January 25th, 2010

Hungary’s distorted election map still problem

Hungary’s parliament has to date not remedied a problem regarding the distorted size of the country’s electoral wards, MTI learnt on Saturday.

Despite a ruling by the constitutional court in 2005 calling on parliament to review the size of wards by a deadline of June 30, 2007, the electoral boundaries are unchanged since 1990. Public demand for reforming the country’s electoral system has become vocal over the past year, fuelled by the distortion in the size of constituencies, abuses and nomination scandals.

Hungary’s electoral constituencies have large discrepancies in size between districts, over which the political research firm Political Capital filed a complaint to the constitutional court last year. Political Capital said that the widest gap was between one district in Veszprem county (W), where 27,000 voters were on the registry and one in Godollo (north of Budapest) where 67,000 residents were registered to vote in the 2006 general elections. The constitutional court has not made a decision regarding this latest complaint.

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