March 21st, 2011

Fidesz parliamentary leader apologises for “poverty remarks”

Janos Lazar, parliamentary leader of the governing Fidesz party, has apologised for what he called equivocal statements posted on the internet on Saturday.

In the recording posted on the internet, Lazar, who is also mayor of Hodmezovasarhely in SE Hungary, can be heard telling the city council in 2008 that “those people who don’t do anything with their life are worth just that”.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, Lazar said, “I would like to apologise to Hungary for my ambiguous and misunderstood statement. I would like to apologise to all who feel hurt by that.”

Lazar said that his remark had not referred to the poor but to those who, instead of succeeding in their profession, embarked on a political career merely with the purpose of making a livelihood and for financial gains.

Lazar said the remarks posted on the internet were parts of a longer speech that were taken out of their original context.

The three opposition parties slammed the senior Fidesz official for his remarks.

Socialist board member Tibor Szanyi said Lazar’s remark truly reflected that the government’s policy was aimed against the poor. This policy was manifest in the introduction of a flat rate tax, cuts in social allowances and the Szell Kalman structural reform plan that endangers the livelihood of millions, he said.

Radical nationalist Jobbik spokesman David Mirkoczki said that Lazar had made “arrogant and elitist remarks denigrating the poor who make a living with honest work”.

Green Politics Can Be Different group leader Andras Schiffer said that Lazar’s words were a sincere demonstration of what Fidesz thinks of Hungarian society.

According to the policy pursued by Fidesz, the losers, those who have no chance of success, should lose and Hungarian public life should only be open to the successful and the wealthy, he said.

Fidesz deputy leader Lajos Kosa accused the Socialists of having resorted again to the “time-tested method” of manipulation and falsification.

“Those who are familiar with Lazar’s career in Hodmezovasarhely are well aware of the plenty of measures to help the poor and those in need in the town,” Kosa said.

He said Fidesz was mulling over taking legal measures in the affair.

On Sunday evening about 200 people gathered in front of the Budapest headquarters of the governing Fidesz party to protest Lazar’s remarks. The “civil disobedience flashmob” organised on Facebook ended peacefully.

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  1. Viking says:

    He said Fidesz was mulling over taking legal measures in the affair

    Like what?
    It was an official speech in front of the city council in Hodmezovasarhely 2008, so who can they sue, except Lazar himself?
    Or is it secret what you speak about in the Fidesz’ city councils?
    Or is the crime that some one now reminded the rest of Hungary of this statement?
    Lazar is really an asset for Fidesz, in his rented fancy Audi S8 costing the Tax Payers 600,000 HUF/month:

    If he just had bought that car for his own money, his asset-list to the Tax Office, would just not contain a big 0

  2. Anonymous says:

    You see, after the years with the MSZP clowns, people expected now comes something better..!
    Turned out: “same shit, different color”
    The biggest drawback to the MSZP was, that they couldn’t/wouldn’t clean their party of the scum, rather tried to explain away – so the people just got tired and got rid of them.
    Fidesz should learn the lesson, before coming to the same faith.
    Or else.

  3. justasking says:

    “Fidesz should learn the lesson, before coming to the same faith. Or else”
    Isn’t that the problem…who could possibly be the ‘or else’ party?

  4. Ricsi says:

    Viking@The S8 went back rather quickly,he now drives a more moderate Audi A6,not rented.
    Anonymous@ You mean ‘fate’ not ‘faith’,otherwise spot on!Thanks
    JustAsking@ You need to ask ???? 🙂 szebb jövőt

  5. says:

    Wow, I cant believe all those logs were never deleted… Its a treasure trove of info.
    Wo man überall Österreicher trifft

  6. Leto says:

    What on earth is this news about? And what the hell is wrong with a statement like this? “those people who don’t do anything with their life are worth just that” I mean apart from that it’s a banality.

  7. DoubleH63 says:

    @Viking “Or is it secret what you speak about in the Fidesz’ city councils?”
    Not likely. The Hódmezővásárhely City Council meetings are televised; also there is the 15 pages of minutes of the meeting available for the public.
    So all three opposition parties babbling about Lázár’s comments about and against the poor is stupid. [Social issues were not even mentioned at this meeting.]
    But with the lead of the ‘vadbarom’ Szanyi (MSZP) [and we know how accurate he is all the time] they try to stir shit by manipulating Lázár’s words.

  8. Viking says:

    And what the hell is wrong with a statement like this?
    Leto at March 21, 2011 11:33 PM

    Ask Kosa who “said Fidesz was mulling over taking legal measures in the affair”
    And maybe Lazar also, who made a public apology
    They thought obviously it was enough wrong

  9. justasking says:

    “And maybe Lazar also, who made a public apology”
    Ah yes…but…did he mean it?
    “You need to ask ???? :)”
    Oh, that’s right…I forgot ;o

  10. Viking says:

    Ah yes…but…did he mean it?
    justasking at March 22, 2011 2:29 AM

    But that would just make Lazar into a a hypocrite
    But Fidesz are the New Missionaries, who have no faults, who cannot err, so that cannot be

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