May 13th, 2009

Jobbik confident of winning EP seat, party leader says

Hungary’s Jobbik party is confident that it will send its candidate to the European Parliament following the EP elections in June, Jobbik leader Gabor Vona told public Hungarian television on Tuesday.

“Two thirds of Hungarian voters are Jobbik supporters, only they are not aware of it yet,” Vona said.

According to some recent polls, Jobbik — The Movement for a Better Hungary — has enough support to cross the five percent threshold to gain seats in parliament.

Jobbik describes itself as “a principled, conservative and radically patriotic Christian party. Its fundamental purpose is protecting Hungarian values and interests.”

The party is embroiled in legal action against the liberal Free Democrats, which recently branded the party as “Neo-Nazi”, a label which Jobbik vigorously denies.

Vona said Jobbik aimed to win seats in Hungary’s parliament in 2010.

He said that both the governing and opposition parties were “terrified” of Jobbik’s making it to the EP and to Hungarian legislation.

“Hungary belongs to the Hungarians,” Vona said. If it were communicated by the media “without distortion” people would identify with that programme, he said.

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  • Viking

    ‘”Two thirds of Hungarian voters are Jobbik supporters, only they are not aware of it yet,” Vona said.’
    What is wrong with the remaining third?
    Normally a Political Party claims that they appeal to “all/every one”, so what in Jobbik’s politics is not for that remaining third of the population?
    And what does Jobbik plan to do with that remaining third when it come to power?
    Forbid it?

  • fabian

    convince it? educate it through example perhaps?

  • Viking

    Only Fidesz would really hate that Jobbik would get in to any Parliament, then it would risk to repeat the famous defeat in 2002, where MIEP “stole” Viktor’s right to be the first PM to be re-elected.
    Clearly Jobbik “stealing” votes from Fidesz and acting as a rally argument for possible MSZP-voters, can only be ‘positive’ for every one except Fidesz.
    This will probably stop Fidesz from getting 2/3-majority in the Parliament, so Jobbik-supporters listen to the cheers from the MSZP Spin Doctors…

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