October 22nd, 2010

Gyurcsány’s new faction forms today

The Democratic Coalition launched by former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány will hold its inaugural meeting at 2 p.m. in the Szent István Park in the 13th District today.

Speeches will be made by Gyurcsány himself, former Prime Minister’s Office leader Csaba Molnár and Socialist MP Iván Vitányi.

Some 2,500 people have indicated their intention to join the new faction within the Socialist Party and over Ft 1.5 million has been paid into its account.

Meanwhile, Socialist deputy chairman András Balogh told Népszava in an interview that the party performed poorly at the elections because they made mistakes while in government, abandoned left-wing values and became complacent, and because of corruption.

Balogh would prefer to lend a nationalist character to the Socialists instead of a neoliberal one, Magyar Hírlap writes.

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  • Paul

    what a bunch of has-beens. cant Gyurcsány just go to another country and bankrupt them instead?

  • Palánta

    “Balogh would prefer to lend a nationalist character
    to the Socialists instead of a neoliberal one,
    Magyar Hírlap writes.”
    It always gives me the creeps to see the words
    “nationalist” and “socialist” in the same sentence.

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