June 1st, 2010

Parliament declares Trianon anniversary Day of National Cohesion

Hungary’s new parliament passed a law declaring June 4, the 90th anniversary of the Trianon Peace Treaty, a national day of remembrance, at its session on Monday.

The law on the Day of National Cohesion, was passed with 302 votes in favour, 55 against and 12 abstentions.

Parliament declares that “each and every member, as well as community of Hungarians brought under the authority of other states, are part of the united Hungarian nation, the cohesion of which is a reality beyond state borders, and, as such, a determining component of their personal and community-based self-identity.”

The Socialists, who voted against the law, support the cause of national cooperation but object to the practice adopted by the governing parties, Socialist MP Istvan Hiller told MTI, adding that the government majority has rejected all his party’s proposals for adjustments to the bill.

The Socialists had proposed removing a passage that they said would discriminate against non-religious people, and that the bill should clearly declare that goals are not to be achieved through border revision, he said.

The radical nationalist party Jobbik hailed the law as a great success, crowning its related efforts over the past eight years, MP Marton Gyongyosi told reporters.

Gyongyosi, who is deputy chair of the committee of foreign and ethnic Hungarian minority affairs, stressed the need to raise awareness of national cohesion and demonstrate national unity in education.

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  1. otob says:

    hey huns., you’re doing problems to all Europe.
    Where do you wanna start with your revision of
    trianon? Which territories wants to take as the
    first? Small stripe of land in Austria , all
    Slovakia or Romania? Think, you don’t know where
    to start. You must be carefull, you’re not big
    Maybe 13 mil in whole Europe but 3 mil ppl
    hun.nationality is roma ethnic (meaning ppl in
    Hungary,Romania,Slovakia,Serbia and maybe in
    It’s big shame to all hun. nation to passed such
    bill as this one. Europe is peacefull continent
    now 60 yrs without war (if we don’t think about
    war crazy balkans nations)and hardly can be found
    the country with territories demands as you.

  2. JD says:

    otob, can you explain why millions of Hungarians were left out of the borders after Trianon? If anything, Trianon should have been done along ethnic/cultural lines, maybe then us Hungarians wouldn’t bitch so much, until the, expect alot more epic bitchin biatch….

  3. otob says:

    the same happend to other nations too. austrian
    in italy, german in czechia,france and poland or
    everywhere in the world.
    and now tell me who crying and weeping as you
    I think you have really big trauma with lost
    territories but this not modern nowdays in EU.
    the problem is that hungary is poor country with
    weak economy that makes good job for nationalist.
    think if the economy of hungary is going up you
    forget to trianon.

  4. JD says:

    no thanks 🙂

  5. otob says:

    OK, hun, you may read in my last post europe
    instead of eu.
    …. and soviet union no ? ,,,, and your
    nationalist state ,yeah.
    be carefull and try not to repeat nineteen fifties
    . think that was worse disaster for huns than
    trianon treaty

  6. Alex says:

    Europe was never a peaceful continent, in the past 60 years
    there was the soviets who did not live in peace than the British
    and French invaded egypt than you had the conflict in cyprus ,
    the wars in the Balkans.
    I don’t know what kind of education otob got but it seems to me
    not very much , Hungary won’t stop until the trianon is
    abolished and areas with Hungarian populations have been
    returned to Hungary.
    the population of Gypsies in Hungary is about half a million , i
    don’t know what story book you get your facts from,
    and otob stop with your threats who does Hungary need to be
    careful of the U.N they wont do shit , they are useless , the E.U
    they will just sit there and argue amongst each other, remember
    the president of france is half hungarian even carries a
    Hungarian name sarkozy so we know france wont get involved
    maybe on our behalf if anything.
    whether Hungary’s economy is good or not Hungarians will
    never forget the trianon, i don’t know what drugs your on otob,
    but keep up the ignorance your amusing to read

  7. otob says:

    my dear huns friend. we hardly can recognize roma’s
    ethnic citizen of hungary and right hungarian.
    Usually both are brown skined and black haired.and
    I don’t care about your trianon just wanted to tell
    to huns if do care to much about trianon it’s
    posibility not to be hungarians in europe any more.
    be sure that all countries which are touched by
    trianon will be like one state and against to huns.
    That would be pity becouse I like hungarian’s foods
    like poca perkelt, somloi . Sometimes I drive to
    the south of you main enemy (slovakia) just to eat
    hungarians food. It’s far than 150 km from my

  8. Attila says:

    This sounds like the beginning…and the end of imposed tyranny! A national recognition of the infamous Treaty, next will be nationalistic plebiscites in the neighboring countries, finally annexation into Hungary proper of its stolen lands! Yea, I’m dreamin’, but it sure is nice to see this happening!

  9. Loptosz says:

    I historically demand huns to move back to their original territory,
    the turul land around Ural mountains, there you belong, there you can bitch around until the russian nationalists would slap you into your whinny faces and you would shut up or extinct.
    Europe’s a place that’s just too good for you.

  10. judas says:

    trianon,oh trianon
    I believe this constant discussion around and about trianon is legitimate,but somehow
    crying over spilled milk, or in short its yesteday.
    Find a day to celebrate national reconciliation or a day to show you are happy,openminded,liberal
    healthy nationalists.A colourful mix of different
    people. Treat yourself to something positive.
    You deserve it,you suffered and you will continue to suffer,so why not to find something happy to
    celebrate. You need help with ideas?

  11. pozsonyi says:

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but not all countries touched by Trianon are whining, only you Slovaks (Toths) are whining against Hungary. All other countries wont give a shit about you, Slovaks, because they know that your country was born out of treachery and lies.

  12. Alex says:

    I say divide slovakia into 3 let the czechs take a piece Hungary
    takes the south and Poland the north

  13. otob says:

    my dear hun’s friend , I am from brno and now take
    a map of europe and search for it, btw I don’t care
    about ur trianon, I wanted to write if you have
    territories claims to those countries they all will
    be fight against you . Nobody cares in europe about
    your red letters days. and finally yes ,you’re
    right – slovaks are traitors, they have broken
    twice our state 😉 “:D

  14. otob says:

    huns, don’t be silly ,all slovakia belongs to us.
    do you know who expelled you from slovakia in
    twenties years last century. We, czechs. and
    slovaks aren’t slovaks , they are czechs, only
    artificial hunş support to create slovak nation in
    order to divide czech nation 😆
    Slovakia will be allways ours and slovaks like us
    instead of hatress huns :win:

  15. Alex says:

    Slovakia created this problem for themselves , after the fall of the
    wall , Hungary played it nice with its neighbours , but slovakia
    insisted on pissing of Hungarians , for years nationalism was alive
    and well in slovakian politics, and monkey’s like jan slota ,
    persisted to piss Magyars off , now Hungary is waking up , and is
    sick of the 2 faced Slovak side , slovaks in slovakia are crying now
    because elements of Hungarian nationalism is in the government,
    well i say slovaks you have only yourselves to blame, for 90 years
    slovakia had a chance to make peace and resolve issues , but no ,
    Slovakia somehow actually believed they could get away with being
    2 faced , one hand you say you are allies and another you try to hit
    , well Hungary just caught that hand and is about to break it.

  16. Alex says:

    The only way the czechs were able to take Slovakia from
    Hungary was because the czechs waited for the Hungarian army
    to disarm but during WW1 the czechs couldn’t do nothing
    without the help of the British, I know you will bring up Kun bela
    but he had nothing more than peasants not trained soldiers
    behind him , and he still beat the czech army.
    I’m sure you heard that Serbia government won’t get involved in
    this issue , this isn’t 1920 anymore , Central europe needs to
    unite to be strong and the only country keeping this from
    happening is the slovakian government,
    they are so paranoid , they think they can survive on there own
    as a country.

  17. otob says:

    I don’t care about your and slovak’s nationalist
    views. Slovaks are czechs with hungarian’s
    nationalist’s thinking. and you huns don’t know
    what you want. You’re the same provocaters as your
    northen neighbor. The men like slota are a lot of
    in hungary too but with one diffrence slota is
    drunker and all his statmens were done as he was
    drunk. I am affraid that ur politcians don’t make
    your statment in “state” of drunkness. 😆 You
    both are breaking our nice and common europe
    you’re the biggest threat for war’s conflict in
    I suggest to take away their citizenship to
    slovaks and hungarians and give them europian
    and as the reaction to slovak and hungarian fued
    about slovak’s language law I suggest for both to
    speak only english, german or french.Hope it’l be
    end of huns and slovak’s fueds. :D.
    Tomorrow I am going to write to Brussel.
    If doesn’t finnish I require to move huns to
    mongolian desert gobi and slovaks to north pole,

  18. Rob says:

    Its easy for some states, people, etc to want the status quo AFTER they have achieved what they want. But that is double standard denying others the same right. If everyone should keep status quo then Hungary would stil have its territories. Hungary has as much right to claim territory as do any other nation. Unfortunately territorial claims will continue as long as humans exist. Silly humans…

  19. Rob says:

    Humans r their own worst enemy. Our biological urges of ‘survival’ was necessary 5,000+ yrs ago, but too dangerous now that we have technology to wipe out the planet. Also, everyone should have same rights, not some more than other based on who is our friend/family & who is not. That also applies to people. The law should apply to all equally, a friend should not be treated better than a stranger. That is a massive problem the world over- people performing double-stds without even realising it. I see this everywhere, from personal level to international level. People r so illogical it is trully frighteninig. A right to posses any property should be determined by a clear set of laws or principals, not on who wins the war or has the most money in court. If decisions r not fair then precedent is cast for retribution, remember that, eye 4 an eye. So that means laws & criteria should be created to determine terrotorial claims, rather than “might = right”.

  20. American in Budapest says:

    When are you going to stop wasting people’s time with your primitive nationalism? Take a good look at Hungary today and compare with the Czech Republic. Hungary is light years behind the Czech Republic.
    The ethnic Hungarians have had twenty years of democracy and squandered opportunity after opportunity.
    And no, Hungary will not annex any territory since if it does the EU will throw up trade barriers and your people will live in caves.
    Hungarians are not going to choose the ‘Serbian experience’ in order to attempt to gain territory.
    Nationalism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

  21. Common Sense says:

    @American in Budapest
    How did you find Budapest? Did she help:

  22. American in Budapest says:

    It is easy when you are well educated and do not have the burden of a magyar inferiority complex.
    I feel genuinely sorry for you – the burden of inferiority must be responsible for your rabid nationalism and inability to face the truth.

  23. Common Sense says:

    @American with the big mouth lost in Budapest
    Sorry, dude, I have no “inferiority complex”.
    It’s you who should seek treatment for your delusions. The American Bubble is about to burst. You’re going down, faster than you realize.
    Hungary is more than a thousand years old. The USA will be lucky to last half as long.
    You stole a huge, rich, beautiful country from the Indians, and have been busy destroying it since.
    You’re running out of resources, and looting other countries may not go on for ever. You created a monster but cannot feed it any more, be prepared for the happy days to be gone for good. The American Dream is about to turn into a nightmare.
    So keep your opinion about Hungary to yourself, clean up in your own backyard first. We are all paying for your ignorance and mistakes.

  24. Pete H. says:

    So far no idiots like Common Nonsense in Budapest. Just a cosmopolitan city with a Hungarian heart and bright European future.

    The ugly side of Poltics.hu discussions are not a window on Budapest – thank god!

  25. olga says:

    Hey Pete H
    Your observations are the best news I read on this website (even better than Elle saying good-bye)

  26. DoubleH63 says:

    @otob “I am from brno and now take a map of europe and search for it”
    You probably want to tell that to your American friends instead of Hungarians (Americans are great at geography.)
    “Nobody cares in europe about your red letters days.”
    We know that; they only care about the Holocaust Remembrance Day.
    “Tomorrow I am going to write to Brussel.”
    Just a friendly advice: if it’s in English you may want ask someone to do it for you, make sure it’s addressed to Brussels.

  27. DoubleH63 says:

    @American in Budapest “magyar inferiority complex”
    You meant that as a joke, right? Then it’s a good one.

  28. olga says:

    @ American
    you are doing exactly what No Common Sense and his buddies are doing – “magyar inferiority complex” !!??
    How is your comment any less offensive than the racist bigots’ never ending bullshit on this website?
    Re: “The ethnic Hungarians have had twenty years of democracy and squandered opportunity after opportunity. ”
    How many years of Democracy did the US have ,yet look at the price millions of decent Americans are paying for Bush and his mistakes? Should you be seeing a shrink for your low self-esteem?
    People in glass houses, etc.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Nationalism is often driven by an inferiority complex and it is clearly in the case of the rise of Fidesz and Jobbik.
    We have high profile members of the Jobbik party claimig that the “Hungarians were the first men” and that “there is a conspiracy stretching from New York to Tel Aviv…”
    Hungary has fallen way behind Poland and the Czech and Slovak Republics because the Hungarians have exhibited consistent political immaturity. The Hungarians keep choosing leaders who run large deficits and keep increasing public debt in order to finance social spending.
    Social spending should not be financed by borrowing, much less borrowing abroad.
    Take a good look at Prague and compare it to Budapest. Prague is almost completely renovated and has effectively become the capital of Central Europe.
    Roughly 70% of Budapest’s building need renovation and the Hungarian public transport system is very weak.
    Look at the culture. Big fat men driving oversized cars in down town Budapest. Many of whom are cheating on their taxes and heavily indebted.
    Not only do the buildings need renovation, the culture does too.

  30. LHVJ says:

    @American in Budapest at June 3, 2010 4:36 PM
    All the Hungarian hating trash used to parade around as ‘catholic’. It seems that now they want to pretend to be ‘american’. Same clowns plugging for nazi izrael and trying to smear everyone who is not ready to turn Hungary into another Palestine.

  31. LHVJ says:

    @Anonymous at June 4, 2010 9:32 AM
    Useful mix of the words ‘Zionist’ and ‘nazi’ to compare the fascist mentality, which has been passed down through the years by abuse of certain religions. The new religion in itself (Zionism) is practiced by mostly Jews but also Christians in the United States as of indoctrination from the old testament, as opposed to Europe’s great distancing between the two major religions. The current zionazi ideology has grown as a result of the nazi atrocities committed during the early part of the 20th century, and seems to have adopted many of its fascist ideas of ethnic cleansing, especially in Israel. In this holocaust memorial state and its surrounding areas (occupied Palestinian territories) you will find evidence of racism being practiced against the Arabic speaking populations – even those who were born citizens of the state of Israel are regarded as 2nd class citizens. Segregation is the plan as is shown by the ‘separation barrier’ (more of a segregation wall) designed to ‘keep out suicide bombers’ or more likely to keep Muslims and Jews separated through apartheid of the former Palestinians by stealing their Arab lands!
    Zionist – “We are god’s chosen people; Israel belongs to us from the river to the see according to our holy book!”

  32. Erik says:

    Ubunga az ubungaiaké!

  33. LHVJ says:

    How about Palestine?
    How about this latest terrorist action by Nazi Israel?
    They shut a US citizen four times in the head and one time in the chest – in self defense…
    Should Hungarians be cautious of these murdering terrorist Israeli Nazis?

  34. Erik says:

    Ubunga az ubungaiaké!

  35. Pete H. says:

    Looking around Jokai ter this morning no indication of an
    Israeli takeover. I would count such comments as a symptom
    of a kind of mental illness.

  36. Common Sense says:

    @Anonymous American
    “Nationalism is often driven by an inferiority complex and it is clearly in the case of the rise of Fidesz and Jobbik.”
    Nationalism is often mixed up with patriotism, you sad failure of the US educational system.
    “there is a conspiracy stretching from New York to Tel Aviv…”
    Wrong. It’s the other way around.
    “The Hungarians keep choosing leaders who run large deficits and keep increasing public debt in order to finance social spending.”
    You must have voted for Obama, the Savior. Look at his spending habits, he’s even worse than our corrupt “leaders”. Election is simply choosing between two or more evils. Do you kids in the USA really believe in “democracy”? The Obama campaign spent a billion dollars to preach “change” to the masses, and look what they got: spare change.
    “Social spending should not be financed by borrowing”
    What makes you think it’s a Hungaricum? Spending, borrowing, spending, borrowing. That’s how it’s done pretty much everywhere.
    “Hungarian public transport system is very weak.”
    Public transport in Budapest is still much better than in NYC.
    “Look at the culture. Big fat men driving oversized cars in down town Budapest. Many of whom are cheating on their taxes and heavily indebted.”
    Pick any other country. You’ll find the same “culture”. Why bash Hungary for adopting the ways of the West? Obviously we need to tone down foreign influence and find something that works for us.

  37. judas says:

    Concerning nationalismn,
    as long it is a healthy nationalismn in the sense
    of unity-in-diversity and not in the sense of
    uniformity and not in the sense of ironing out
    all the wonderful differences,colors,zigs and zags
    of rainbowed-hued humanity than it is highly welcome.
    This counts for my country,Israel (and we are not there yet)as it counts for the rest of the world.
    Some are making big inroads on this one depending
    on the “meme”(or level of human consciousness)they
    And it means too that humanity has to grasp that “reality” is based on healthy hierachies,
    assembled from Wholes/parts =holons and this endlessly.
    Any hierachy which claims it is the last and final
    one is sick or pathological and has to be fought.

  38. olga says:

    @ Anonymous
    I happen to think that the USA is Canada’s best friend regardless of the often love-hate relationship between the two countries and despite the often ignorant hateful remarks made by Americans like Ann Coulter against Canada.
    However, I don’t think any American has the right to criticize Hungary given the mess his own country is in.
    Bad enough to read all this irrelevant insanely racist diatribes without having to see postings in the Slovak language and reading American bullshit extolling the virtues of the USA where no bigotry exists. ( American in BP also mentioned somewhere that Americans are not bigoted. Maybe it was a joke and I missed the sarcasm)
    Thank God for Pete H’s positive observations regarding BP. Like a breath of fresh air.

  39. Pete H. says:

    Shocking development today.

    I took a bike ride from Jokai Ter to the top of Gellert Hill. At the top of the hill were hundreds and hundreds of Russians occupying this strategic point. Not one Israeli. As a matter of fact I haven’t seen or heard one. Perhaps Loppot’s and InCommon’s fears are misplaced and it’s a Ruski-reinvasion they should fear. To top it all off the Bus drivers were well groomed Hungarian Roma. I heard them talking in Hungarian about their families and the weather. Besides the concessions people and the bathroom lady (100 forints for a lovely WC) they spoke the only only Hungarian I heard on the citadel. It’s a classic Roma-Ruski pincher maneuver being staged from Buda’s most strategic location. And the Hungarian military seems to be totally off-guard.

  40. Cináed says:

    Pete: Talking of Gallert hill makes me all sentimental. That was my very first adventure in Hungary the day after I arrived. It was in early January, so was freezing cold with the surreal fog hanging in the air. It was the first time I’d ever seen snow and was colder than I’d ever experienced, but I absolutely loved it. Very special memories.

    As for the Hungarian military. Have you not been paying attention? The Jews have paid off the top brass to look the other way. Among the endless list of other reasons those gulfstreams were around, they were also delivering suitcases full of gold teeth. They delivered it using special transporter technology they got from the US, who got it from their alien allies in Area 51. Gosh. I’m surprised at you for not seeing the obvious.

  41. otob says:

    a hun wrote :
    Just a friendly advice: if it’s in English you may
    want ask someone to do it for you, make sure it’s
    addressed to Brussels.
    yes you’re very educated hun ,I would like to ask
    to you in order to write this letter.
    think ,you’re helping to your nation to lose ur
    nationalist ideas.

  42. Elle says:

    Ah, but your nation has no need for your ‘help’: anyone who knows of it knows it as a bad joke. (Do you just pick words from a text and paste them together? If not, what is it that you do to ensure that you do not make any sense at all? But then, you probably have a serious intellectual disability. That is why your burble is not even funny.)

  43. otob says:

    I am very sorry but I thought that you huns with
    your asian’s language are close to english.
    take a care my little nationalist

  44. DoubleH63 says:

    Sorry my friend; I will not help you write letters about shipping Hungarians or Slovaks anywhere. Although I have to admit I wouldn’t be unhappy if Slota the car thief was shipped away somewhere.

  45. olga says:

    @ Pete H
    The Gellert Hegy is so beautiful – The last time we were in that area, the Gellert Hotel and the whole area was under construction and the bridge was closed.
    Next time I come to BP, (plotting my way) I shall concentrate on fearing the Russians and Roma for now Please advise asap if I should add anyone else on the list.

  46. FDR says:

    “I shall concentrate on fearing”
    You have nothing to fear but fear itself.
    Lucky you wear diapers.

  47. Ricsi says:

    Olga@ You have nothing to fear but fear itself,so true–certainly do not fear the Russians for they will be our best hope for the future.
    See beyond the propaganda and realise who you really should fear-clue-not the pathetic,manipulated Roma,they do do not want to integrate,never will,but are NOT the root cause of everybodys problems.
    MikeMuth knows the answer !!!

  48. olga says:

    @ Ricsi
    It’s funny about the Russians – I was brought up with very negative comments about Russians as in Russians = Communists =evil
    Never could hate a whole nation because of rotten leaders who were psychopaths like Stalin.
    You sound almost sympathetic to the Roma – any solutions? Although generally speaking there are no similarities between the Roma and our First Nation (they were here first for one thing) they cannot integrate either
    It is Canada’s shame how the First Nation is treated but I know that money is not the answer, nor do I know what the answer is.
    So what do you thinkis your answer to the Roma’s plight in Europe? I hope you agree that Oszkar Molnar’s way is just destructive without solving any problems (Please don’t say they should all land in Canada since that has been said.)
    As far as Mike’s warning, I am quite happy not to know the answer In fact it’s best I don’t; some things are just better to leave unsaid

  49. Leonidas says:

    You Huns wanna take our land? 2:1 is still fine with us, ha ha ha!

  50. Common Sense says:

    “First Nation (they were here first for one thing) they cannot integrate either”
    What would you say if we applied the same method to gypsies as Canada did to the Natives? You know, the forced assimilation thing, the Canadian Indian residential school system. Take kids away from their parents and raise them in boarding schools. Would that work?
    After all, the main reason gypsy kids start out with a disadvantage is their upbringing. Spending the first 6 or so years in a “traditional” gypsy family may prevent these kids to fit in with normal children. How do you fix that?
    Giving gypsies nice new homes, jobs, money and preferential treatment – tried and failed. How do we trick them into becoming civilized members of an European-style society?
    Any clever ideas?
    If you understand Hungarian, look what one of the gypsy leaders have to say. He’s onto something:

  51. olga says:

    @ CS
    First of all Canada is a dismal failure when it comes to our First Nation’s problems – wish I knew the answer or at least I wish our government knew the answers.
    Back to Hungary – I watched the video. First of all, denying Roma crime is crazy – it exists. I am going to take a wild guess and assume that if you rounded up every Hungarian thief who commits similar crimes to the Roma, there will be a common thread : growing up in poverty with no parental guidance, father if known was either absent, unemployed or drunk most of the time, sporadic school attendance, no education no skills , no hope for the future but able to reproduce
    It would be interesting to find out the background
    of those Roma who are employed and are useful members of Hungarian society. Like the bus drivers Pete H mentioned. What made them different?
    I did see a recommendation in Hungary that welfare payments should be tied to school attendance and “Liberals Objected” which made no sense
    “Giving gypsies nice new homes, jobs, money and preferential treatment” makes no sense either.
    “Taking kids away from parents” at an early age and putting them into day care centres and schools during the day where they are fed properly and get an early start on education maybe more beneficial.
    Doing nothing but throwing the Roma in jail while more little kids at home are waiting to grow up as the next generation of jail birds cannot be the answer either.
    You seem to know all the answers, so let’s read

  52. Common Sense says:

    I don’t have all the answers. I’m not even sure there is a solution. The problem is there, it’s growing, and all the liberals could come up with is ignorance. There’s no gypsy crime, law enforcement is banned from making any statistics on that. When a roma criminal kills, beats up or robs someone, it’s very rarely recorded as such. When they suspect a crime against the roma, it’s all over the liberal media as “hate crime”.
    They go as far as calling it a “hate war” in the Sunday Times, illustrated with a picture of the Hungarian Guard, which had nothing to do with any anti-gypsy violence so far. We are very tolerant towards gypsy families terrorizing entire villages, but we make a big stink about peaceful demonstrations of the HG.
    It’s fine to be gypsy when you’re getting handouts, but not when you act like savages.
    I think we have to start with eliminating the Gypsy Authority (another useless money pit), forget about ethnic privileges. Encourage small communities most vulnerable to gypsy crime to organize and defend themselves. We cannot afford to put a policeman on every corner, living in a police state is not the solution. What we need is communities getting more involved, more volunteers more neighborhood watch, making criminal life less rewarding, regardless of ethnicity.
    Volunteer social workers could visit families in need, and help them based on reality, not ethnic status. Children in troubled families need special attention, help while you can.

  53. Hornblower says:

    Hungary is in a mess. Socially, politically, and economically.
    Huge numbers of young, educated Hungarians, leave to work abroad because they cannot find work or get a decent wage in the country of their birth.
    Roma gradually move into villages and over a number of years become the majority. If the cities are suffering the provinces are totally wrecked.
    I see large numbers of Roma men gathered when I drive by a certain area. They look “helpless” and more “despairing” by the day. No work. No education. And no prospects.
    No stimulus packages to create jobs, local mayoral offices bankrupt to the extent they cannot even afford cash for basic services. Corruption is at an all-time high which is a rum statement because Hungary is synonymous with double dealing and embezzlement to the extent that their are several scandals reported on a daily basis.
    The situation throughout the country is desperate.
    Eight years of MSZP mismanagement will see us all suffer for the foreseeable future.

  54. Kristy says:

    JD, I get your reasoning about leaving out millions of Hungarians of the borders. However, if your further elaborate the topic, it is getting sick. I mean, there are more Hungarian Hungarians than Slovak, Romanian, Ukranian ans Serbian Hungarians who would want the borders to be revised. Which means, that You want it. It has not so much to do with the desire of Slovak Hungarians to be part of Republic of Hungary. In fact, majority of Slovak Hungarians are perfectly OK with living in Slovakia, given what has been happening in Hungary recently proves that Hungary is not a “promised” land:DDD
    Hungarians Hungarians feel superior to Slovak, Romanian, Serbian, etc. Hungarians, no need to deny it, I have lived in Hungary for half a year, have experienced it:D
    anyway, what would Hungary do with extended territory? It cannot make do with what it has now:D Or Hungary wants to make a mess in some more parts of Europe? Not gonna happen, thanks:D we are perfectly fine with the current situation. But thank you for your concern anyway:DD

  55. Kristy says:

    Given you are such a small country you are making a lot of mess yourselves. America at least means something in the world politics, it wwould be tolerated. But Hungary has no right to play a tough guy:D If you do not dwell on “progressive and well-organised” Austro-Hungarian monarchy where others than Hungarians where deprived of rights…Or, do not you, actually? Never-ending moaning about what was taken from you, taking down the EURO together with Greeks and others that cannot do without manipulating the statisctics about state deficit, tensions between nations in Central Europe…
    Btw, Hungary has not existed for 1000 years. It has existed for a couple of decades…i hope you have noticed that Austro-Hungarian monarchy has disdoluted, have not you?:D This way also Czech Republic ans Slovakia has existed for more than 1000 years, they did have a Kingdom back then…And Hungarians soooo much like to point out that even underaged people are older than Slovakia…twisting the truth, my dear:D

  56. Dr. Phil says:

    Kristy, baby, how do you get through life with no brains?

  57. Kristy says:

    ouch, that was harsh, Dr. Phil:D and it might have hurt if I was something more than some kind of non vertebra living being with a lack of braincells:D
    you so think you did hit the nail on the head, do not you:D too self-confident, Mr.:D
    sooo clever jugding people by two messages in a political-ethnical-worthless discussion, right? not smarter than I am actually:D

  58. DoubleH63 says:

    What’s up with the 😀 after every sentence? Are you hysterically laughing when you are successful accomplishing that trying task? Then maybe Dr Phil did hit the nail right on the head about you.

  59. NagyEmber says:

    I recognize that English is not your first language, so I don’t want to be too harsh. I am well aware that people might be extremely intelligent in their native language, and it doesn’t quite come through when they use another language, I have that problem myself. As well, I have spent quite a few years dealing with students who write papers in English whose native language is not English, so I have a lot of experience trying to decode meaning from fragmentary evidence. Having said all that, I have to say I can’t quite figure out what you are talking about. And I have to agree with doubleH that the 😀 thing is incredibly annoying. On a factual point; while there was a Kingdom of Bohemia that was around for a long time, the land of the present day Slovakia was never part of it, and there was never an independant Slovak state, whether kingdom, republic or satrapy before Hitler set one up in 1938. I don’t say that to try an de-legitimize Slovak national aspirations, but only as an historical point of fact. :DD

  60. otob says:

    kristy is a name of wife your biggest enemy –
    Janos Szlota. He had taken for wife young
    hungarian nationality girl three years ago (he is
    divorced twice). His wife comes from small village
    close to lucenec ( huns name I think losonc).Now
    they peacefully live in zilina . They speak with
    both languages – hun and slovak.
    every even day they speak slovak and every odd day
    hungarian. This is a top slovakian secret but why
    not to tell you.
    I think you’re absolutly not enemies. Huns will be
    (I have heard the news from a slovak who has been
    working in czech republic. I am not sure that’s

  61. Kristy says:

    I am sorry guys for annoying you with smileys…it is only to relieve that stressful situation that arises when people are offending each other in the discussions like this one:D I just try not to offend anyone…Many times people take things differently from how they are meant.
    DoubleH63, as this discussion is not about me being a hysterically laughing narrow-minded bitch, you may let us know your opinion on the topic as well. It may be more interesting (or not?).
    Nagy Ember, I have not said Slovakia used to be an independent state (fascist SVK was not independent obviously, dependent on Hitler´s “mercy”). But Slovaks together with Czechs did have the kingdom indeed. Great Moravia (9th century) if you translate it word by word. The part of the existing territory of Slovakia was a part of it. There were Hungarians that tried to persuade me about Slovaks being born just 17 years ago as they have not heard of Great Moravia before-I did not buy that:D I understand people do not know that as it was soooo long ago, it is not important to them, especially if you are a foreigner. Nevertheless, THIS is the historical fact.
    Hope you could decipher this text. I tried to make myself very clear (very time-consuming):D

  62. Kristy says:

    Otob, you cannot possible think that what you have written is true, can you?
    Anyway, it would be nice if he had a Hungarian wife. That way he might not want to attack Budapest with tanks (very popular speech of his, this one). Speaking Hungarian? Kidding? If he once spoke as much as one Hungarian word, he would have to commit suicide-just out of his twisted principles. Which would not be a bad thing. Nice suggestion, actually.
    This is not news, this is a complete bullshit:D. No offence.

  63. Mireille says:

    “Anyway, it would be nice if he had a Hungarian wife. That way he might not want to attack Budapest”
    Au contraire. If he had a Hungarian wife, it would give him a good reason to hate Hungarians and women in general.

  64. Cináed says:

    Mireille: That was very unkind.

  65. Mireille says:

    Cináed: “That was very unkind.”
    Thank you.

  66. DoubleH63 says:

    @otob “kristy is a name of wife your biggest enemy – Janos Szlota. He had taken for wife young hungarian nationality girl three years ago”
    You are wrong; His first wife was Hungarian. The third is almost half his age (makes her probably younger than his oldest son).

  67. DoubleH63 says:

    @Kristy “you may let us know your opinion on the topic as well”
    One small step in the right direction.

  68. NagyEmber says:

    That was actually a fairly cogent post, thanks for taking the extra effort. The “history” of Great Moravia is of dubious historical authenticity. Or to be more correct, there was probably some sort of federation of Slavic tribes in the general area of Moravia in the 9th century, almost no concrete knowledge of this entity exists, and it would be a stretch to put the label of “state” onto it. As well, there is absolutely no connection between this entity and the present Slovak people. The only real “state” that can be said to have been in that general area was the Kingdom of Bohemia, which was founded in the 12th century and was centered on the provinces of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Although it did include Styria and Carinthia at its peak, it never contained any part of the present Slovakia. These sorts of dubious “historical” claims were put forward in the 19th century by nationalist historians to provide a basis for claiming ancient rights of possesion, the same can be said of “Dacia” and the Romanians. And to be sure, there were Hungarian “historians” who also put forward dubious versions of the past to try and support their claim to every square cm of the Carpathian Basin.

  69. Cináed says:

    NagyEmber: I just wanted to say that I like your contributions and even though I don’t often address your posts directly, I still find them interesting and informative.I also like that when you respond to others, you do it in a neutral and balanced way.It makes your stuff very refreshing to read.

    While trying not to be too nosey, do I remember correctly that you mentioned you were/are a historian of some kind?Would it be impolite to ask for a bit of background? If you don’t want to go into it, it’s ok, I’m just interested.

  70. Doc Tim O'Fairy says:

    Socialist= Very generous with other people’s cash.
    Socialist mentality pervades the EU and now it is payback time and the rats are fleeing the ship at a rate of knots.
    Socialism may have worked once but, like communism, it has had its day.
    The accountants in most countries are working overtime to clear up the mess the Socialists have left. The UK and Hungary are two prime examples of Socialist spending sprees that have gone on unabated for years.
    BTW. Cináed. Attacking the Socialists with venom?
    What has come over you! I much prefer your current style to the previous lumbering, do-gooder, social worker, hairy fairy, meanderings fuelled by cannabis
    and sixties hippy philosophy: “tune in, turn on, drop out…”

  71. Cináed says:

    “I much prefer your current style to the previous lumbering, do-gooder, social worker, hairy fairy, meanderings fuelled by cannabis
    and sixties hippy philosophy: “tune in, turn on, drop out…” (Dr Tim)

    lumbering: Ok, some of my posts are long, but at least I write my own as opposed to merely copying and pasting and then passing it off as my own.
    do-gooder: well, I know you mean that as a negative, referring to the ‘bleeding heart’ mentality but I actually do want to try and improve the world while I’m here, not just pay homage to some mythical god of better humanity based solely on principle without acknowledgement of pragmatic consequence.
    social worker: I’m a sociologist not a social worker.There are many differences, one being the lack of puppies and kittens in our methodology.
    hairy fairy: see above for do-gooder, but also that social theory can be quite complex, especially when you’re dealing with the contradictions of human behaviour.
    cannabis fuelled tune in turn on drop out meanderings: If that’s what you think I write about then you have misunderstood most of what I’ve said.I sometimes joke about drug culture because as a former musician, I had to be around it all the time.As for the Timothy O’Leary reference, that whole business of “Research” using LSD was a load of shit.Just a bunch of nerds trying to find a respectable excuse to get stoned.Not my scene…and no real science there, except for the chemistry.

  72. Rob says:

    Trianon was not fair or legal. The Hungarian delegation to the Trianon talks were held under house arrest until all negotiations had been completed. Then they were called in & told to sign without alteration.
    No person can be charged, judged, then sentenced without a fair trial, ie by being present & having legal representation. This was not afforded to the hungarians. The treaty is therefore illegal & must thereby be reassessed.

  73. Rob says:

    Whether or not the hungarian or slavakian govt r good or not has nothing to with the issue of the legality of trianon. It is obvious to all that politics not justice & fairness were the primary adjudacting factors. The supposed justness of granting the non-hungarian minoroties political autonomy was not also given to the hungarians. These double standards r not legal or morally sustainable. there r so many holes in trianon even the Wilson & Churchill were disgusted at the treatment of hungary. This doesnt mean that teh minorities should not have self determination etc, but the borders must be determined fairly not politically. Personally, i would remove all borders- no one owns land, we r mere caretakers as the Aus Aboriginies believe…

  74. Rob says:

    Loptosz, you have a hungarian name FYI so u r disparaging your own people. BTW, loptosz mean ‘to steal’. hmmm
    u obviously dont know (your) history nor the right of ALL people to demand justice under the law, not just the victors.
    This issue is not about who wants what. Personal/national preferences r irrlevant, what u want or i want is irrelevant.
    All the matters r ‘verified’ FACTS & established law. Trianon was not conducted legally & so would be invalidated under any court of law today, as would most territorial changes completed pre UN/Hague Court establishement back to the stone age.
    The winners naturally want things to stay as they r & the losers want things to change back, both natural human responses. Neither however is a basis for deciding who owns what.
    For the winners to claim things r just fine, well, its just fine for them only. Thats like a person receiving stolen goods denying the right of the victim to retrieve the stolen goods.
    Who is the rightful owner must ONLY decided by an officially sanctioned & applicable court of law; not the winning countries or the strongest party who naturally cares only for their own desires.
    Anyone wanting the status quo OR a revision outside of the law is a 100% hypocrit.

  75. Rob says:

    Otob, etc,
    Every barrel has some bad apples (eg bad politicians).
    Any ‘group’ you can think of (sporting, political, economic, clubs, organisations, businesses, red heads, tall people, black, blue eyed, etc etc etc)will have nice or competent people as well as not nice or incompetent people. This is a world wide phenominan, ie, human nature, not peculiar to any single group.
    Unfortunatley most people do not know much about each political party & so vote based on simplistic or ad hoc reasons. Hence radical parties can succeed.
    All ‘systems’ or ‘philosophies’ r fine in theory but fail to some degree because of 1 common factor – HUMANS. Humans r irrational, self centred, short-sighted, etc. This was necessary in cave man days for survival but is a liability now. All systems would work well if robots instead of humans existed. Hence judging a nation by some of its people is risky at best.
    My personal opinion regarding territorial claims (or any personal/business claim) is:
    1. ensure laws r created that ALL people/businesses, countries, etc must abide by (eg basic human rights established by UN)
    2. ensure all disputes r handled by unbiased court/s
    3. ensure ALL court decisions r enforced
    Human nature once again will make this dream unlikely to ever be completely fulfilled.
    Until it does, be warned, the cycle of war etc will continue, nothing stays the same forever…
    Peace Man!

  76. Rob says:

    i like your smilies. I disagree with much of what u write but that is ok, that is what a debate is all about.
    I like smilies as it helps to ease tension & to show u dont mean to offend. I use it a lot since text is a limited medium for expressing thoughts & emotions & intent without having to resort to writing volumes to explain everything in minute detail. Viva la smilies!! 🙂

  77. pterois says:

    Every thinking human being knows that
    Anyway I still don’t understand what are hungarians so freakin’ proud of.
    The lurking backwardness lasting for centuries which is well described in history books?
    The puszta land? As I know there are just few midsized towns in HU except for Budapest where 1/3 of all population is living.
    Territorial claims?
    You cannot even deal with given.
    Inclusion of other state’s citizens?
    With bankrupt economy you can dream on.
    Paprika and women?
    Ok, you can be really proud of that.
    Hungarian politics really reminds me of a short story called emperor’s new clothes.

  78. Rob says:

    every country has its good & bad points. no sense claiming hungary is mostly bad. every country goes thru its ups n downs.
    Hungary has produced much to be proud of, your ignorance of its history is your shame not theirs.
    Thats is, unless you know its history your claims r worthless & just mean. Grow up!
    You r correct to some degree that history is often hijacked, tristed, falsified etc by all sorts of people with their own adjenda. That is sad. The truth/facts should be all that matters. The truth sets everyone free, even if inconvenient, embarrassing, etc, but in the long run it works out for the best.

  79. Karci says:

    “The treaty is therefore illegal & must thereby be reassessed.”
    The Hungarian signatories to the Treaty of Trianon were insane. Therefore it is defunct and Magyarok want back what belongs to them.
    My bank manager asked me why I didn’t pay back the money I borrowed.
    I said you must have been “insane” to lend money to a rogue like me. And the consequences of his actions
    are based on his unsound judgement and he only has himself to blame. Now I’m off to celebrate the newly designated Day of National Unity with my duty-free, vilmos korte palinka.
    egészségére! At least I think that’s how you spell it? Can’t find my szemüveg…

  80. wolfi says:

    In German:
    Legal, illegal – scheißegal …
    It was the Austrian Jellinek who said:
    Die normative Kraft des Faktischen …
    But of course he was a Jew …

  81. otob says:

    kristy, I said that I am not sure about Slota’s
    wife. pls. look a couple of posts above.
    think, that you’re a girl from eastern part of
    our nice cechoslovakia (currently called
    I don’t know why but I’d like to meet with you.
    Pls don’t think I am an old virgin killer just
    talking about policy .
    On friday I’ll be in slovakia on my cottage with
    my wife. No problem to send my wife to any
    hypermarket I’m sure I’ll be free on friday. I
    will tell you something about fights czechs
    against hungarians in 1919 and 1920. You can write
    it here, no problem. Later if we are better knows
    we both can struggle against these bad hungarians.
    No problem if you’re hungarian , just I turn
    around subject our talks and I will tell you
    something about bad slovaks. Think, I am getting
    old and need to speak out to young pretty girls.
    Certainly I will buy you everything what you need
    up to sum 200 euros.

  82. Rob says:

    The signatories to trianon (ie US, UK, France, etc) had NO moral right to judge Hungary considering the FACT that they all had conquered (stolen) territories of their own. Its like thieves accusing a supposed thief of being a thief. Why should hungary be the only nation to lose territories when other nations such as those above do not. That is a double-standard and is therefore not moral or legal. Either everyone must obey a law or no one, there is no in-between, no favouritism.
    Another problem with trianon is the guarantees made to Hungarians that their human rights would be protected under their new status; has NOT been enforced. There are many UN reports of human rights violations against Hungarians and other minorities. Violations are not only street level but is endemic at institutional, legal and political levels.
    These violations alone makes the trianon agreement null and void.
    If these violations did not occur very few Hungarians would be seeking border revisions. Do not blame abused people for wanting their human rights upheld!
    Of course hungary is too small/weak to use force to seek justice, but that is not the point. Justice only occur if its for everyone not just the powerful.
    The beneficiaries of Hungarian territories (czeck/Slovak/yugo/Romania/etc) have NOT lived up to their TINY responsibilities toward the Hungarian minorities.
    I do not advocate the old borders to be re-established however. That should be decided by legal methods. MY perso

  83. Rob says:

    MY personal opinion is that the tbest solution is to redraw borders based on ethnic lines which would take care of most of the disputes. And every 50 yrs review the ethnicity then redraw the lines again. People will soon get tired of this and hopefully remove all borders and have just one European govt with equal representation for all states.
    Another option is to redraw electoral boundaries so that the minorities have a voice in parliament and can help ensure abuses of minorities are reduced.
    The 1st Hungarian king St Istvan (I don’t think he is a saint) said to his son that poor is a nation that does not allow foreigners into their country and treat them well. In other words multi-ethnic or multi-cultural communities do better than single ethnic communities. Variety is the spice of life and creativity. Here in Australia multiculturalism has enabled Australia to experience boom economic conditions over the last 50 yrs. We have 5.5% unemployment for the past 10 yrs! We are all well paid and wealthy, at least those that work are wealthy. The rest get social security benefits that allow them to live comfortably. We have one of the lowest govt debt levels. We did NOT experience a recession during the recent financial crisis. Etc etc
    My sister is a doctor (highest ever university score) with many houses, and I also have business uni degree with several houses. Multiculturalism works well if everyone focuses on economic success rather than superficial cultural differences.

  84. Rob says:

    i think the hungarian delegates had little choice but to sign otherwise the major powers would have allowed the surrounding nations to take all of hungary. As it was Romania etc did take additional land outside of trianon, which was then ratified by the major powers.
    i dont agree with hungary’s leaders committing suicide every time something seems beyond their control. that is an easy way out, but ‘honour’ used to be part of hungary’s culture, as well as Japans, etc. i dont agree with their interpretation of honor, ie suicide. But thats their life not mine.

  85. pterois says:

    @ rob
    what a well-spoken lunatic

  86. judas says:

    Israel and central europe .I think the time has come to employ some logic regading problems where
    passion has too often overruled good sense.Israel
    and the countries of central and eastern europe have a great deal in common and by reaching aconsensus on the history of the mutual travails of jews and the peoples of that region it is possible to find a road towards cooperation.
    For centuries the vast belt of terrority sandwiched between the german speaking and russian
    speaking lands housed the greatest concentration
    of jews in the world(belarus,czech rep,estonia,hungary,latvia,lithuania,moldova,romania,slovakia and ukraine)The moved there after being expelled from german speaking lands in the middle ages or at the invitation of local rulers.
    For 500 years they lived there,sometimes persecuted ,sometimes in mutually benefical cooperation.In early centuries mistreatment of jews was mainly because of religion however with the rise of nationalismn 19th/20th century antisemitismn rose.jews were seen as enemies or barriers to the fulfillment of national aspirations.jews were considered “unassimilable minority” and deep seated anger arose because some jews emraced anti-national leftist ideologies.The culmination of course was the holocaust.Thus in jewish memory and history the anti-semitic aspect of the interrelationships is stressed.As central and eastern europe nationalismn revived in the late-and post soviet area many countries saw the historic antisemites as heroes. cont.

  87. judas says:

    cont..not so much because of their activities against jews,but because of struggle against communismn.Instaed of seeing modern central and eastern europeans and their history as universally
    anti-semitic,it is ,in my view,more accurate to see a struggle over anti-semitismn,in which different groups and individuals held different views.While the far right wanted to expel and to kill the jews,the far left wanted to engage in forcible assimilation to obliterate the jewish communities and religion.Obviously the former were far worse,but the latter did tremendous damage and caused untold suffering.We jews have generally acknowledged only one-half of this equation.
    For people of central and eastern europe ,caught between germans and russians fate was not kind
    in 30th and 40th.they had to choose between Nazism
    and Communismn.But while the jews had no choice here,their neigbours had options.The jews clearly
    opted for communismn as the lesser of the evils,while many CE and EE choose germany over
    russia.And this created one of the knottiest problems for jews and CEE.Obviously there can be no jewish or israeli sympathy wit those who collaborated with the germans and palyed a hand in the final solution,but there should,from a jewish perspective ,be a degree of understanding
    for the objective dilemma in which those countries,incl.hungary,found themselves in.(which
    in no way absolves those guilty) .Moreover there can be a sense of shared fate in their common suffering under commu

  88. Chestnut says:

    the only thing that this new law proves is that there are at least 302 documented idiots in the New Parliament…
    And based on that statistic also 302 that need to get their eyesight checked pretty damn quick?
    While there must be 1000’s of things that actually do need attending to. Hungarys new Government passes a law that does nothing but distance itself from the only people that can financially bail out Hungary??
    Smart thinking.
    I wonder what Parliament will do today.
    Perhaps freeze all foriegn money in Hungarian banks so Ministers can all get new Villas in Balaton??

  89. judas says:

    For around a half century 40th-90th CEE countires
    were either transformed into satellites or forcibly incorporated into the ussr.Resetment aginst communismn runs deep and the national revival beginning in 1990 was permeated by a historical perspective that highligts that scheme.
    Because communismn was viewed as the principal
    villain of their modern history(facismn and nazismn played only a secondary role).We jews however saw and see Fascimn and nazismn as the exclusive villans.Thus no wonder that these
    perceptions clash.
    This conflict is neither necessary nor desirable
    and the perceptions on which it is based are also
    largely inaccurate.Briefly,while there is no denying that a number of jews were communists ,and some played a leading role in the party,secret police,and government apparatus,they
    accounted for only a small proportion of the jewish community in general.Their numbers are
    of course wildly exagerated by antisemites.
    Moreover,those jewish communists acted against
    and not in conjunction with jewish intersts.
    So,why then should jews and israel not place a priority on identifying communismn as a significant opressor of their own and recognizing what their cee neighbours suffered at its hands?

  90. Rob says:

    if u disagree with what i say then that is perfectly ok, i welcome all disagreements as a chance to better understand reality/truth since no one fully understands truth as there r infinte possibilities to any debate.
    However, unless u can point out exactly what u disagree with then your ‘lunatic’ comment actually applies to you. Again, grow up.

  91. Law says:

    Judas you lie again, 75 % of the Rakozsi gang were Jews, Also Kun Bela gang were all Jews,

  92. Law says:

    Albert Pike
    An American General named, Albert Pike, who had been enticed into the, “Illuminati,” by Guiseppe Mazzini, completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world, culminating into moving this great conspiracy into its final stage. These details are as follows:
    The First World War is to be fought for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia, as promised by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. The Tsar is to be replaced with communism which is to be used to attack religions, predominantly Christianity. The differences between the British and German empires are to be used to foment this war.
    The Second World War is to be used to foment the controversy between fascism and political Zionism with the oppression of Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing hatred against the German people. This is designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschilds’ created) and increase the power of political Zionism. This war is also designed to increase the power of communism to the level that it equalled that of united Christendom.
    The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political Zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.

  93. judas says:

    this makes sense only in german:
    das motto dieses “Forums” is ganz einfach:
    je mehr kaese,desto mehr loecher.Je mehr Loecher
    desto weniger kaese.Ergo: je mehr kaese,desto weniger kaese. Got it common sense,law,LHVJ et friends.

  94. judas says:

    Law have you actually read what i wrote or are you simply continue to copy/paste your nazi stuff.
    Maybe it would be more fruitful if you refer to
    my proposal/suggestions.

  95. Law says:

    No room for bargaining with your type, you should be removed from all strategic positions because of your dog eat dog nature and culutre which has been breed into your race for centuries, as long as your in the drivers seat then you will be on a continuous campaign to divide and rule through deception.

  96. Cináed says:

    Law: in reference to an earlier ‘conversation’ here is a link for you. http://never-a-protege.webs.com/areyoucrazy.htm#531709965

    You should at least scan through the whole page to show you where I stand on mental health issues, and some of the literature that I have found interesting/useful. If you do take the time to read it, you might realise that some of the sources you have denounced actually agree with the evils of institutionalisation as a means of social control

    You should also note the ‘what was my crime?’ section for a view on the way Hungary has treated those with mental illness.

    I realise you probably won’t read it, but I’m posting this anyway to show what happens when we start to think that it’s ok to mistreat those who come to be defined as ‘deviant’. Just remember that the laws you propose may end up being used on you when you become too inconvenient.

  97. Law says:

    It might appear extreme to you but witnessing the rot that you stand for is like living an everyday institution, don’t worry I can separate my self and keep my sanity because I know how your perverted mind works. I know the formula to how you create chaos and who is behind the scenes.
    Why waste your time with me I’m not the terrorist your reality has created, all I’m here to do is expose the lies in which your reality is engulfed in.
    Look cinaed… The emperor has no clothes on. I have a clear heart and conscious and don’t require to be bullied by the likes of a minority few, I can see and sense your type coming from a mile away.
    So chill and work on your own psyche I can see you require a lot of self development, a bit of advise pull the beam from your own eye before judging others.

  98. Cináed says:

    …so yeah. You didn’t read it.

  99. Your Inner Voice says:

    Law: Don’t listen to Cinaed! When he tells you to stay away from the Hungarian Health care system, don’t belive him! Do the opposite! Cinaed is Evil Incarnate, with an Aramaic degree to prove it! There are Magyar-Hun psychiatrists in Hungary, they want to help you. They will recognize your Scythian-Persian soul and extend their help! You have opened your eyes and fled the dingo-ridden Australian Psychiatric hell-hole, and now in our Scythian-Avar-Hun paradise we can open our eyes and be free! Yes! Make an appointment with your local Scythian-Avar-Hun psychiatrist and open your inner self to them! They want to help! They are our Hun brethren! Don’t listen to anything Cinaed says! He is the Psychiatrist if Satan and General Foods! He has no Avar-Persian soul! Neither does Olga, for that matter. They make far too much sense to be trusted!

  100. olga says:

    @ Cinaed
    Regarding your entry in the Competition for:
    a. patience
    b. beating a dead horse
    c. being in denial for accepting that some people are beyond hope
    I am one of the judges in the contest and you won the Gold in all 3 categories. Congratulations.

  101. Cináed says:

    Princess Ogre: Arrrr…nuts to you.
    …Tsar Cyanide the Toxic. 😛

  102. olga says:

    Hey Cinaed
    you just lost the Gold for “Gracious Winner”
    Come on, tell the truth, you cannot possibly think there is “hope”
    BTW, Bin Laden is supposedly in Pakistan and on the subjects of “strange people” here is another patient for you to deal with:

  103. wolfi says:

    Thanks for that article! I really liked that:
    “He’s not insane, he’s just very passionate.”
    Could that also apply to some people here ?
    Or is it the other way around ?

  104. olga says:

    @ Wolfi,
    When I read that Gary Brooks Faulkner thought he could “get the job done” (killing Bin Laden) with a pistol, a dagger and night-vision goggles, I immediately thought of Law’s quest to reclaim pre-Trianon Borders. Now that Faulkner doesn’t need the items, he might consider selling them to Law at a reasonable price.
    It was such a shock to learn that Brooks was a devout Christian with a prison record. Who would have guessed?
    Anyway, please support me in my request to have Cinaed rewrite his website and change the topic from “Am I crazy?” to “Am I crazy or just Passionate?” or “Am I crazy or Just a Patriot?”

  105. wolfi says:

    @olga and (slightly) OT:
    After having traveled regularly to the USA and reading a lot I came to the conclusion that this crazy and christian business may be partly genetic.
    As you probably know many extremely crazy (sorry I mean religious) people had to leave Europe because of their faith – their descendants still populate those 300 or more different “churches” or denominations …
    PS: I’ve also been to Canada, Niagara Falls and Niagara on the laöe and its winerys, it was really nice there, even in March – we’d like to go back …
    And from my brother in law I know that many extreme christians also live in Canada – he visited a family long ago, the whole school class was unvited by a former classmate and about a dozen went together with their wives/husbands. It was very nice and interesting – even though he had to drive 20 or 40 km to get some beers …

  106. Common Sense says:

    “christian business may be partly genetic.”
    Probably. It’s mostly the result of religious upbringing, which is a form of mental child abuse. It’s not unique to christians, pretty much the same with all religions. Some worse than others. Orthodox Amish or Jewish or similar, especially those that are too demanding on children and choose faith over medicine.

  107. olga says:

    @ No Common Sense
    I hate it when I almost agree with you.
    Christian or any other religions can be a good thing as long as said religions do not believe they have the exclusive rights to God and they are tolerant and respectful of other peoples’ beliefs.
    Killing and hating others in God’s name is simply and excuse to hate and kill.
    I have lots of religious friends and they derive a great deal of comfort from their faith while not believing they have the market corner on the TRUTH. Nor do they shove their religion and/or beliefs down other people’s throats.
    Your comment that religious fanatics poisoning their kids’ minds against others with different beliefs is tantamount to child abuse – I agree
    Please do me a favour and don’t post things that may make some – it confuses me. Not nice.

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