July 14th, 2009

Jobbik MEP wears banned Hungarian Guard uniform in first EP session

One of the radical nationalist Jobbik party’s new representatives in the European Parliament appeared for the first session of the body wearing the uniform of the banned paramilitary arm of his party, the Hungarian Guard, in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Csanad Szegedi told MTI that his wearing the uniform was to symbolise his commitment to the Guard, the recent ban on which he found “hard to accept” and said that he supported reorganisation of the dissolved militia.

Krisztina Morvai and Zoltan Balczo, Jobbik’s two other MEPs, were wearing coats associated with 19th-century Hungarian history.

The legally binding ruling banning the Guard was issued by a court of appeal in Budapest on July 2.

The appellate court upheld a decision of December 2007, not long after the Guard’s first of a series of anti-Roma marches in Tatarszentgyorgy, a village in central Hungary, which later became known for the murder of a Roma man and his young son and other anti-Roma violence.

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  • bobscountrybunker

    “Krisztina Morvai and Zoltan Balczo, Jobbik’s two other MEPs, were wearing coats associated with 19th-century Hungarian history.”
    What a brilliant prescedent.
    I worked at the World Bank for a while, and there people from around the world are encouraged to wear national dress, and it’s all the better for it.
    What a wonderfully less dull and grey place the EU Parliament would be if we all did the same.
    Hajrá Magyar!

  • The Truth

    “Tatarszentgyorgy, a village in central Hungary, which later became known for the murder of a Roma man and his young son and other anti-Roma violence.”
    The Department of Misinformation is at it again.
    Most “anti-roma violence” is done by gypsies in case you didn’t know. It’s the oversized gypsy families who turn into anti-Hungarian lynch mobs all the time, not the Guard.
    Why don’t you publish a score board, Hungarians vs. gypsies, and list all the crimes committed by each group against the other? Why no one dares to do it? Anything to hide there?
    People who are interested in the truth and accidentally ended up on these pages should know that the Guard is a disciplined, unarmed, peaceful organization, protesting the very real gypsy crime wave. No one can provide any proof that the Guard has ever killed or robbed any gypsies, it’s all baseless accusations, pushed by the corrupt Hungarian government and its media outfits. Get real, don’t trust liberal media, the truth is out there, see it for yourself.

  • They wore their Gárda uniforms to Parliament? How embarrassing, like having to bring your half-wit brother to the pool, except that I have more respect for half-wits.

  • Full Wit

    Mokus has “more respect for half-wits.”
    I suppose you have many of those in your immediate family.

  • TDS

    “Kriszti… Are you sure I won’t look silly wearing this? All the other MEPs are wearing normal suits. Won’t everyone laugh at me?”
    “Of course not Csanikám! You look really fetching in that uniform – your mum always told you women love men in uniform, right? Now… let’s dust you off, thaaat’s right.”
    “Well you don’t make Zoli wear it. Why is it just me? Ez nem feeer.”
    “Csani!! That’s enough! What have I told you before about arguing with the boss!”
    [starts to cry] “I wanna go home. I don’t like it here… everyone hates me…sob sob…”

  • C’est moi

    Wait, you guys are related?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the local nazi moron contingency couldn’t care less (nor have any sense of history anyway), but I think it’s important that we pay our respects to General Bela Kiraly. His passing hasn’t been mentioned on this site.

  • Freethinker

    What a wonderful representation of Hungary! “Let’s wear clothes and symbols that can easily be linked to racism.” What a great way to represent Hungary. And some people wonder why FDI is down significantly here versus other CEE countries? People wonder why tourism has shrunk here at a greater rate than other CEE countries? Keep it up you highly-intelligent leaders. Someday soon there will be about 200 people left here – most will likely be uneducated. Great for the future generations. What shall you wear tomorrow? Way to make Hungary proud in the very public eye of Europe! We couldn’t ask for better representation.

  • mc

    I would have loved to have seen pictures of this
    EP session. 19th century clothing must be the new
    “black” in terms of fashion, symbolizing the
    height of Hungarian prowess and might during that
    era. Personally I think they should have worn
    Renaissance clothing reflecting Hungary’s Golden
    Age under the rule of King Mattyas, but that is
    just my taste.
    Let’s see how long it takes for the newly elected
    nationalists of various countries manage to form
    their parliamentary group, if at all, as they are
    all supposed to hate each other anyway in their
    “own national interest”
    @bobscountrybunker – I’ll second that – I would
    love to see Morris dancers in the EP.

  • Uniforms are scary. Let’s get paranoid:

  • Peter

    Great! So these people say what they think and also do what they say (as they announced beforehand that they will appear there in the Gárda’s uniform). This is very encouraging and makes them even more trusthworthy! One dearly needs politicians like them!
    Btw, the uniform and its wearing had not been banned.
    Who cares about the whimps of the FDI any way! ? 🙂

  • Solkim

    “”Tatarszentgyorgy, a village in central Hungary, which later became known for the murder of a Roma man and his young son and other anti-Roma violence.”
    You are quick to draw – or at least imply – a connection, but the facts are: 1.) a father and his son were shot dead, 2.) they happened to be Roma, 3.) the perpetrators have not been identified and apprehended, and 4.) no one claimed responsibility for the murders.
    Now, to draw the conclusion from all these facts that somehow this was “anti-Roma violence” is not intelligent journalism, but vile speculation and manipulation.
    Especially when we have witnessed some high profile cases in the last few years whereby the loud charges of racist motivation proved to be totally false after the perpetrators had been caught.
    Please abstain from grey propaganda.

  • bobscountrybunker

    I’ll second that!

  • hazafi

    Don’t be surprised.
    It’s the uncritical and unquestioned repetition of MTI propaganda by Politics.hu… yet again.
    The real question isn’t whether this is what Politics.hu (and its sister sites e.g. Budapest Times etc.) does, now on almost a daily basis; but rather, how anyone can argue the contrary with a straight face!

  • Forget About It

    We should ALL be very grateful to the Jobbik MEP’s concerned…
    This ill only speed up their departure from the EU Parliament?
    Doe anybody (except Jobbik that is..) expect that to be tolerated for very long?
    I see a ‘punch up’ coming soon and a Jobbik MEP (without his Mob) geting a good spanking!!
    Game On….

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