February 16th, 2011

New constitution must express national cohesion, says Fidesz

A good constitution must express the cohesion of the nation, reflect national heritage and current objectives, and promote the values that serve as a basis for the future activities of state, Gergely Gulyas of the governing Fidesz party said on Tuesday.

Addressing the debate on a concept paper for the new constitution, he said parliamentary parties should seek to find consensus on the principles of the constitution. Even if this attempt fails, it should be made clear to everyone what points the parties could agree on and what points caused disagreement, he added.

The concept paper, as well as the constitution itself will need to be approved by two-thirds of MPs, he said. It is not necessary to have a referendum on the supreme law, he added.

He denied opposition claims that the concept paper needs to be approved by a four-fifth majority and stated that this regulation expired in 1998.

Gulyas said MPs who decide to stay away from the debate of the supreme law will be called to account by the voters.

Referring to the Socialists’ position, he said it was most anti-democratic to withdraw from a debate just because they are not given guarantees that their opinion would be accepted by the majority in the end.

MPs of the main opposition Socialist party left the house when the debate started.

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