July 14th, 2009

Famous liberals desert SZDSZ as party’s woes mount

A dozen well-known personalities of Hungary’s small liberal opposition Free Democrats announced their decision to leave the party in a letter sent to MTI on Monday.

The signatories, including founding members Gyorgy Konrad, Miklos Haraszti, Gabor Ivanyi and Laszlo Rajk, said that they wanted “to stay faithful to their ideals” and would not cooperate with “the party’s new leadership, its new directions and divisive style”.

On Sunday, the Free Democrats elected Attila Retkes party leader to replace Gabor Fodor, who resigned after the party’s dismal results in the European parliamentary elections in June. Retkes, chosen as one of three candidates, expressed criticism over the party’s political position as a supporter of Gordon Bajnai’s crisis management government and suggested that the Free Democrats should back out of their commitment to support the minority ruling Socialists. Retkes was also critical of the party’s current leadership, especially of parliamentary group leader Janos Koka, whom he called on to resign.

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  • beju

    Yes the “famous liberals” such as the likes of Konrad and Haraszti and the rest of these jewish crooks now bail. What was expected. Liberals my ass!
    These people have been and are the parasite worm on the body of our nation, yet still walk around unhindered, unapprehended, without being shackled next to a well groomed gypsie daddy in a cell.
    Konrad, the worst hideous example of what this jewish political maffia could produce now leaves the ship. Haraszti is the other “smartboy”. These lowlives represent the “elit” in my country. Sorry I gotta go, gotta puke.

  • Napoleon XIV a.k.a. Jerry Samuels

    The JEWS are coming to take you away!!!

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