August 6th, 2010

Socialists, LMP snub “insulting” invite to inauguration ceremony

The Socialist Party yesterday said its members will not attend the inauguration ceremony of president-elect Pál Schmitt due to its cost and an “insulting invitation”.

The cabinet ignored all protocol by sending them an invitation just 24 hours prior to the event, the Socialists said in a statement.

Moreover, Socialist politicians were only put on the guest list after journalists had drawn attention to the oversight, the statement added.

Opposition voters do not look to Schmitt and his party. The Socialists respect the institution of president, but if they and the voters they represent are not welcome guests, they will not attend, it concluded.

Politics Can Be Different (LMP) caucus leader András Schiffer echoed the Socialists’ comments in a statement to MTI.

“It is not right that opposition parties are notified of the presidential inauguration just a day before the event. The intention that the opposition parties are guests non grata is obvious, therefore we will not attend,” Schiffer explained.

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  • blip

    For anyone wondering whatever became of the children rescued at the end of ‘Lord of the Flies’–they’re alive and well and running Hungarian politics.

  • I just saw the last half-hour or so of this inauguration on M1 and it was my surprise I just saw Fidesz politicians
    Now I understand why
    I did not see any Jobbik people either, but maybe they got seats in the kitchen?

  • @Viking: Not even the last president, Sólyom László, could be bothered attending the inauguration:
    Now, with the internal audit office, ORTT, the higher courts, the constitutional courts, the presidency and an absolute majority in Parliament in their pockets Fidesz have no excuse for blaming anyone else for what they are doing. Cue LHVJ and the rest with their excuses.

  • Vilagos

    V. Too many cooks always spoil the broth?
    If you are sane and logical and get up in the morning feeling optimistic and suddenly realize that you are living in Budapest amongst political
    arsewipes the skies turn gray with thunderclouds
    threating to explode at any moment whereupon the floodwaters drown you in huge waves of corruption and inefficiency…

  • American in Budapest

    That was good one …

  • It is a good thing that MSZP and LMP, the Zionist/Communist trash stayed away from the inauguration. Szunyog staying away is even better. He is a snake and the sooner he is forgotten the better.
    No Fidesz booster here but the landscape looks much better with Fidesz-KDNP replacing the Zionist/Communist MSZP/SZDSZ mafia. Unfortunately, SZDSZ is back as LMP but the sooner people recognize them for who they are, the sooner they will go by the way of SZDSZ.
    There are many things that the Fidesz-KDNP government should be and will be severely criticized but only by those who do not carry the filth and destruction of pervious eighth years.

  • @Világos: A jó ég tudja!

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