December 7th, 2009

Hungary’s defense spending to rise next year, reach €1.2 billion

Defence spending will increase in next year’s budget to reach a total of 308.2 billion forints (EUR 1.2 bn), or 1.17 percent of gross domestic product, the defence ministry said on Friday.

Of the total spending budgeted, 16.687 billion forints will originate from the ministry’s own revenues while the remaining 291.5 billion forints will come from the central budget, the statement said.

The ministry will spend 42.5 percent of the available sum on armed personnel and 4.1 percent on management. The proportion of spending on developments will be kept above 20 percent in next year’s budget, the statement said.

Hungary’s participation in international missions has been handled as a priority, and 10.5 percent of available resources will be spent on international obligations. This means that Hungary will be able to keep around 1,000 people in various NATO, EU, UN and OSCE missions and other peacekeeping operations, the ministry said.

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