April 4th, 2011

Government announces results of constitution questionnaire

The recent consultation regarding the draft Constitution was a major national enterprise, Fidesz MEP József Szájer said Sunday.

He called it a huge success that 916,941 of the questionnaires sent to households, or 11% of the total, were returned.

Among those, 91% of respondents supported the idea that the new Constitution include both rights and civic duties.

Respondents also mostly agreed with reducing the state debt, but granting extra votes to families with children was massively rejected, Szájer noted.

The protection of natural resources, national assets and genuine life imprisonment drew almost complete support, he added.

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  • Paul

    “Government announces results of constitution questionnaire” And the result is…
    Everyone agreed with The Dear Leader on absolutely everything except on the question of giving large families more votes and since gypsies have large families The Dear Leader has decided to remove that provision. That’s about it, right?

  • Leto

    That’s about right.

  • But why did people then not chose the “Gypsy-free” alternative that The Dear Leader promoted for giving just non-Roma children a vote?

  • lex

    Among those, 91% of respondents supported the idea
    that the new Constitution include both rights and
    civic duties…

    back to communism ? “voluntary work” becomes
    mandatory ?
    Art.IX-of Orban’s Constitution “Everyone shall have
    a duty to contribute to the enrichment of the
    community through his or her work, performed
    according to his or her abilities and

  • Leto

    A bit of hard labour would benefit your mental health.

  • Leto

    The draft text:
    “Képességeinek megfelelően mindenki felelős önmagáért, és lehetőségei szerint köteles az állami és közösségi feladatok ellátásához hozzájárulni.”
    My translation:
    “According to their abilities, everybody is responsible for himself and, as much as possible, everybody is obliged to contribute to providing state and community services.”
    Say, it’s quite obvious that this is about tax dodging and alike.

  • back to communism ?
    lex at April 4, 2011 11:35 PM
    Fidesz, with its mentality to control everything in people’s life and making new regulations all the time, remind more of Kadar-time
    Some of the rhetoric is just a bit different (to fool hard-fooled ‘leto’), but the message is strong and loud
    “WE tell you What, How and Why you the People should do”
    Like you cannot have unemployment allowance if you have dog-shit in *your* garden…
    I am just waiting for Fidesz to re-introduce their biggest silliness from the 1998-2002 era – No restaurant can have more than one bottle of the same type open at any given time
    What kind of Kafka-bureaucrats is that?

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