June 28th, 2010

Fidesz nominee for president tops poll

Most Hungarians think the President of the Republic should not be a party politician, but a new poll by Median sent to MTI on Sunday shows governing Fidesz’s nominee Pal Schmitt — a former party official — would win the race if the president were popularly elected.

In the telephone pole, Median found Pal Schmitt would get 32 percent of the vote in a popular election, outgoing President Laszlo Solyom would get 24 percent, opposition Socialist Party nominee Andras Balogh would get 14 percent and radical nationalist Jobbik’s Krisztina Morvai would get 6 percent.

Twenty-four percent said they would not vote for any of the candidates or declined to answer the question.

Forty-eight percent said the president’s independence from the government is among the most important considerations for the office, but 46 percent said it is also important that the president be able to work well with the prime minister.

Some 85 percent of the people asked were aware that Solyom’s term would be over this summer, but only 30 percent said they had thought about who would make the best next president. A total of 81 percent knew that the president would be elected by Parliament, 11 percent thought a popular election would be held and 8 percent said they did not know.

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  • wolfi

    “In the telephone pole, Median found Pal Schmitt …”
    Is that a typing mistake or a Freudian slip ?

  • Common Sense

    Wow! wolfi made a funny!

  • wolfi

    You want more (from wiki):
    In June of 2010, investigative reporter Alexander Zaitchik released a critical biography entitled Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance, with a title echoing Beck’s work, Common Sense.

  • Common Sense

    common sense = good reasoning, the ability to make sensible decisions, the wisdom to separate lie from truth, dogma from reason, fake from real, wolfi from human.

  • wolfi

    @Intercontinental nonsense:
    Didn’t you read your mentor bob’s scalding me for writing “ad hominem” ?
    So this is ok for right wing assholes – but not for “Liberals” …
    BTW liber = free
    Freedom of speech – isn’t that almost as important for right wing loonies as freedom to wear weapons and freedom to kill ?

  • Common Sense

    You are free to speak, wolfi, you’re only advised not to.

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