March 25th, 2009

SZDSZ backs György Surányi for PM

The liberal Free Democrats party would support former Central Bank governor Gyorgy Suranyi as prime minister candidate, party head Gabor Fodor told state radio on Wednesday.

Out of the three candidates the Socialist party named on Tuesday, Suranyi is the one who could restore trust, and govern the country free of party influences, Fodor said.

It is in the country’s interest to have an active government as soon as possible, while early elections would result in at least six months of lame period, he said.

Socialist floor leader Ildiko Lendvai said on Tuesday that only the person who gets the backing of both the Socialists and the Free Democrats can become prime minister.

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  • JD

    Oh please pick a Porn Star.
    It would be so much more fun and we would get no end of support from French President Nicolas Sarkozy who has his brain firmly between his legs.

  • C’est moi

    I think Michelle Wild could do a lot to help ‘firm up’ MSzP support.

  • isti

    Who cares what they want? Why would we spend any time wondering what a party with 2% support wants?

  • Stan

    isti asks: “Why would we spend any time wondering what a party with 2% support wants?”
    Well, SZDSZ is small, but they are in a very good position now. Neither MSZP nor FIDESZ can push anything through without SZDSZ support. There’s a delicate balance and SZDSZ will decide what goes and what stays. Of course they rarely surprise us, they talk the opposition talk and walk the MSZP walk.
    That’s why we need new elections, new PM, new government and new MPs. The sooner the better.

  • isti

    Ha. So SzDSz offered their support behind a guy who is not interested. As mentioned – who cares what this corrupt dwarf-party says or wants?

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