January 29th, 2009

Anti-Roma Magyar Gárda rally banned in NW Hungary

A local Hungarian police force has banned a rally planned by the Magyar Garda, a radical nationalist movement connected to the Jobbik party, in NW Hungary, a police official told MTI on Wednesday.

The Magyar Garda, originally registered as an organisation, now describes itself as a “movement”.

Local police press officer Tunde Kocsis said the event, which the Garda planned for Ivan village on Saturday, would disrupt traffic in the area.

Representatives of the Magyar Garda said earlier they wanted to demonstrate because of a recent rise in thefts and rowdiness in the village, which they insist is owing to the local Roma community.

Ivan, with a population of 1,400, has a Roma community of 270 people, including 60 who are school-age.

Jobbik registered “Magyar Garda” in June 2007 as a “cultural organisation” to “prepare youth spiritually and physically for extraordinary situations when it might be necessary to mobilise the people.”

A Budapest court of first instance recently gave a ruling banning the organisation, which it is appealing against.

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  • mawar

    Banned?? even the KKK can rally !!!
    Select another area!!

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