February 26th, 2009

Politicians find one more way to show they’re better than you

cd_sticker.jpgRather unsurprisingly, many parliamentarians display “CD” (Corps Diplomatique) diplomatic stickers on their vehicles to grant themselves “diplomatic immunity” from the same traffic and parking laws the rest of us have to obey, blikk.hu revealed. The “CD” stickers can be placed on the private vehicles of diplomats and their families, but Hungarian parliamentarians do not count as diplomats for the little detail that they’re in their own country, thus placing those stickers on their cars is actually illegal. The tabloid contacted two politicians, both Socialists, neither of whom could provide a convincing reason for their cars having these stickers. “This is just another way they reveal their belief that they’re above the law,” an unnamed expert told the tab. Politicians above the law? In Hungary? Say it ain’t so…

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  • Floyd Burgoz

    Wow, I wonder where they learned how to do this. Russia maybe? I wonder what other hidden immunities they perceive themselves to rightfully exercise. Truly amazing that the human brain is able to generate such greater than God behavior.

  • C’est moi

    It’s not a learned train rather an innate quality among most politicians who feel they are of superior intelligence and therefore should be leading the rest of, the unwashed. Orwell was right about some pigs being more equal than others.

  • Stan

    There’s a reason why the Parliament refused to take immunity away from their common criminal members. They are afraid. Most of them have something to hide. Hungary needs a brand new set of politicians, throw these bums out already, they are in the way of real change.

  • whitewash

    CD = Corps Diplomatique? Well..er..it was assumed that the parliamentarians were displaying these stickers for diplomatic immunity.
    In fact, this was a, “faux-pas”. CD, in this instance, stands for: “Complete Dickhead”!
    Alternatively, Criminal Dependency.
    Lets hope Hungarians can achieve “diplomatic immunity” from these so-called politicians.

  • Bacsi

    I am shocked that you do not think our Poiticians count as diplomats.
    What gave you that idea……
    Also how dare you consider that these hard working idividuals are seeking to place themselves above the law.
    Just because a few of them are usng the CD plates to avaoid traffic james and nip through bus lanes, we shouldn’t start having ago at them.
    These people do our country a valuable service and I think the least we could do in return is let them and their wives find somewhere to park whilst thier spending all the money they stolen from the taxpayers……
    Oooops how did that slp out!!!!!!!

  • rockwellgraphix

    Bacsi. You mention about politicians spending the tapayer’s money! And ask: “How did that slip out?”
    It “slipped out” the same way IMF/EU loans worth billions of euros have “slipped out” of the country without trace.

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