March 29th, 2010

Jobbik variety show back on top with special appearances by penis-pumping drunk, long-haired Latino drummer

It’s been barely a week since Jobbik spokesman András Király hastily stepped down after it was revealed that was leading a slightly more “alternative” lifestyle than the party might be comfortable with. And now we’ve got two new indications that the ranks of Jobbik are not exclusively filled with dour, pure-breed Hungarians fixated on family values.


First, as some of our commenters already pointed out on another thread, István Szávay, a candidate for parliament from Bács-Kiskun County, was the subject of a rather startling photo exposé on Képviselő Funky, the same blog that “outed” Király. In it, Szávay is seen engaging in various acts of debauchery. In Szávay’s defense, it does seem that the post is not only slightly deceptive (the pixilated “penis” seen in the pump pictured above appears on closer inspection to be a hotdog) but some kind of engineered “hit” by the left, which may explain why the article does not currently appear on the blog’s homepage. Still, as a commenter on the post pointed out, “he’s posing with the pump in front of a map of post-Trianon Hungary. What a traitor!” Also, hard to fake looking that drunk.


Meanwhile, there are fresh goofy indications that Jobbik isn’t as square as some may think. Last week platinum-club tipster Dr. K.F. alerted us to the presence of campaign posters in District XII for a Jobbik candidate named Gábor Martinez, pictured above playing the drums with typical Latin panache for the Sunny Dance Band. ¡Ay, caramba!

Now, being dirty half-breed foreigners ourselves, we’re delighted that Jobbik includes among its national candidates a rather obvious ethnic mongrel. Still, it does sort of make you wonder what the whole Magyarország a magyaroké! thing is supposed to mean.

Of course, maybe we have it all wrong and this guy on the drums is a different Gábor Martinez. In which case Jobbik is probably right to be so freaked out by foreigners invading Hungary.

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  • Discussing the Király, Szávay and Morvai recent ‘cases’ with my Jobbik-friends in the weekend, we came to the agreement that the Morvai Parking Incident was the worst, for the obvious confusion she spread after it became public
    It is interesting to note that Kuruc-info has been very silent on Szávay, which just means that they really only had a problem with Király because he is homo-sexual
    So, all other homo-sexual in Jobbik – Stay in Gabor’s Closet, otherwise Kuruc-info will ‘out’ you even from Jobbik

    My Jobbik-friends were a bit frustrated over these pictures popping up left to right and claimed that they had seen similar pictures of Orban Viktor and others
    But *where* are they?
    They definitely have a place on that blog

  • Paul

    once again – how is this relevant to the sad state of the hungarian economy and the country’s serious social problems? more distractions from what this election should really be about – fixing the god damn country.

  • Elle

    Why is it seen fit to publicise the puerile, disgusting compositions of the Képviselő Funky pornographers here? The pretence that the pump photo is an un-doctored one reflects badly on this list. Are you losing your sense of decency, Erik?

  • @Paul: This part of the site is *supposed* to be about the distractions, especially if they are funny. Meanwhile, it’s hard not to be distracted by the distractions, when (at least from my viewpoint) all of the parties are just slight variations on the same theme of overtax, overspend and steal.
    @Ella: I clearly noted that the “penis” being pumped seems to be a virsli or some other kind of non-penis. Still, it’s worth noting, because this is what people are talking about. But let’s stick to the other issue at hand: what about this bongo-playing spic? Shit, with candidates like this they might as well nominate an actual Dago wetback like me. 🙂

  • District XII for a Jobbik candidate named Gábor Martinez is of course not involved in the following MTI-telegram?
    Spanish man in critical condition after Budapest stabbing
    3/29 11:45

  • bobsunconsciousbordello

    In a last minute push for votes Jobbik, the party of erectile dysfunction(ED), has just released its new campaign slogan, “A penis pump in every pantry!”. In an exclusive interview (accompanied by a simulated demonstration) Jobbik candidate and front-man for the new campaign, István Szávay, was evasive when asked how the government would pay for the new pump-in-a-pantry program. He did not rule out a luxury tax on Palinka, a leading cause of ED. Asked if the new focus on ED would tarnish Jobbik’s tuff guy image he said “No, there is a long history of men wearing funny uniforms playing with sex toys”. He pointed to the popular success of the village people in the US.

  • bobsunconsciousbordello

    I have found the perfect girlfriend for our pumping politician István. She looks good both in her Garda uniform and out of it. István say hello to Nikolett Müller and squeeze that pump a few times for her.

  • Pávaszem

    @Erik: “distractions, especially if they are funny” You mean demagoguery and sick fuck humor… “all of the parties are just slight variations on the same theme of overtax, overspend and steal…” What else is allowed in a banana republic? “what about this bongo-playing spic?” You know that Rózsa-Flores is one of their heroes, yes? So, what exactly are you (so desperately) trying to make of Martinez? FYI the kid that sat next to me in school (Apáczai) was called Diaz Mihály. There was another kid in our class called Silva György (Jorge). I used to go over to his house on Belgrád rakpart and when we were bad his mom yelled at us in Spanish. (For minor things like throwing water bombs on people from the balcony… She was really mean.) I didn’t know what she said, I just knew it was time for me to go home… E pluribus unum, get it? “Shit, with candidates like this they might as well nominate an actual Dago wetback like me. ..” Imagine that… You could probably steal ten times your CIA salary… ‘Damátó Erik, Public Morals Minister…’ You suddenly don’t even need that dick pump any more, yes?

  • JanosKovács

    Will Hungary ever be able to extricate itself from corruption and in-fighting to the detriment of the common people.
    Erik is right to ridicule all the politicians
    in each of the parties because they are useless as they are corrupt. Out-dated communist bureaucracy,municipality malfunction and
    misappropriation of funds,public company executives creaming off huge sums of money, unworkable tax system,a rail network that belongs in the 19th century, and kids that stay
    in school until they reach the age of twenty something,at the taxpayer’s expense, and then immediately go abroad to find employment. The dole queue runs from one end of the country to the other.
    Eight years of mismanagement and corruption by the MSZP has put the boot in the groin of this country and we are all feeling the pain.

  • Just to make an update on the latest on the Nikolett Müller saga:

    In the end of the day kuruc-info questioning the Magzar Garda’s decision to accept her as member and sh becoming a senior member of the Garda, became too much and Nikolett had to ‘resign’
    The story has actually been on-going since September last year and the real problem was of course the lesbian and ‘race-mixing’ going on in some of the 150 ‘adult’ films Nikolett was involved in performing her ‘mistake in her youth’
    Nikolett still claims she told everything when she joined the Garda
    Again kuruc-info is proving to be the tail who wagged the Jobbik-dog
    But as the case with István Szávay, she was probably an amusement-factor at the internal parties
    ‘bob’ claimed that her presence in the Garda would increase the recruitment of men in the age-group 18-44 (‘the aim justifies the means’ a la ‘bob’), but what will these guys do now?
    Borrow István Szávay’s penis-pump?

  • Pávaszem

    @KovácsJános: “Erik is right to ridicule all the politicians” Erik is jerking off. Carefully avoiding anything crucial as usual. Such as ‘our politicians,’ the ‘Hungarian’ government, parliament, etc. having been a whorehouse before last December and since last December not even being that. ‘Our politicians’ have become the cast of a comic operetta. They are not even needed as rubber stamps of the rubber stamps any more. Or haven’t you heard of the Lisbon Treaty? Now, that election did matter and was conducted accordingly. “the parties… are useless as they are corrupt. Out-dated communist bureaucracy, municipality malfunction… misappropriation of funds… unworkable tax system” Összetéveszted a tüneteket a betegséggel 😉

  • @Pávaszem: Not sure what you mean by “carefully
    avoiding anything crucial as usual.” Here’s what I
    think are the crucial issues currently facing
    Hungary: an overweening, incompetent and predatory
    state that saps productivity and punishes
    innovation; wide-scale corruption in both government
    and the business sector; a citizenry that cannot
    reconcile its desire for social services and
    security with an unwillingness to make the
    individual and collective sacrifices necessary for
    these benefits. And I’ve been beating away at these
    for *years.* Now, what do you consider the “crucial”
    issues? Israeli spy planes?

  • Pávaszem

    Erik, What you are saying is true but you don’t tell everything and confuse symptoms and correlation with causation. Like you forget to mention that the political caste of ‘our’ banana republic doesn’t represent us. They work for foreign financial and business interests. I mean worked until last December when the Lisbon Treaty rendered them redundant. Their function now is more like the Beefeaters’ of the Tower of London except the Beefeaters don’t steal everything that isn’t nailed down. I also don’t think that Dr. Trache’s high tech assassination — paid for by the High Priests of Democracy and Freedom — is a joke or acceptable. (Will these targeted assassinations by the Two Terrorist States become a monthly occurrence? When will Vona be hit? Was the Trache murder in fact a practice run for Vona’s assassination?) Nor is a government that is not in control of its airspace and borders (such as the El Al ‘terminal’ read Zionist beachhead at Ferihegy) even a government. But then we have already discussed that.

  • Janos

    Erik. I appreciate that you try to mix politics with a bit of fun. I don’t know why Pav. is having a go?
    We all agree that the boneshaker set up currently
    on show in Hungary is in dire need of total reform.
    This is where the going gets tough. How do we go about achieving our goals of ridding this country of corrupt, and inefficient politicians, and a bureaucracy that is woefully inadequate.
    The media can help. It is a start – by exposing the corruption and inefficiency. The people of Hungary must decide and act upon instinct not pathetic propaganda.
    Irrespective of her shortcomings Morvai is trying
    to help and is making some progress with her slightly asthmatic way of talking in the EU parliament.
    Can anyone on this site (including me)
    say what they are physically doing about trying to change the pathetic and inadequate system that currently passes for Hungary’s stab at democracy?
    Freedom of speech? Yes! Everything else belongs to the red flag hammer and sickle brigade.

  • Ricsi

    Janos@ Some of us are actively doing something.
    Szebb jövőt

  • Some of us are actively doing something
    Ricsi at April 8, 2010 9:42 PM

    On this thread the only thing everyone wants to know is what *you* are doing with those poor pigs of yours?

  • justasking

    @ Viking,
    So…now you have something against gays?
    And you complain about Jobbik.
    Who cares what species they are…everybody, everything, deserves respect.
    Your true colours are showing, your the homophob!!!
    PS: For those of you morons, who feel the need to respond to this post, before you do…know that it’s a joke!

  • Ricsi

    Viking@ Are you realy sick or just jealous!

  • Viking@ Are you realy sick or just jealous!
    Ricsi at April 9, 2010 11:26 AM

    I am jealous for that pig who gets something, of course
    And I do understand why Morvai sounds more and more desperate in that homo-erotic environment she has to endure when the Jobbik leadership meets, especially now when her play-mate Muller had to ‘resign’

  • DoubleH63

    @Erik ”what about this bongo-playing spic?”
    I am surprised Viking/Bystander/komoly…etc. is not calling you Nazi, racist, hatemongering pig, demanding to be medicated.
    @Viking “Gábor Martinez…not involved…Spanish man in critical condition after Budapest stabbing
    3/29 11:45”
    That makes you unhappy I guess.
    @Janos “How do we go about achieving our goals of ridding this country of corrupt, and inefficient politicians”
    Vote for Jobbik on April 11th.
    @Janos “Everything else belongs to the red flag hammer and sickle brigade.”
    Pretty soon it will belong to a white and blue flag with a different symbol in it.

  • @DoubleH63: It’s because of a little thing called
    “irony.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Anyway, if they
    want to call me a Nazi, I don’t care – especially if
    it means I will get medicated.

  • stock inspector
  • So, the only thing that is left to know:
    1) Did the penis-pumping Jobo make it into the Parliament?
    If so, what parties they will throw!

    2) Our international representative, Signor Gábor Martinez, did he also, or not at all make it in to the Parliament?
    Some Latin rhythms there the new Parliament would not like to miss

  • question

    Who is this idiot Viking?

  • bobscountrybunker

    You’re entering a world of pain…

  • Who is this idiot Viking?
    question at April 12, 2010 1:02 AM
    You’re entering a world of pain…
    bobscountrybunker at April 12, 2010 1:15 AM

    You cannot even answer your own questions?
    What a surprise…
    Still, will there be a penis-pump in the Next Parliament?
    And/or some Latino groove?
    The things that will decide Hungary’s future…

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