December 18th, 2009

Jobbik names Vona as PM candidate, Morvai for state president

Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona is the far-right party’s candidate for prime minister, while MEP Krisztina Morvai will be asked to accept nomination for the post of President at next year’s parliamentary elections, spokeswoman Dóra Dúró announced on Thursday.

The party’s minimal goal is to beat the Socialists in the elections, as “they are unfit to represent Hungarian interests,” Vona said.

Anyone who thinks that Hungary has proceeded well in the past 20 years can vote for the present parliamentary parties, but those who think otherwise and seek radical change, should find MPs outside Parliament, Vona declared.

At stake, he went on, is whether Hungary will remain a nation for Hungarians and preserve its natural resources “or whether it will be run by others”.

The party will release its election platform on January 16, whose only criterion will be to represent the interests of Hungarian people, said Vona.

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  • Law

    Go Jobbik :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Abácsi

    Law……… surely mean go AWAY Jobbik?

  • Law

    Only fools as yourself misinterpret and character assassinate

  • wolfi

    The problem with those Jobos is, for them to go away, someone else would have to take them in…
    Do you really think that there is any place on Earth that would offer them a place to stay ?

  • Benny the dwarf

    Presumably Morvai cannot double-job as President and
    MEP? Of course, the country is anyway doomed if she
    becomes president.

  • Yuletidethoughts

    It doesn’t matter which party you vote for. The net result will be the same. Chaos.
    There are no qualified politicians in this country
    able to lead us anywhere bit up the garden path to further ruin. International bankers, the EU, and the IMF, will take a firmer grip over the next few years on Maverick Magyarorszag. Perhaps they will do
    a better job than the current bunch of reprobates?
    Anything has to be better than what we are being served up at the moment.
    (We) are Oliver Twist with his thin, outstretched arms begging for more, cold gruel. And getting a sound thrashing for being so brash!
    Isn’t that cruel?

  • SveaMagyar

    “It doesn’t matter which party you vote for. The net result will be the same. Chaos.
    There are no qualified politicians in this country”
    LOL so the communist who are running are better? We are already in runn. Lower we can not get.

  • Pete H.

    Lower you could get – you could elect a fascist government to ruin Hungary.

  • wolfi

    I’m quite sure that Hungarian voters will never give a party like Jobbik a majority, but I don’t know what Fidesz will accomplish when they take over…
    I just feel sorry for the many hardworking Hungarians I know, trying to make a living…
    On another level -regarding those Trianon-freaks:
    Today we travelled on the Austrian motorway Linz – Vienna (or BECS if you prefer). We saw cars with licence plates from all over Europe, many with B, E, GB, F, I, NL obviously many of them East European (some had an H sign and the flag prominently displayed) workers travelling home from these countries and also CZ, SK, SLO, PL, RO, BIH, CH, HR, BG and of course H,A,D …
    25 years ago that would have been unthinkable! You would have to cross about half a dozen border controls and spend a lot of time (and money!) there.
    So people from the whole former Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the Balkan went home for the holidays.
    I hope everyone made it and wish them all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and this goes also for all the people here…

  • ausiee

    Go Krisztina Morvai you are best of the best among all europe current and future leaders
    long live Moravi

  • Jobbik’s program is on-line:
    Letölthető a Jobbik választási programja
    I will download it and try to read it as my time allows. I realize that most of those asking me about what Jobbik want to do do that out of stupid and raw provocation. With the program on-line, I will be able to translate short portions of the program in response to genuine questions. I will not interpret it because I am not speaking for Jobbik, just like them for their patriotic fervor and love of Hungary.

  • Jobbik’s program is on-line
    Mark at January 17, 2010 9:07 AM

    I think we all know that and as you can see below I have read some part of it in my comment
    at January 16, 2010 9:09 PM:

  • @Mark: You are a complete Jobbik cretin. Boring, f**king boring.
    “I will download it and try to read it as my time allows. I realize that most of those asking me about what Jobbik want to do do that out of stupid and raw provocation.”
    Don’t be ridiculous. Like Viking said, most of us are well ahead of you and have read the thing already.

  • Globetrotter

    I suggest Hungary makes the world its oyster.
    It does not have to shun one market in favor of another as far as trade is concerned.
    I am more concerned with this country being able to bridge the trade gap and compete with countries
    like China and India.
    Korea is a good option. President Solyom was
    a visitor there a few weeks ago. Trade mission I believe?
    The Hungarian Ambassador Michael Lengyel
    promoted local products stored in his
    Embassy display cabinet: – teapots and Tokaji wine!
    I’m sure the trade balance will be maintained knowing that we have these two, world-beaters,
    at our disposal.
    Jobbik’s preference for trading partners like China, Turkey India,etc seem to denote there
    dislike of the EU rather than anything else?
    Sure like to know what the Jobbik manifesto contains.
    And. Who/what/where/ is the MIEP?

  • olga

    @ Vandorlo
    According to the polls FIDESZ is heading for a majority. JOBBIK has only 12 % support.
    I am yet to see anyone sing the praises of FIDESZ.
    What is about this website that makes the JOBBIK supporters crawl out of the woodwork?
    I mentioned before that I thought people like Mark & Co were “assigned” to this website as Volunteers for the party but I decided I was catching paranoia/conspiracy theory syndrome.
    Since most people reading this website probably can’t vote (can you) why all this frenzy about a party that has such little support?
    Viking, Wolfi, Sophist – can you guys vote or does Hungary rely on the vote of your Tiszta Magyar wives?
    I gather neither Law nor Mark can vote – must be frustrating for them – Law seems to be posting “under the influence” lately.

  • Vagyok

    Olga. There are few supporters of Jobbik on this site.
    It is the perennial discussion of “same” by you, me and others, that creates the imbalance of which you speak.
    Sure, Fidesz, will win. And I have asked on numerous occasions: WHAT ARE THEIR POLICIES? Does anyone know?
    I am in total agreement that we should start hearing more about what the next Fidesz government
    intends to do about the many problems facing Hungary at the moment.
    It is our future, after all…

  • @Vandorlo
    Cretin is forging other people’s name to write disgusting filth as if your filth came from the other person your ilk tries to smear.
    Cretin is snooping after other people, trying to find out who they are and where they live so that you could harass them, their families and associates to silence their truth.
    Look in a mirror and you will see cretin.

  • @olga: The Jobbik campaign here and elsewhere is what is called ‘astroturfing’, which is broadly :
    “Astroturfing is an English-language term referring to political, advertising, or public relations campaigns that are formally planned by an organization, but designed to mask its origins to create the impression of being spontaneous, popular “grassroots” behavior. The term refers to AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to look like natural grass.” (source Wikipedia: )
    There is no real grassroots movement, theirs really is a well organised dissemination and disinformation campaign. It has been from day one. In this they are well ahead of the other parties, which is why they boast about their dominance of the internet so much.
    @Mark: You lot are not worth the effort your describe. You are a nobody. Now that Jobbik have their manifesto in plain Hungarian you are of no worth to them either.

  • @Vagyok
    Fidesz talks a lot and at times, they sound like Jobbik while at other times they sound like the Communist MSZP. You are probably correct about Fidesz winning in 2010 but 2014 is wide open. In the meantime, every decent Hungarian would feel better if the Communist MSZP, SZDSZ and their sidekick MDF would get so few votes that they could never hurt Hungary and Hungarians again.
    Before the EP elections, they were predicting less than 5% for Jobbik and no delegate. Jobbik got nearly 15% and 3 delegates. I believe that many Hungarians will probably vote for Fidesz but still like Jobbik and respect the Magyar Garda. They predict 12% for Jobbik but I expect a big surprise. If you can read Hungarian, it would be worth your time to read Jobbik’s program.

  • olga

    @ Vagyok
    Appreciate your reply – want to make one thing clear
    Re:”And I have asked on numerous occasions: WHAT ARE THEIR POLICIES? Does anyone know?
    I am in total agreement that we should start hearing more about what the next Fidesz government”
    I am assuming you live in Hungary therefore you have the right to use the word “Should” – IMHO everyone who will be effected by the outcome of the election has the right – I don’t.
    So my question was “how come there are no pro-FIDESZ postings when the majority leans towards that party?” – I was curious because it makes no sense to me statistically.
    I would never say there “should” be no support for JOBBIK – The reality is that support exists, 12% in fact. I may wish the support was 0% but that’s different than using the word “should”.
    BTW, when it comes to allegations of guilt without evidence, ( Roma women disabling their children) I think it’s everyone’s business to protest. Different issue for me than interfering in a country’s right to democratically elect its own gov’t.

  • Jobbik got nearly 15% and 3 delegates
    Mark at January 17, 2010 5:14 PM

    The EP-election had 43% participation-rate and that was lower than expected.
    It is a ‘European’-tradition that small parties make better EP-elections (in %) than their real influence in national politics. You can see that in many member states. The reason for this is that small parties normally have more devoted members and more loyal voters (that actually come out on election day).

    The EP-election is also the easiest way for any one wanting to become a paid politician to just become one, if you go for a small party.

    Less than 500.000 people voted for Jobbik in the EP-election 2009. That is about the same number that voted for MIEP in 1998 year National election, so we do not really see a big shift among Hungarians. Just not so many bothered to go and vote in June 2009, which in itself can be interpreted as a protest against the bigger parties.

    If this ‘protest-movement’ continues in April is a good question. The national elections normally take out people to vote, then it is more closer to people wallets, than the EP-election.

  • @Vandorlo
    Why are you so terrified of nobodies that some of you post filth forging their names?
    Why are you so terrified of nobodies that some of you would snoop around who these nobodies are, call their homes, and threaten their families and associates?

  • Who/what/where/ is the MIEP?
    Globetrotter at January 17, 2010 4:07 PM

    The Hungarian Justice and Life Party (Magyar Igazság és Élet Pártja, in short: MIÉP) is a right wing political party in Hungary led by István Csurka. It was founded in 1993.
    Csurka broke out of MDF who was in Government 1990-1994.
    1998 MIEP won 14 MPs, that is all so far.
    In 2005, MIÉP joined forces with Jobbik in the:
    MIÉP-Jobbik Third Way Alliance of Parties

    Today they hate each other.
    Jobbik officially claims
    “István Csurka is widely known to be a hustler”
    as can be seen in this link:

    Csurka Istvan on his side claims that Jobbik is a Israeli under-cover operation by Mossad.
    Just search and you can get it any language you want.

    If you speak with Jobbik-people they may claim that Fidesz is financing Csurka/MIEP to stop Jobbik’s success.
    That is what my Jobbik-friends tell me.

    Welcome to Hungarian right-wing politics, if you yet are not an Israeli agent, you will soon be one.

  • @Mark: I’m not terrified, I’m not even a tiny bit scared. I really couldn’t care less. Fact.
    “…some of you …”
    For the record I do not know and have never met anyone, that is ANYONE, from any of the group of websites, nor do I have any plans to. This is in contrast to your explicit statements demonstrating that you personally know Ricsi and was encouraged to come here by him, that Ricsi knows Law etc…
    You in the plural does not work when referring to me as I am neither schizophrenic nor a Jobbik sockpuppet. Something you can’t deny.
    I will state it again so you are clear: You are a nobody, I do not give a shit what you do or who you do it for/with.

  • @Vandorlo
    I see, some of you do not do those disgusting things out of fear but because that is what you do naturally.

  • @Mark: “…some of you do not do those disgusting things out of fear but because that is what you do naturally.” I guess that in a way you are right. I personally ‘do these things’ (respond and stick to factual details and logical analysis) out of a natural disgust and contempt for vacuous sockpuppets such as yourself.
    Can we have Bobs… back please, communicating with Mark and Law is insulting to anyone. Is this the best Jobbik has to offer as spokespeople? (because one this you are not is grassroots)

  • olga

    @ Viking
    Re: “Csurka Istvan on his side claims that Jobbik is a Israeli under-cover operation by Mossad.”
    Assuming he has more followers than his Mother and close family members, what proof has he offered
    when he made the statement?
    Is he a graduate of the Oszkar Molnar School of
    Justice and Truth by any chance?

  • Is he a graduate of the Oszkar Molnar School of
    Justice and Truth by any chance?
    olga at January 17, 2010 6:51 PM

    Are they not all that?
    Good name.
    Csurka is not good in English, he prefers German as foreign language so it is hard to find anzthing in English (this being an English web-site).
    But I found an old article in HVG from october 2005 which gives the background and the expectations to the 2006 years elections.

    Jobbik was founded in 2003 much on MIEP people leaving after MIEPs catastrophic election result in 2002.
    It also, in 2005, discusses the theories that Fidesz wanted to ‘hire’ the services of Csurka/MIEP to take care of the more extreme right-wing voters and that the alliance between Jobbik and MIEP took away that possibility for Fidesz in the 2006 year election.
    It also mentions that Csurka always called leading Jobbik-people for different things connected with the Jewish State of Israel.
    So nothing new under the Sun.
    Jobbik may claim to be a new party, but the original stock was from MIEP, the most outspoken anti-Jewish party in Hungary for many years.
    Not that the so called Jobbik-supporters here are any different in that. During the years one or two of them have admitted even to have run for MIEP.

  • @Vandorlo
    To each his own.
    I am disgusted with those who forge other posters’ names and post filth as if their filth was coming from the other person.
    You are disgusted with those who object to this slimy practice.
    I am disgusted with those who snoop around to find out the identity of people they do not like, harass and threaten them, their families and associates.
    You are disgusted with those who object to this slimy practice.
    To each his own.

  • Mark,
    We all know that it is easy to forge aliases and run several aliases on this site for one person, like it looks like several people are agreeing with one poster, even if just one person is writing everything.
    Law is an alias that has a special writings-style that have appeared in several different aliases, mostly when Law has been under attack for his extreme views.
    You claim to know both Ricsi and Law.
    I assume you are are disgusted with Law.
    *If* any other has used Law’s alias in any post, why not point out which post/s/ that was/were.
    And *why* is not Law complaining about this?
    Or is it like that Law wrote something, late a Saturday evening, that was out of the Party-Line and now you are spreading smoke-screens?

    We all know that this is the name of the game here, and we are many who have asked Eric to implement something that would at least make it harder, but so far nothing has happened.

    And before you attack me for supporting using other’s aliases or even using several aliases to make it look I have support for anything – I have not and I do not support that behaviour

  • olga

    @ Viking
    Thanks for the link. Moral of the story: No matter how crazy a party is, there is always another one crazier.
    The one time I looked at the Stormfront website (Vandorlo posted a link) it mentioned that Vona and Morvai were Israeli agents and Jewish.
    I have come to the conclusion that instead of calling people Israeli agents, it would be a lot more simple to have a short list of people who are not.
    Sorry to go off in a tangent (again) – Canadian and American TV stations are carrying the Haiti tragedy 24/7 – Is Hungarian TV doing the same?
    Just wondering if the Hungarian media is as concered with world tragedies as we are or not.

  • Canadian and American TV stations are carrying the Haiti tragedy 24/7 – Is Hungarian TV doing the same?
    olga at January 18, 2010 3:48 PM

    The big channels (M1, TV2, RTLklub) have their few minutes or so in every big news-report, but the BKV-trike has probably been more important.
    Only HirTV is a dedicated news-channel 18 hours or so per day. Not that I check it, but when swapping past it, it does not look like they changed their schedule.
    So, the simple answer is – NO.
    Hungarian media is rather national oriented (inside pre-Trianon borders), and not so much international news trickle through if it is not directly related to Hungary or the Vatican.

  • Ricsi

    Olga–Perhaps over exposure to you in the US will build up the sympathy and justify the US militarisation of Haiti,all in the name of ‘aid’ of course,not long after Russia announced it would start drilling for oil near to Cuba–Look at the big picture always!

  • @Ricsi: And you say you don’t have a thing about Chávez? ‘Chavez said on his weekly television show. “They are occupying Haiti undercover.” ‘ (source: )
    That’s democracy for you, he has his own weekly TV show. Must be riveting. Vona must be wetting himself at the prospect.

  • Ricsi

    Van@Actually I found this info on which linked me to Naomi Klein and her website,here she reveals a US document that says ‘…how the US can find ways to benefit form this…’
    Nothing to do with Chavez–though he hit the nail on the head I think. Thanks for the link.
    PS You are intelligent,unlike the trolls here,so stop worrying about the Russian and Chinese problems if you can’t see the reality behind the US/UK Israeli bloc and exploitation,invasions,war mongerings etc… What country has China invaded recently,or Russia (do not talk about Georgia-provocation)or Iran? You are starting to open your eyes,albeit slowly!! 🙂

  • Sophist

    “What country has China invaded recently”
    I think a more apposite question is “what country will China invade?”. There is a striking similarity between the industrial development of the British Empire and the present day industrial/imperial development of China.
    First, there was the establishment of trading links and investment overseas, which I’ve already posted on, and will repeat should you need sources.
    Now, the Chinese have realised the economic dependence on foreign resources requires both a navy to defend the trade routes by which those resources are delivered and that a gloabl navy requires ‘foreign’ bases.
    These articles are particularly appropriate as – like the US and Haiti – they show China justifying it’s expeansion in terms of tackling international problems – Somali piracy rather than simply pursuing its own interests. Should one of politically backward/economically important countries collapse, you’ll see the Chinese behaving in the same way as the US is now. Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.
    To guess at an answer to my own question: How about Gabon, which is increasingly looking like a chinese client state?

  • olga

    @ Vilking and Richi
    I was disappointed in Viking’s comment. (“Hungarian media is rather national oriented”)
    I don’t care about US politics at the moment as far as Haiti is concerned – 100,000 people are reported dead. The US and Canada are busy sending foreign Aid
    Canadian school kids are collecting money – I received 3 emails from friends who are also collecting money – Canadian adoption process for Haitian kids are being speeded up/
    People pull together and try to help – even if the Politicians’ motives are questionable ( I have no evidence but even if true) the average Canadian according to what I see in the media actually cares. You can always laugh at this posting

  • Farkas László

    The need in Haiti is enormous, and heroic efforts are being made to help, not just by govts, but through many private donations and non governmental aid agenices. A number of nations and their citizens are making significant relief efforts, which include the US and Russia.
    It has been mentioned here that the Hungarian media is overly provincial in it’s focus. I have often said on this website that there are a number of nations that are in far, far worse shape than Hungary, and where the corruption is way beyond anything that Hungarians can imagine! I know, because I’ve seen it. Yet in many of these places I don’t see the degree of self pity and despondency that I often sense in Hungary.
    We have to gain some perspective, and understand our difficulties in context by comparing them to the situations of others in a worse spot. I think Hungarian media coverage should broaden a little bit at a time like this to help us understand that Hungary is by no means the only place in the world that is having a hard time. We actually have a number of things going for us, but our worse enemy is ourselves and our tendency to defeatism. It’s not the end of our world; it just may feel like that at times.
    Haiti is the kind of place that all the aid in the world can’t save. In spite of that, many efforts will be made to help.

  • @Laci: I noticed this innovative way of donating via text message on the techPresident blog “The Red Cross is reporting, for example, that their text messaging program (text HAITI to 90999 to add a $10 donation to the Red Cross to your mobile phone bill) has already raised a remarkable $13 million.”
    (source ). This only works in the US, so don’t go texting it elsewhere.

  • Farkas László

    I dream of a day when Hungary will be at the forefront of natural disaster relief throughout the world, providing help wherever and whenever earthquakes and floods occur. I not only wish for the govt to be of help in the case of disaster, but for the citizens and private agencies to raise substantial relief funds as well.
    That will be more possible when there is a surplus of wealth and compassion in the nation. It’s my way of saying that I would like to see a richer Hungary. It will also be made more possible when there is more accountability and transparency. As it stands, people are reluctant to give when they are cynical and fearful of dishonesty in the handling of charitable funds and donations.
    Nations, like individuals, reap what they sow, and I think it good “karma” to be of help in disasters. The pragmatist in me also says it’s good for building goodwill that may help in a lot of ways in the future.

  • FL: There is an Aboriginal activist in Australia called Noel Pearson who is himself an Aboriginal man. He speaks a lot about self-help and about Aboriginal people ‘pulling themselves up by their bootstraps’. If anyone else spoke the way he does, they would (and are) regarded as racist and patriarchal. I see you as being somewhat similar to him in that you fulfil a similar type role. To some extent, I can understand why Hungarians react negatively to foreigners telling them how to run their country, even if what they say may be ‘correct’ at least to some extent. Ultimately, Hungary needs people like you to become leaders and add a voice of moderation, peace and long-term prosperity rather than vengeance and hatred.
    I really liked your posts about foreign aid. I do understand your principle of ‘goodwill’ and think it is far more valuable in the long-run than money in the bank. This is a lesson that many countries including could learn from.
    Perhaps you’re familiar with the parable of the “widow’s mite”. I already see Hungary as giving more than its share in other ways, and to take part in humanitarian actions on the other side of the world would only bolster its position as a peace-loving and compassionate nation and shame more wealthy nations in the process…to use another bible expression ‘heaping coals on the heads of your enemies’.

  • Law

    Fortunately, many people like to give with an open heart to help others in need.
    Unfortunately, that means we’ve created a climate that’s ripe for fake charity scams and scam artists. They know they can tug at our heartstrings and rake in the cash.

  • Law

    Here is an interesting link i found whilst googling Red Cross, amazing what questions can be raised, then again is it against the law to do this? Ohh dam it is… Truth dosen’t require laws to protect them, only lies.

  • Sophist

    Thanks, Law, here’s more about Hal Turner:

  • Law

    Who cares about Hal Turner, the facts are what interest me, and it appears that the Red cross records have been kept quiet from the mainstream sources.

  • Anonymous

    You came up with a Hungarian anti-semitic website when you googled Red Cross? Try IE or Bing next time!

  • Sophist

    “Who cares about Hal Turner, the facts are what interest me”
    Of course, could you please translate the original Red cross record for me, I don’t read German.

  • judas

    If Morvai will be asked to be President of Hungary
    than she will bring her jewish husband too..???
    Is this what Hungarians really want? Domination
    by jews and endless discussions on presidential level about her husbands “shortcomings”???
    A think Hungary deserves a more serious rep.

  • C’est Moi

    Truly the product of a warped mind.

  • judas

    c’est moi ,oui….

  • If we had at the beginning of, and during the war, subjected 12 or 15,000 of these Hebrew corrupters of the people to poison gas, as hundreds of thousands of our best German workers from all strata and occupations had to endure, then millions of victims of the Front would not have been in vain.
    Mein Kampf, 1925, Volume 2, p. 772.

    Does this do as fact also?

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