March 23rd, 2010

Civil Movement sixth party to earn a national list

Six parties have gained the right to set up a national list, as the Civil Movement has joined the five parties announced earlier by the National Election Office (OVI).

The Civil Movement, led by Mária Seres, gained prominence by gathering signatures for a referendum on curtailing MPs’ expense accounts. The party will be able to register seven regional lists.

Politics Can Be Different (LMP) has registered a sufficient number of candidates to field regional lists in Budapest and all 20 counties, as have Fidesz, the Socialists and Jobbik.

In all, the parties have put in 113 regional lists, of which 75 have been confirmed by the OVI.

The Socialists and Fidesz are registered in all counties and Budapest, but Jobbik has only 18 confirmed lists, the Democratic Forum eight, the LMP five, the Workers Party three, and the Social Democratic Party one.

Budapest police are investigating some LMP nomination forms after a citizen accused the party of violating election rules.

The Democratic Forum still does not have enough candidates to put forward lists in all counties. The party has 17 lists, according to OVI data, but still hopes that it will eventually be able to present 19 lists.

József Kajdi, who was third on the party’s national list, stood down yesterday, so that Tamás Csapody could have a higher place on the list. Csapódy had threatened to leave the party if he was not among the top ten.

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