April 1st, 2009

Roma MEP receives award from US ambassador, not to run for re-election

Hungary’s MEP Viktoria Mohacsi received the International Women of Courage Award for 2009 in Budapest on Tuesday.

The award was handed over by US Ambassador to Hungary April H. Foley in recognition of Mohacsi’s efforts for the Roma minority all over Europe and her fight against aggression, segregation and stereotypes.

At the award ceremony at Budapest’s Central European University, Mohacsi, herself a Roma, said that she believed in the possibility of a peaceful co-existence between Roma and non-Roma, but added that the situation in Hungary did not support that belief. “We have to face the revival of Nazi ideology, racism, petrol bombs thrown at homes and harmless people being murdered,” she said.

The International Women of Courage Award was founded by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2007 and is given to women fighting for freedom, social justice and peace.

Declines to run for re-election

Meanwhile, on Tuesday Mohacsi told MTI that she has withdrawn from running in the June European Parliamentary elections.

Mohacsi, a Roma rights advocate said she stepped back because she wanted to dedicate her efforts to fighting the segregation of Roma children in schools in Hungary and to help Roma families who had been targeted in a series of attacks in the past months.

She said that efforts of Free Democrat mayors in some twenty towns and cities must be intensified to eliminate segregation in local schools.

Mohacsi has been a MEP since December 2004.

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  1. Stan says:

    Looks like these two dumb bitches are attracted to each other. Mohacsi should be locked up for spreading false accusations and inciting violence against Hungarians. Never mind who did it, blame the Garda, call everyone racist and nazi, feel important. If there’s any racism in Hungary, it’s the result of the activities of Mohacsi and her supporters, covering up wide-spread gypsy crime and making up fake stories of the opposite.
    As for the other moron, good riddance, happy April Fooley Day. We could use a real US ambassador, without the offensive anti-Hungarian agenda.

  2. Mr Diversity says:

    Stan, now that Ms Foley is going home perhaps you should as well
    – back to 1939, instead of 2009.

  3. Justice? says:

    Stan: This is just another example of the insanity
    prevailing in Hungary at present.
    Irrespective of your viewpoint these vitriolic lies about the Hungarian people by Mohacsi do more harm than good.
    Any comment about the alleged stabbing to death of a foreign sportsman by three Roma men, recently? (Video evidence supports this claim)
    If not? Why not?
    Where is Mohacsi’s evidence for her insane claims?
    Shameful! Pathetic! Abhorent!

  4. Gandi says:

    Stan, now that Ms Foley is going home perhaps you should as well
    – back to 1939, instead of 2009.
    God, at least we had real Hungarians running the country in 1939, God Bless Horthy! Real Hungarian to the end! Hajra Magyarok!

  5. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    LOL Gandi,
    Irrational. That’s all I can say politely regarding your statement about Horthy. Horthy led Hungary into a war where it was shafted over by both the Axis, Allies and eventually the Red Army. Not exactly the greatest Hungarian of the 20th century really was he!? Patriotism and national pride are all well and good, but leading your country into a bad place where both your allies and enemies will exploit and destroy your countries assets isn’t how I define a great leader. Probably would have been best to try to stay neutral (I know it was hard to at the time, I appreciate that) and then when the tanks (Panzers or T-34s) rolled through the Great Plain at least Hungary would have gained sympathy and support from the world instead of being in bed with the baddies.
    One good point in Horthy’s favour though was that his government did try to delay as long as possible the deportation of Hungary’s Jewish population. Wonder if he tried to do the same for the Roma population though?

  6. Farkas László says:

    Hi Doktor Ki (v.12),
    I’ve read Horthy’s autobiography,”Emlékirataim”. One of Horthy’s big flaws, from my perspective, was that his heart was with the old social and economic order that prevailed in Hungary. He was a staunch anti-modernist who preferred to keep Hungary in a time warp. He wanted to keep Hungary neo-feudal and strictly agriculture based. His personal and family roots were as semi-feudal landowners from a rural setting. Under him, little new industry arose, because he disliked industrial workers, whom he considered potential reds, or susceptible to reds, and he couldn’t deal with the dynamic change that industrialisation and modernity brought. However long he would have ruled, with or without Hitler, he could never have led Hungary into a competitive position vis-avis the modern world. (Sound familiar folks?)He would have just gone on to be our “General Franco” (Franco also favored an agriculture based and semi-feudal country.)

  7. Farkas László says:

    Along with Hitler, Horthy did force a significant revision of Trianon, which reinforced his popularity (and Hitler’s!). In a strange fit of generosity towards us, Hitler once proposed to Horthy a full restoration of the “64 counties”! When Horthy declined this interesting offer, he reported to his toadies that he was so stunned as to be utterly speechless, and this is a man who was seldom speechless! Hitler couldn’t believe what he was hearing. (Horthy told him that he only wanted Hungarian majority areas returned to us.) He reportedly from that moment on lost all respect for the Hungarians, considering Horthy’s backdown in the face of such a proposal to be symptomatic of weakness in our national character. Afterwards whenever the subject of Hungary or the Hungarians came up within his inner circle, he would mention this anecdote and ridicule us as a weak, gutless people who would never amount to anything.
    Over the years, I’ve often wondered why Horthy wanted only so much, when he could have had the “whole thing”. I think it’s because Horthy knew the weaknesses of his people and nation far better than Hitler. Horthy knew we lacked the wealth, military and resources to subjugate millions of non-Hungarians. Hitler and his Germans were obviously made of sterner and more fierce material.

  8. trumpeter says:

    We glean from the articles on this page and elsewhere that, Hungarians are ‘weak’ and, accept too readily, ‘dodgy’ leaders.
    The Past is the Past, though, and we have learned nothing. (If we take into consideration what’s happened over the last twenty years.)
    Many students remain in school until they are twenty. They finsih their education believing Hungary and its heroes are “first among equals”.
    They then,possibly go on to university. Alternatively, they spend sometime here without work and promptly pack their bags and go abroad. Never to be seen again.
    Hungary, allegedly, has three million pensioners who require support.
    The population is a mere 10 million. Private investors are fleeing the country faster than you can say Gordon Bajnai.
    More than five years has elapsed with an incompetent government. Led by an idiot of unsurpassed stupidity.
    One of the architects of the mess, Gordon Bajnai, is now nominated for the leadership?
    Billions of Euros in subsidy and loan money from IMF and EU and America has literally disappeared with trace?!
    Corruption is reported everyday in the newspapers.
    Hungary is on the verge of bankruptcy and making many enemies everywhere.
    Put away your history books boys and girls. This is the 21st century. Horthy and other purported luminaries cannot help you now!

  9. Farkas László says:

    Since 1526, the Hungarians have had only two periods of autonomy (I avoid using the highly loaded word “independence”), the Horthy era and post 1989. (By autonomy I mean no uninvited foreign army on our soil putting a gun to our heads!) When you do the obvious math, that means that out of 483 years since Mohács to the present, we have had maybe 40 years to attempt some kind of self rule. As they say in the go-getting parts of this world, “not a great track record”.
    If I were “Human Resources”, and Hungary was a “job candidate” and our historical experience a “resume”, I’d have to shake my head no! I would have to conclude that this applicant has “no experience” for today’s “job market”; has long long periods of “unemployment”(non-autonomy) and shows signs developmental defficiencies and attitude problems. The candidate also has not appeeared to “update their skills” I would have to also conclude that the candidate in question is not likely to get along with their “co-workers”(other nations), a “credit check’ reveals serious financial problems. I would also conclude that this candidate is not a real “team player”; is “withdrawn” and shows signs of hostility resentment. Based upon these considerations, this applicant should be denied.
    You may not like this comparison, but then I don’t like the mess we are in. Admonitions that we should forget history are beside the point. Even if we did, we are still the products of history.

  10. Gandi says:

    LOL Gandi,
    Irrational. That’s all I can say politely regarding your statement about Horthy. Horthy led Hungary into a war where it was shafted over by both the Axis, Allies and eventually the Red Army. Not exactly the greatest Hungarian of the 20th century really was he!?
    Alot better than former communists running the show during the cold war and after the system change, Horn Gyula -ex-AVO and Gyurcsany – ex-communist youth minister aren’t exactly what I call Hungarian…and yes I would say he was one of the greatest Hungarians of the 20th century. I guess you forgot that he chased the “Reds” outta Budapest….

  11. whoever says:

    Dear Gandi
    whoever here. you know… whoever, whatever.
    Here’s an idea. Hire a field and half of you dress up as Austro-Hungarian soldiers. The other half can dress in workers clobber. Have a pretend fight using sticks and pieces of string. Get your inner cave demons out of your system, and then re-apply to the 21st century.
    Best, whoever.

  12. Sun Tzu says:

    @Whoever – The trouble is, Gandi would hightail it out there before any of his Garda buddies, just like he feigned ‘medical illnesses’ in performing his patriotic military duty.

  13. Gandi says:

    Piss off commies, when my uncle told me back in ’56 in Budapest how they took out AVO soldiers and beat them to death and shot them to death, gave me great pleasure, since it way they who inflicted so much pain on innocent Hungarians, better hope you are not around in AVO uniforms….FYI, I would much prefer the Hungary of the 20th century (pre-cold war) than that of today. Now you can see why 50 years of communism in Hungary retarded her true potential….

  14. Tim says:

    Gandi Ignore the children trying to aggravate you, majority of the people know the truth! the others are too busy shopping and living a superficial life, it’s only the commie children here probably one only nipping at your heals like a Corgi, Horthy and Wass Albert are legends!!

  15. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    Once again we have people who have to resort to name calling to reinforce their arguments.
    Gandi, Tim. Maybe you should read what Farkas Laszlo wrote. He has given us a well thought out and balanced take on Horthy that doesn’t glorify or demonise him.
    But no, it’s much easier to shout ‘Commies’ at people. That way you don’t actually have to do any thinking or even engage with your own prejudices.
    I was polite before. I won’t be now. You’re both pathetic silly little individuals who need to grow up and start doing some critical thinking rather than just trading insults. People like you are part of the problem here in Hungary, not the solution!

  16. Tim says:

    ohh that really was deep hmmmm, go fly a kite!

  17. Bacsi says:

    Please don’t Go and Fly a Kite.
    But instead do what everybody else hopes you will do……….

  18. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    So Tim, I take it your suggestions for improving Hungary rely on putting your fingers in your ears and going ‘lalalalala’ very loudly.
    Why look critically at the past and present when it’s much easier to just insult and abuse others and buy into the simplistic version of history taught to little children in kindergarden!?
    I think it is you who should go to another country rather than telling people like Bacsi to leave. He may be negative about our future, but at least his solutions and ideas are not based on insulting any who doesn’t agree with him. Maybe there’s some vacancies in Myanmar or with Zanu PF you might be attracted to.

  19. Tim says:

    @Intern nobody
    You honestly think your version of b/shit is History :-))? Is this a comedy prank? April fools day was a few days ago.

  20. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    Tim, I’ll say it really slowly so you can understand.
    I have no ‘version’ of history. I’m a fucking Timelord matey.

  21. Tim says:

    Ohh dear you spit the dummy quick! DW!! I read his interpretation so let it be, he had his opinion which I respect, at no stage did he ridicule Horthy only mentioned his style of governing, so what the fuck are you dribbling about?? To be or not to be!! That’s the real question?

  22. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    No Tim, it’s you who looks like a DW (I assume you mean dickwad) for repeateding the same tired cliches that you’ve been using throughout your various identities on politics.hu.
    Nowhere on this threat have I ridiculed Horthy, just the simplistic ravings of people like you and Gandi.
    If you feel that saying Horthy wasn’t one of the greatest Hungarians of the 20th century is ridicule, then I suggest you take some more English lessons (especially if you’re a native speaker) as you don’t seem to be able to distinguise between criticism and ridicule.

  23. Tim says:

    What are you smoking DW, this is an abbreviation for your name!! I clearly was stating that i read FL comments on Horthy, i didn’your refer them as yours!! Stop raving and ranting and get with the flow, your dualistic mind or behaviour has been exposed.. Here take my hand DW peace!

  24. vanguard says:

    Dr Ki. You are Dr Who. We know that. Experienced Time-traveler aboard the Tardis.
    But, who are we? According to Mohacsi (the gypsy queen) we are non-Roma!
    Next time at passport control if asked my nationality. I shall say, loud, and proud: “ non-Roma.”

  25. Sun Tzu says:

    @Dr Ki – Tim is none other than HP, Dr Who, Sandor Rozsa. His bad, bad grammar gives him away everytime. I wonder how he ever passed his QCEs. It also explains his simple mind and his inability to understand ANY logic put politely to him. You’re right to forget about being polite. Stick it to him.

  26. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    Dualistic. Big word Tim. Do you actually know what it means though? As far as I can tell I’m not dualistic but actually quite consistant in my views and how I express them. Maybe you use a different dictionary to me or something.
    Or if you are referring to posts written a week or two ago under the name Dr Who conflicting (ideologically and politically at least) with posts under the name of Doktor Ki (v.12) that’s because they were written by two different people. I don’t who Dr Who was, but it’s another lame identity stealer at work.
    Apologies for not understanding the DW reference though. Maybe I jumped to conclusions because you use so many personal insults in your posts that I kind of assumed this was another one. Maybe there’s a lesson for you there. Less insults and people may not always think you’re trying to insult them.
    “I clearly was stating that i read FL comments on Horthy, i didn’your refer them as yours!!” I didn’t get the second sentence due to incorrect grammar. Please clarify this sentence.

  27. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    Aha, thx Sun Tzu. Kind of guessed it was our old friend from down under but never wanted to admit to myself that the skinhead fuckwit (yes, that’s what you are HP) was still around. When dealing with HP I know that I can let all civility fly out of the window.
    HP, Tim, Dr Who, whoever you are. You’re a very childish, sad little man who really needs to look at his hate filled life and wonder why he’s alone. Go back to your own country (I hear the skins in Sydney are looking for some new foreigners to beat up, why not try out that Hungarian you’ve learned over here on them, I’m sure they’d appreciate it) and stop trying to steal Hungarian beauties. As I said earlier, people like you (travelling toe-rag skinheads with a deluded grasp of the facts) are part of the problem, not the solution.
    When I showed some of the comment threads on this site to some friends from outside of Hungary they were horrified at the levels of racism, homophobia, intolerance and just plain nastiness. I had to spend a long time explaining to them that most Hungarians are actually nice people who don’t hate everyone else and just have a complicated history. And what was the prime reason they initially held this negative view of Hungarians? Why, it was your posts HP.
    You sir are not part of the solution, just another part of the problem that the rest of us will have to overcome to move forward to a better and brighter future for all Hungarians.

  28. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    @vanguard (interesting sub-Third Reich pseudonym there, are you and HP friends in real life or just the same person). I think the border guard would give you a very funny look and wonder what drugs you were bringing into the country. They’d then take you out back and give you a body cavity search. So “I’m a non-Roma!” is probably not the best thing to shout while you’re in line at passport control.

  29. Sun Tzu says:

    @Gandi – What your uncle told your doesn’t matter here. What matters is, did YOU serve your time in the army for Hungary, or did you chicken out?

  30. Dokotr Ki (v.12) says:

    Szia Laszlo,
    Firstly I would like to apologise to you personally if any of the language in my previous posts (up above) have been a bit harsh towards others, but I really feel that people like HP or whatever he calls himself from day to day debase the impression that people outside of Hungary have of Hungary. The loud minority make the vast (and much quieter) majority of us look bad and I’m getting tired of always telling others that we’re not all like that here.
    I liked your balanced and intelligent assessment of Horthy. From what I’ve read about it, it certainly seems to me that he was trying to ‘freeze time’ for the feudalists who had held Hungarian development back so long. I also agree that if things had been different in the 30’s then there would have been every possibility of him becoming ‘The Franco of the East’. And yes, he was fundamentally a pragmatist who would have realised that reoccupying these territories would have further bankrupted the nation. He was in a no-win situation surrounded by fascist states and promised land by Hitler so I will never blame him or demonise him for siding with the Third Reich, he was just acting in what he believed were the best interests of Hungary.
    Thank you for your input into this. Once again you show to others that one can be patriotic and pro-Hungary, without being irrational, deluded to reality and full of hate towards others. You sir are an inspiration for how political debate in this country should be.

  31. Doktor Ki (v.12) says:

    Whoops, typo. The TARDIS must be playing up again. Time to get it serviced me thinks

  32. Gandi says:

    @Gandi – What your uncle told your doesn’t matter here. What matters is, did YOU serve your time in the army for Hungary, or did you chicken out?
    FYI, my Uncle was one of the brave patriots who rose against the reds in 1956, he has every right to say what he wants and it does matter here, would you rather have a commissar indoctrinating you and monitoring what you say…..

  33. Tim says:

    If Horthy would have remained rest assured Hungarians would be sitting in a better position then what the Russian commies brought to our lives who where made up of 75 % Jewish leaders, who sent thousands of people into labor camps to the they terrorized the Hungarian people and destroyed Hungary’s identity. Your pathetic and disgrace to the Hungarian people to use such a small comment by FL to justify your agenda to deflate the Hungarians pride in which has already been shattered by our enemies, you are a serious thorn in the side of Hungarians DrWho, you are only interested in pleasing your foreign brainwashed circle of superficial losers, you’re a disgrace , disgrace and another disgrace!!
    Now go to bed before you parents find you are past your bedtime.

  34. Viking says:

    Stan: “Mohacsi should be locked up for spreading false accusations and inciting violence against Hungarians.”
    Stannie-boy, how was it now with “Free Speech”?
    Ohh, you are right – that is only for “real guys” like yourself of course.
    I understand why you were thrown out of the US.

  35. Sun Tzu says:

    @Gandi – Simple question – Did YOU serve in the Hungarian military, or did you chicken out when you were called?

  36. Farkas László says:

    I am very glad that the subject of Horthy has some traction here, and I appreciate this discussion and the participation it has fostered! All intelligent Hungarians need to gain some measure of him, as the years of his rule respresented one half of the 40 lousy years of autonomy we’ve known since 1526.
    The excesses of the appalling 1919 “Soviet Republic of Hungary” produced Horthy as a leader. I feel he would have preferred to stay in his home village of Kenderes (I like that name, wink wink) and live the quiet life of a country gentleman. But when you have out of control people like Kun and Samueli Tibor, sending their “murder trains” through the countryside and stringing up people like they were Christmas tree ornaments, it was time for decent Hungarian men to say enough is enough; time to stop the madness. Horthy picked up his sword and pistol, got on his white horse and stopped the madness! (Indeed, we could all ask ourselves, what would WE have done under such circumstances?)
    Seen from a bigger picture, people like Kun and Horthy were the fallout and consequence of a 1000 year feudal order. Once you get a leader like our founding King Stephen introducing feudal slavery and oligarchy into our country, left and right reaction in the form of Kun and Horthy are inevitable. I know, because such a result didn’t just happen in our country, but in many others as well. Feudalism was economically and morally wrong, and always bore violent bitter fruit.

  37. Brother says:

    Near three thousand years passed away from the Mosaic account of the creation, till the Jews under a national delusion requested a king. Till then their form of government (except in extraordinary cases, where the Almighty interposed) was a kind of republic administered by a judge and the elders of the tribes. Kings they had none, and it was held sinful to acknowledge any being under that title but the Lord of Hosts. And when a man seriously reflects on the idolatrous homage which is paid to the persons of Kings, he need not wonder, that the Almighty ever jealous of his honor, should disapprove of a form of government which so impiously invades the prerogative of heaven.
    “Monarchy is ranked in scripture as one of the sins of the Jews, for which a curse in reserve is denounced against them. The history of that transaction is worth attending to.

  38. Farkas László says:

    The incestuous relation between Rome and our early monarchs is well illustrated by that fact that the Arpad dynasty saw a surprising number of officially declared “saints”. No sooner had rigor mortis set in with some of these people, than the priesthood was rushing forward with cannonisation proceedings. Being cynical worldly men, they of course knew what they were doing. Seldom had any royal dynasty in Europe been so honored by them. And why shouldn’t they show their appreciation? Stephen and his descendents handed them a huge fat plum, and for this some degree of recognition and gratitude was in order.
    Back in a superstitious age, it greatly enhanced the governing authority of our early royal rulers to have certain members of their family declared sacred. The rules and customs of Catholicim allow one to address prayers to these departed holy royals; their living descendents could build churches and chapels dedicated to their memory for the due edification of the populace. If an Arpad dynasty king or queen did not have too ugly a personal life or reputation, they could savor the possibility that they too would be posthumously promoted by their priestly friends, and their personal cult established before a gullible populace.
    It was a great system in a way; the priests got their influence and affluence, the king got to laugh and ask for another glass of wine, while the people felt they had someone to pray to. As they say nowadays” “It was all good!”

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