committee, told MTI on Thursday.

Hungary should make its position clear to its international partners, but it does not exclude the possibility of dialogue with Slovakia, Nemeth said.

“It is regrettable that the Slovak prime minister has rejected the Hungarian premier’s extended hand; also that the Hungarian house speaker was met by deaf ears in Slovakia on Wednesday. All this means that Slovakia prefers extreme nationalism to the European (practice of) protecting minorities and good neighbourly relations,” he added.

Hungary should initiate procedures in those cases where Slovakia has “harmed international mechanisms”, the politician said, and suggested that the Hungarian parliament should adopt his party’s statement concerning Slovakia.

On Wednesday, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico rejected a six-point proposal by Ferenc Gyurcsany, his Hungarian counterpart, aimed at improving strained bilateral relations. On the same day, the Slovak parliament decided that textbooks used by ethnic minorities should contain geographical names both in Slovak and in the language of the minority. The Slovak parliament, however, also decided that maps printed in Slovakia should only indicate places in Slovak.

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