August 4th, 2009

Jobbik stages demonstration against banks, “foreign speculative capital”

Hungarian radical nationalist party Jobbik held a demonstration in front of the Finance Ministry in Budapest on Monday.

The focus of the demonstration was against foreign speculative capital and in favour of Hungarian banking.

The 150 of so protesters were led by the party’s leader Gabor Vona.

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  • Forget About It

    Do Jobbik not know that Hungaian Banks have NO Money???
    In Fact the Hungarian Country has NO Money’ every single Forint in every Bank in Hungary belongs to a Foreiner already….
    The IMF already ‘speculated’ to the tune of 20 BILLION DOLLARS?
    And the EU with 350 MILLION Euros???
    Jobbik need to understand that they are just the Tenants and had better start following the Rules of the Landlords……..

  • ZoltanTakács

    ForgetAboutIt. You are correct about the national debt. And Hungarian natives will shortly become the “ethnic minority” here.
    How many Hungarians do you think are currently working abroad? How many Roma do you think are not working in Hungary?
    The MSZP communist dross have turned this country into a free-for-all, sideshow, and mafia groups virtually control everything in the provinces.
    Budapest is a den of iniquity where corruption and double-dealing is the norm.
    The mayoral system in cities and provinces is laughable. Cash-starved villages cannot afford to keep the school/s open and businesses close down every day.
    The taxation system is a joke. The government increases tax but does not set the wheels in motion to “collect” it. Most people avoid paying tax because of the many loopholes in the system.
    All this is the tip of a huge, corrupt, and inefficient iceberg, that threatens to sink Hungary…sooner rather than later.

  • Forget About It

    I do sometimes wonder why Hungaians moan about the various Political Parties?
    MSZP did this.. or didn’t do that…
    Fidesz always do this.. or that???
    Who cares for goodness sake. ALL of these parties are fraudulent and have no interest (or any idea how) to create a stable Hungary, because to do so would take away their Honey Pot of ready money.
    None (NONE) of thes peple can or should be trusted with anything of any importance whatever.
    They have no ability in any of the neccesary fields to actually govern Hungary.
    Please don’t waste any more time moaning about Politicians in Hungary because everybody in the EU knows to their cost (400 Million Euros) that Hungary cannot be trusted with an open Wallet.
    Only a 100% New Party can save Hungary and as that doesn’t exist.. Basically we’ve had it..

  • OK I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to this blog… one of the first things I do in the morning is head here and check out the new posts!

  • The focus of the demonstration was against foreign speculative capital and in favour of Hungarian banking
    Like the OTP Bank which is the biggest commercial bank in Hungary, operating in Central and Eastern Europe. The bank operates over 1000 branches, and serves over 10 million customers in 8 countries.
    Hungarian billionaire Sándor Csányi, estimated to have a net worth over USD 1 Bn, acts as the Chairman & CEO of the bank
    Sándor Csányi was implicated in the ‘Hungarian Watergate’ when he, through Fidesz operatives tried to get David Ibolya replaced as President of the MDF, by a more Fidesz-friendly operative
    To MDF of today Sándor Csányi has a problem also, then he was beaten by Bokros, MDF’s new star, to a banking job in 1991, so he hates everything MDF and Bokros do
    If we can call anyone Fidesz ‘Sugar-Daddy’ it must be Sándor Csányi, the richest Hungarian ever
    And a good example on an Hungarian Banker, that Jobbik supports

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