October 26th, 2009

Jobbik signs agreements with other European nationalist groups

Hungary’s radical nationalist Jobbik party signed an agreement with four international parties to set up the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements, Jobbik deputy leader Andras Balczo said on Saturday.

The agreement has also been signed by the French Front National, Italy’s Fiamma Tricolore, the National Democrat Party of Sweden and the National Front of Belgium.

Balczo said the alliance is planned to become “an official European national-level party” to be registered either in Belgium or Strasbourg.

The British National Party has already expressed its intent to join the alliance and negotiations are underway with the Freedom Party of Austria and with Spanish and Portuguese parties, Balczo said.

The alliance’s nine-point political statement envisages setting up a Europe of free, independent and equal nations and rejects all initiatives creating a federal state standing above the nations in Europe. The alliance wants to protect Europe from the threat of terrorism and from “religious, political, economic or financial imperialism,” the statement said.

Balczo said the main message is that Euro-skeptic parties are not against Europe. The alternative is cooperation that allows national self-governance at the proper level, he added.

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  • TDS

    That’s quite funny that Jobbik are getting into bed with Jean Marie Le Pen’s Front National. I wonder if they remember his disparaging comments about Sarkozy’s Hungarian origins…
    Politicians have such short memories.

  • It’s the globalization of nationalism. That, friends, is the kind of world we live in.

  • @Mokus: I rather think it is chemistry. There are certain mutually repellent molecules that will form stable compounds if locked in a crystal structure by which they are unable to convert their repulsion forces into kinetic energy. Such is the case with nationalists in Europe these days – nowhere to go mentally or geo-politically, so they stick together.

  • C’est Moi

    Suprised no one has noticed than none of Hungary’s neighboring neo-populist/nationalist parties are on the list. Maybe it’s because the closer ones actually know the foul odor coming off of Jobbik.

  • I was waiting to see which of the 2 Swedish anti-Immigration parties they would go for:
    – the highly successful SverigeDemokraterna (SD), who will maybe get seats in the next Parliament, or
    – the open fascist NationalDemokraterna (ND).

    The big difference between these parties is that SD is an open pro-Zionist party of the type preferred by bobscountrybunker. They are smarter, have a milder tone and in essence are extremely for the Swedish “Folkhemmet”, but just for ‘Real Swedes* of course. Their main target is the perceived threat of immigrated people worshipping Islam.
    In Sweden they really stand out as the most pro-Israel party, ever.

    ND is more your well-known anti-Jewish, anti-everything that is/was not fascist or Nazi. For that reason they will just be the continuation of the original Swedish Nazi Party in the 30s.
    Not even a fringe party, but they do get members who grown out of being ‘Real Freedom Fighters’ in the White Arian Resistance Movement (VAM). The only right-wing group that has been involved in violent acts that can be describe as terrorism. They do prepare for the upcoming Race War.

    These are the guys Jobbik chooses to work with and why should anyone be surprised?
    Hungary has around Budahazy and friends their own home-grown terrorists in National Arrows (or whatever they call themselves now).
    Budahazy has gotten a better and better co-operation with Jobbik the last year.
    In 2006 they were more opponents, but Vona has tied Budahazy to him.

  • Koppany

    Stop spreading lies to box in Hungarian patriots. Budahazy is illegally being detained by the Zionist Hungarian government.

  • Budahazy is illegally being detained by the Zionist Hungarian government.
    Koppany at October 27, 2009 7:42 AM

  • olga

    @ Viking
    It’s obvious that the Communist party is compromised only of Zionists – if you are not a Zionist you cannot be a member.
    2 birds with one stone. Life is so simple when you are a fanatic right wing extremist.
    Take a look at this article – the American perspective.
    Question to anyone: Did JOBBIK or any other party objected to accepting the “$25.1 billion bailout led by the International Monetary Fund late last year”

  • @Olga: Many people did object, but mainly not for the right reasons. Fidesz saw this as MSZP selling out the country, believing the urgency did not justify it and the terms too stringent. Jobbik, though having no specific economic policy, objected on the grounds that it was an extension of the vast monetary conspiracy of the west to strengthen the shackles of the courageous Hungarian incipient warlords.
    Orbán repeatedly talks of renegotiating the terms and of rescheduling debt repayment, whilst obviously needed to borrow an awful lot more.
    Your news sources wouldn’t be seen as either worthy of a cursory scan to any of these people. I would suggest to read their sources and question them with their own words and ideas. This is much harder and unpleasant for them.

  • olga

    I wanted to find a Canadian source and couldn’t so I found an American source. I wanted to see the “bail-out” from a North American perspective.
    Being lazy, I was also looking for an “Executive Summary” as opposed to an in-depth dissertation I would like to find out if there were any strings attached but I was unable to figure it out so far.
    Who forced Hungary to accept the money? I gather despite the protest, the cheque was cashed.
    BTW It took me 10 minutes to vaguely understand an article about Victor Orban’s speech last Friday on another thread ( you posted the website) so it’s hard for me to follow articles in Hungarian. My first choice to read news from various Hungarian papers (I do that in Canada too – different papers, different perspectives) I bet you do that.
    Orban’s speech was very abstract – hopefully people in Hungary know exactly what he meant when he promised to “rebuild Hungary” in 5 months after he wins the election.

  • @Olga: The terms imposed on Hungary are pretty much the same as they imposed on all their debtors (they have the hammer, after all; so everything is treated like a nail – as Cináed once related on another topic). Either the economist or something on fistfulofeuros.net will fill in the details for you e.g. http://www.economist.com/world/europe/displaystory.cfm?story_id=14512527
    ALthough it may seem strange looking how the IMF treats Latvia will give you the general picture http://www.economist.com/world/europe/displaystory.cfm?story_id=14665390
    Add in the large government debt in Hungary, extortionate taxes (which only the middle classes partially pay) and the decrepit local demographics and that would give you an idea of what people have to face and deal with to sort this country out.
    “Orban’s speech was very abstract..” I’d say it was more in the Russian Expressionist style or at least abstract expressionism. Don’t worry about what Orbán says. He never wants people to actually think about what he is proposing. He is the master of what are called ‘thought-terminating clichés’. Hungarians love them. They hate having to think for themselves – hence Jobbik’s rising popularity.

  • olga

    @ Vandorlo
    Running out the door but looking forward to reading the website.
    I am worried that with your computer expertise you will track me down and send me an invoice for “tuition” –

  • Viking

    (Or should I call you ‘My Wife’?)
    The money was needed and different installments have been made, then it did not come in one coffer of cash. I have lost track on how much has actually been paid out, but some weeks ago it was a new batch of money, then Hungary had fulfilled the conditions. In this way the ‘Bankir’ is keeping tabs on the development, for good or bad.
    As I remember a couple of months before the IMF loan became a necessity Orban was demanding a German solution, spend money to help people survive better. This German tactic will come to an end now, when Merkel cannot rule with the SocialDemocrats anymore. Also Germany run out of money and should actually need to borrow some money on their own, not just give Eastern Europe a lot of money.
    So if the rich and wealthy Germany could not do it by just spending more money, how will the Hungary do the same thing 2 years later, even if it has Viktor Orban as PM?
    To be fair I think the financial situation will be better 1 year later (no hurry to take over for Fidesz) and we will see a very positive ‘Orban-effect’ in Hungary (which all media, except a few MSZP-organs, will try to support for 6 months at least).
    Maybe IMF will be nice with the new Government, if they can see this positive climate start spreading, but it is very much in their hands.
    As comparison we can look at how IMF will treat Latvia now, when Latvia retracted from the IMF-demand to introduce tax on real estates.

  • Zabo

    Go Jobbik! The last hope for a better future for Hungary. It will be interesting to see if they manage to create a political group in the EU parliament.

  • Yes, with BNP that has slogans about sending home the East-European workers.
    Vona can stand on the border and wish them welcome back.
    Then Ricsi can give them work on his pig-farm.
    Must beat working in Milton Keynes at Tesco.

  • olga

    @ Vandorlo and Viking
    Read the link Vandorlo posted at 3.45 p.m. The article supports Bajnai’s prudent financial decisions in a global economic crisis.
    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the article is anti-Orban:
    “Yet the likely election winner, the centre-right Fidesz party, has spent the past seven years zealously denouncing even tiny reforms as sell-outs to fat cats or as disasters that would condemn the country to poverty.”
    Kind of reminds me of the USA – no matter what Obama tries to do, the Republicans sabotage it.
    I don’t know enough about either party to know who I would vote for but Orban had a chance before the global economic crisis and the Hungarian voters defeated him. What is the difference now? I looked for his platform, it’s all ideology and abstract thoughts but no concrete solutions. Maybe I missed the website that outlines the first 6 months if he is elected and he will “rebuild Hungary” How exactly? I looked at his website ( http://orbanviktor.hu/news_list.php?item=46 ) but that sounded like Chicken Little – the sky is falling under Bajnai Ok, so will he prevent it?
    To me, both parties sound like “normal” opposition parties in a Democracy; – JOBBIK? Much different kettle of fish
    BTW Viking – as soon as my husband found out I had another husband, he felt he was entitled to 2 wives. He is presently searching for one who can cook . She does not need to be Martha Stewart just able to make a decent meal once in a while

  • @Olga: The markets are always nervous when Orbán speaks. Though, they have got use to his promises and Hungary is already paying the price of the uncertainty and likely effects of his administration with the various international ratings for investing in the country. His antics with the referendum on health care put a dirty great spanner in the works and cost each Hungarian far more than their pathetic 300ft.
    Orbán period was a prosperous one, while it lasted, but his largesse towards himself, his friends and various shadow companies was probably what cost him the 2002 election. Unfortunately he was followed by Agent D-209 (aka Péter Medgyessy http://sfkornyek.szabadsagharcos.org/d209.html ) who then went even further than Orbán in giving away public money the country couldn’t afford or maintain. I count Medgyessy to be the single most damaging and incompetent politician to ever be visited upon the Hungarian people. Gyurcsány is obviously roundly hated for his evangelical conversion from hardline commie leader of KISZ to born again capitalist. His pockets were quickly and efficiently lined with the profits from his connections and inside knowledge. His tenure in office clearly demonstrate his economic abilities as they fit to the real world. It was an impotent and useless waste of time and money.
    Bajnai is markedly different form all of these. Primarily he doesn’t seem to care for their games. Fidesz’s only defense is to cast him as Gyurcsány II. Corruption is still rife.

  • bobscountrybunker

    Did you see this on Thursday?
    Scroll down and watch the video from 8:00 minutes on.

  • Zabo

    Well mr Viking why not? Why should the British worker be unemployed while the eastern European worker works for 1/5 of what his British counterpart is earning, in Britain? Besides once eastern Europe gets rid of the ex communists and those plundering the countries, eastern Europe will blossom and the workers don´t need to go to Britain for work it´s a win-win situation, and I believe that the BNP realizes this as well. The politicians ruling now has no interest of making things better for the common worker because this would lead to fewer investors and less money for the greedy politicians. The BNP has its own agenda and Jobbik has own agenda, but they both realize that they can hardly influence Europe on their own so they try to work together just like in any other coalition elsewhere.

  • once eastern Europe gets rid of the ex communists and those plundering the countries, eastern Europe will blossom
    BNP has its own agenda and Jobbik has own agenda, but they both realize that they can hardly influence Europe on their own so they try to work together just like in any other coalition elsewhere.
    Zabo at October 30, 2009 1:59 PM
    Is this not a bit of a contradiction?
    a) Just get rid of the ‘bad guys’ and Hungary will flood of milk and honey.

    b) Hungary is not an Island, but must cooperate with other countries in Europe.

    So, is it possible to get rid of the ‘bad guys’ and Hungary will be the lost Paradise again *without* outside help, like in BNP and others?
    A possible reality or a pipe-dream?

    Of course to make BNP/Jobbik’s idea to work, one must stop the free movement of people and goods inside Europe. Get back national protective customs fees and taxes, close the borders and introduce visa for everyone. Of course restrict Hungarians from travelling abroad, they could be going away to work, not just have a holiday…
    A good business future for Hungarian producers of cement and barbed wire and machine guns.

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