August 5th, 2009

Magyar Gárda said to consider patrolling village where Roma woman killed

The mayor of Kisleta, the NE Hungary village where a Roma woman was shot dead, told MTI on Tuesday that an unidentified caller connected to the paramilitary Hungarian Guard had threatened to send bikers to the village to mount “patrols”.

Sandor Penzes said the caller had told him that members of the Hungarian Guard, the recently banned arm of the radical nationalist Jobbik party, would mount a “patrol” of the village on motorcycles.

The mayor said the caller had referred to alleged hostility from Roma villagers towards the staff of the right-leaning commercial television channel Hir TV and right-wing daily Magyar Hirlap, who were on-site to report on the murder, as the reason for mounting the patrols.

According to unconfirmed reports, Roma villagers were angry about Hir-TV’s reporting on the murder, because it had suggested motives other than ethnic hatred may have been behind the killing. Hir-TV’S news director Peter Szikszai on Tuesday denied the allegation, saying that their reporter merely asked villagers whether any other motive might have lain behind the attack.

Penzes said he would immediately report any motorcyclist “on patrol” in the village.

Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai will meet police leaders on Wednesday to be briefed on the investigation.

Parliament’s defence and law enforcement committee will meet on Thursday to discuss developments in the murder case, which, based on the weapon used to kill the woman, has been identified as part of a series of attacks against Hungary’ impoverished Roma community over the past two years.

President Laszlo Solyom and Bajnai will also meet later this week to discuss the murders and progress on finding the perpetrators, government spokesman Domokos Szollar said.

Orban Kolompar, Chairman of the National Roma Self-Government, has called for a meeting between top Roma officials to review the situation of the Roma minority in light of the murder, which was the sixth of similar attacks in which Roma people have been targeted in their homes.

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  • Caravan

    Mafia-orientated killings, or not? This is speculation as is a lot of the other posters comments on this site that pre-determine
    that right wing organisations are responsible for these atrocious killings.
    The government and the police have lost control in Hungary. That is to say, if they ever had control, in the first place.
    World opinion on these killings is manipulated by propogandists and groups that work outside the law
    for their own ends.
    Gypsies know who the real perpetrators are, but will not speak out for fear of losing their own lives.

  • Sophist

    “a lot of the other posters comments on this site that pre-determine that right wing organisations are responsible for these atrocious killings”
    I think the broad consensus here is that we are primarily dealing with serial killers rather than right wing organisations; likewise on sites more supportive of the Government.

  • beju

    And I’m saying it is government -induced and supported, carried out by the intelligence agencies. Let’s see which version will surface once the air clears. (Which won’t be for the foreseable future).
    That’s my take on it.

  • beju,
    Everyone is entitled to its own conspiracy theory in a Democracy, but everyone else have the right to ask for some proof of those theories.
    Except your basic conspiracy theory, that the Jews are behind everything bad in the world, do you have any specifics on this theory?
    To challenge main-stream always demand some thing extra to catch people’s appreciation.
    I can agree that probably the current Govt wins in stability and support from these attacks, but that is hardly a proof.
    I can also agree that Fidesz looses in credibility when they attack the Police for being unprofessional etc, but that is hardly a proof that the Govt is behind it.
    Remember that Pokorny (Fidesz) claimed the days after the storming of the MTV-house that it was Provocateurs paid by the Government that were responsible for those riots, meaning the Government was behind all riots in the Autumn of 2006.
    Claimed by the Mayor who refuses to follow laws setting up public statues.

  • beju

    You always need to look and search for who’s the beneficiary of any crime and what the motives are.
    It is an open secret, that this government is being run by crooked jews and bolsheviks interested in nothing else than stuffing their pockets for the rainy days.
    It is an open secret, that Mossad infiltrated the Hungarian intelligence agencies 20 years ago and currently there is a huge fight within them for control. Between the jews and the Hungarian agents loyal to the nation.
    No one benefits from killing gypsies other than Israel within the prevailing Hungarian political climate. Had it been a conspiracy theory it would have been proven otherwise a long time ago.
    Israel’s utmost interest is to keep this mafia in power till the last drop of blood, because the country is a target for occupation. Sorry if this didn’t catch your discriminative attention.

  • beju,
    If that would be true, why would Mossad then allow any elections in Hungary, that will put Fidesz in the Govt.
    If they have total control, why do they not exercise it?

  • beju

    Because Fidesz is already bought and have been under their complete control for the past decade. They are no different than mszp and szdsz jews except in the “light and comically nationalistic” version. More acceptable to the terminally frustrated group of domestic voters acting as the spiget to letting off steam without a serious knock on the powers at be.

  • beju,
    So if the Jews will anyway be in control after the next election, why:
    ‘Israel’s utmost interest is to keep this mafia in power till the last drop of blood, because the country is a target for occupation’?
    No contradiction here?
    Why should Israel work with the so disgraced MSZP, when they have the have the “light and comically nationalistic” puppets to put in?
    They do not even need to kill any Roma, then…

  • beju

    There’s no contradiction here. Israel is afraid of Jobbik winning numerous seats in parliament forcing Fidesz to resist to their agressive interests on a daily basis and revelations of their cooperation and collaboration coming to light. Simple as that. They know Jobbik is not buyable like Fidesz.

  • Maybe, but Jobbik will sell out Hungary to the Russian Empire, so they will come in the back-way anyway.
    To believe that Hungary under Fidesz will go its own way in foreign policy than the common EU-stance, is just another of your wet-dreams.
    It will be similar to the 1998 elections, when MIEP had 8% of the votes. What did really change?
    In real numbers it is about the same number of physical voters on the right-side as today.
    The left-side voters protest by not voting at all. In a General Election to the Hungarian Parliament, the % will be different, than the Local Elections in 2006 and the EU-election in 2009.
    I would expect less than 10%, like MIEP.
    And Csurka was a lot funnier to listen to, than boring Vona.

  • judas

    …the only one benefitting from roma killing is israel??????
    Mossad infiltated hungarian secret services..???
    Can you give some explanantion why israel would benefit from roma killing?
    Some evidence on mossad infiltating hungarian
    secret service????
    Do you have more of this?
    it is puzzling what loopings your mind is able to perform. what happened to you ?

  • HessAscended

    Simple answer, you are living with your head stuck in the sand.

  • Forget About It

    The very fact that this is having to be spoken about in terms of being ‘unresolved’ is laughable.
    What on earth do Hungarians think the rest of the World thinks when its sees & hears this kind of 17th Century Behaviour in an EU Member State in 2009??????
    Let me tell you They don’t think Good Things.

  • Nationalist

    So if you don’t like it leave! simple. Hungarians don’t want the same lifestyle as the west.
    The west let down Hungary during 1956 revolution and WW1 Trianon also now with multi national companies buying up the nation’s resources because of the current government and previous ones selling everything. We need a change and this racist tag is another decoy to take the focus off the real economic issues. Szebb Jovot

  • Tre

    @Nationalist, who are you to speak for Hungarians? And secondly,
    exactly would Jobbik do about the economic situation? Doesn’t
    seem they are very effective in spreading the word about their
    economic policies.

  • Nationalist

    How affective have current government been? Totally destructive with no truth in any of there policies, just raising taxes and sell Hungary to the Multi National companies and drive the country into the ground with foreign debt, Jobbik will find the crooks and corrupt politicians and into jail they will go. Don’t worry yourself, policies are in the making that will be released at a crucial strategic stage, in the interim look up the sight Jobbik and read there policies.

  • Tre

    @Nationalist, no argument from me about the governments
    incompetency and corruption. But at the same time I can’t get
    behind another party if they don’t release policies until a crucial
    stage. I think it’s important to know their policies now. Does the
    Jobbik site have this information in English or can you summarize

  • judas

    hess ascended,
    i believe you and your friends are still in a kind
    of pre-conventional development phase.
    You are not to blame though but blaming others for
    everything which is happening around you is
    a kind of “narcissim”which normally passes at age
    7 or a bit later.
    a “boomeritis” problem so to speak.

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