January 12th, 2011

Socialists reportedly to assess former PM’s party wing in February

The main opposition Socialist party will decide in February whether a grouping within the party formed by Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany operates in line with the Socialists’ statutes, daily Magyar Hirlap said on Tuesday.

Unnamed sources close to the party told the paper that the current Socialist leadership does not want Gyurcsany to get too strong within the party but neither do they want him to leave as a martyr.

Gyurcsany’s new Democratic Coalition will most probably have enough members, many of whom may come from outside the Socialist party, the paper said.

A party meeting last December approved principles for assessing new groupings within the party and these principles will be used to decide whether to strengthen or extinguish new formations.

As a result, Gyurcsany and his supporters may end up leaving the party, the paper said.

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