August 26th, 2009

Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Slovak language law violates human rights

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  • Odin’s lost eye

    It sure does!!! It breaches at least 3 Articles (if not more) and I am not just talking about Hungarian minorities. The first non-Slovakian speaker who gets a parking ticket is in trouble but has a wonderful defence! I can just imagine the response from an old ‘Pere la Victoire’ form Blois or a ‘Bert Figgins from Scuntorp!

  • your mama


  • Robi

    We just have to bann products made in Slovakia (incl. Samsung,
    Daewoo etc. of course) Banning air traffic from and toward Slovakia
    and also the land transportation of goods. If they do not do not
    change their ways within a month just entirely close the border,
    than case closed, we do not need or care for them anyway… they
    plains and cars just will make circles around Hungary, they could
    enjoy their Grande Neo-Slavia than.

  • Robi,
    You miss that would make it impossible for Hungarians also to travel.
    On the other hand, this is very much the Jobbik solution for Hungary’s financial problems – retract from the world.
    Kampuchea was a good example on that. They had a flourishing economy under Pol Pot and they did not need any open borders either.

  • Insurrection

    @Mr Assumption, since when are you familiar with Jobbik policy? Oh! that’s right you are assuming again.

  • No, it is just reading what you comedians normally post – anti-capitalism etc.

  • Ricsi

    Viking@Since you insist on calling us “Nazis” Let us see what Mr.Hitler had to say—“We stand for the maintenance of private property-we shall protect free enterprise as the most expedient,or rather the sole possible economic order”
    A.Hitler,NSDAP manifesto 1933.
    Not so anti-capitalist after all was he? Now why do you assume anything about a party you know nothing of?.
    Love from Russia

  • C’est moi

    Richy, you do nothing to dissuade the connection between you and Nazis when you can clearly quote the man with relative ease.

  • Ricsi

    Cestmoi the areshole–I quoted something even you could look up on the internet,took 20 seconds to be honest. Try it and learn ,you might open your eyes a little more,leave off the drugs though 🙂
    PS I can ‘quote’ Stalin with ease also,but it does not in any way make me a commie, I can quote your friend Sharon with ease,but it does not alter the fact that I hate zionists.

  • Ricsi,
    I think most people in the world would subscribe to “We stand for the maintenance of private property-we shall protect free enterprise as the most expedient,or rather the sole possible economic order”
    A.Hitler,NSDAP manifesto 1933.
    But in the Jobbik rhetoric the ‘big multinational companies’ are blamed for all the bad and evil that happens in Hungary. A.Hitler blamed the Jewish owned companies and especially the banks for destroying Germany. A.Hitler’s version of ‘free enterprise’ was more an enterprise free of Jews.
    Your version of ‘free enterprise’ is one free of evil big multinational companies, which by the way you always find a way to point out any Jewish (sorry should be Zionist) owners/interest behind.
    At least you have a problem with the majority of your followers on this site, who 95-99% spit out typical anti-Jewish statements toward any possible (or impossible) issue.
    But maybe they are all ‘agent provocateurs’?

    In ‘free enterprise’ is the concept of small companies getting big and sometimes getting a dominant position. If you are for restricting this, for whatever reason, the expression ‘free enterprise’ becomes as accurate and distinct as ‘free speech’.

  • Nationalist

    @Mr Assumption
    You really twist the facts.

  • John Simpson

    Jobbik do not want to kick out foreign companies from Hungary!
    They just want to make a better deal for Hungary, lessen the tax breaks and the siphoning off of 100% of the profits to foreign lands.
    They also are pushing deals where foreign companies can farm the land, but not 100% own the land. It would have to be a JV partnership with Hungarians or Hungarian companies.
    Also do not see a problem in that, only people that have a problem with it are our Jewish friends that feel that Hungary is their private playground!

  • John Simpson – the person who claimed the MSZP-Government was conducting genocide on the Hungarian Countryside by introducing the 300 HUF Doctor’s Fee, we know can get the ‘true tale’ of Jobbik’s ‘Fre enterprise’ means:
    – lessen the tax breaks
    *Of course no problem, any politician can state that, but then he will find it is not so easy to get foreign companies to invest in Hungary. And foreign companies already here will retract their Hungarian businesses.

    – siphoning off of 100% of the profits to foreign lands
    * Hardly possible then there is free movement of capital in the EU and ‘profit’ is what is left when the ‘cost’ has been paid. International companies has the possibility to play with the ‘cost’ of imported goods, so the ‘profit’ never occurs in Hungary. How will Jobbik change this?

    – pushing deals where foreign companies can farm the land, but not 100% own the land. It would have to be a JV partnership with Hungarians or Hungarian companies.
    * An Hungarian Company can have foreign owners, so that was not an alternative.
    * This would also go against the essence of ‘Free Movement of Capital and Labour’ in the EU, but that is not a problem for Jobbik, then their aim is to stop any ‘Free Movement’ of whatsoever.
    * If foreign companies cannot own the land, why should they then invest in Hungary? Or Jobbik will force them to invest?

    As stated before – the aim of Jobbik’s policy is just to isolate Hungary from the rest of the world, So what is new?

  • John Simpson

    Many big global brands have come to Hungary, exploited the tax free period then disappeared when it was over!
    Most of the old Hungarian companies that were bought by foreign investors were closed down. That was their intent when they were bought them, not to invest but to kill competition!
    The majority of the goods being sold in supermarkets are imported. Tesco has killed off all the small and medium sized Hungarian suppliers with their big boy price slashing tactics, so why is Tesco, Metro, Auchan or Cora good for Hungary?
    The only reason foreign companies want to buy agricultural land is to be able to siphon off the state and EU susidies for producing nothing!
    Not to invest in developing the business.
    I do not agree with allot of what Jobbik do and say, but on many points relating to the purchase of Hungarian assets, they are 100% spot on.
    Viking…. as a Jew boy communist I can never expect that you would understand what I have said. Ask your uncle Stalin Vikingstein to explain when he gets back from the Res Star Synagogue!

  • Curious George

    @Johan S – Which global brands came here and disappeared? I’m just curious.

  • Arthur

    Curiosity killed the cat!! You dumbo

  • Curious George

    @Artur – so what? Cats have 9 lives, dumbo.

  • Arthur

    Smart cats do, but your a Dumbo

  • Curious George

    Artur – George is not a cat! No more Dumbo than the 10m Hungos who can’t name the major brands which left Hungary.

  • why is Tesco, Metro, Auchan or Cora good for Hungary?
    John Simpson at August 31, 2009 8:18 PM

    Well, I living in Hungary, and people living outside Hungary can by more Hungary produced products. OK, now they are owned by a multi-national company, but Globus ketchup is still better than Heinz.
    When I settled in Hungary 1993 shopping was not an easy task. Because we were business people we could shop in Alfa and Interfruct and later Metro, before Tesco and Madar-Tesco (Auchan) came in to Hungary.
    To find cheap products with reasonable quality is easier today, then 15 years ago.

    Same development in Sweden. We had the most expensive food prices in Europe 20 years ago, now we are in par with the rest of Europe. The difference – low price chains like Lidl and others. They broke the monopoly of the local farmer’s organisation to deliver bad quality products to high prices.

    Of course farmers are not happy, but they have to adjust to reality, like every other worker has to do. The alternative is just to cut off all connection to the rest of the world, stop private companies and start with the 5-years plans again.
    What can be better?
    For the people, from the people!
    Just let your local politician decide which food should be subsidized and sold in the subsidized local shop, where there will be more staff than customers.
    Back to Good Old Kadar-time, Jobbik-style (meaning do not blame the reactionary international capital, just the Zionists).

  • @Viking Of course farmers are not happy, but they have to adjust to reality.
    No, not in Hungary. Here reality is the thing that has to adjust, not the farmers.

  • John Simpson

    Farmers are never happy!
    That is an International trait…

  • Hello

    I hope that Europe will not be such a country like Slovakia is now. Europe will change the life of the minorities and will be possible for everybody to live and work free in Europe. There is a need for civil rights.

  • Hello

    We are asking the leaders of the Europian Union to give help for the minorities to ensure the possibility for civil rights.
    Please Mr. Moscovici help us in the EU.

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