April 4th, 2011

Hungarian memorial vandalized in W Ukraine

A Hungarian memorial in western Ukraine has been vandalised for the second time within a month, the Hungarian consul in Uzhhorod told MTI on Sunday.

A group of Hungarian tourists, after returning from a tour which included the site, reported on Saturday that they had seen fresh graffiti sprayed on the monument when they visited the monument at the Verecke Pass on March 27. The group said a commemoration by the Ukrainian radical Svoboda party had been going on at the site when they were there.

By Sunday, the paint depicting swastikas and offensive graffiti had been removed, but the monument had bits broken off from it, and the marble altarpiece was damaged, they said.

The consul Endre Szalipszki told MTI his staff members had visited the site on Sunday and were sad to confirm the damage. He said such incidents did much to hurt Hungarian-Ukrainian relations.

The Verecke Pass memorial, which commemorates the Hungarian tribes’ arrival in the Carpathian Basin in 896 AD, was set alight late February by radicals, and it has been damaged several times since its inauguration in July 2008.

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  • Paul

    why arent the socialist scum condemning this with their ever-so-loud voices? or do they not care about such crimes when hungary is the victim.

  • olga

    @ Paul
    In the absence of a readily available socialist scum, I would leave it up to psychiatrists to explain how people can stoop so low and be so cruel and hateful as to deface this memorial
    However I was curious about the “Svoboda Party” and figured once I knew what it stands for, it might be easier for me to understand what the hell possessed motivated their disgusting act.
    From wiki:
    “Svoboda’s ideology is centered around the concept of “natiocracy”, which centers around the right of each nation to have complete control over its own ethnic territory.
    “Svoboda” is a controversial party and its actions and ideology have been linked to racism, xenophobia, stirring up ethnic tensions and Nazism. B
    ut according to partyleader Tyahnybok “it is the ideology of love”.[
    The party slogan is “Ukraine for Ukrainians”
    Just be thankful that Hungary does not have to contend with any political party with similar ideologies.

  • merkurio

    Just Jobbik.
    “The pass is also memorable in Ukrainian history because in 1939, just before the outbreak of World War Two, it was the site of a mass murder of some 600 Ukrainian freedom fighters, the Carpathian Sich (Карпа́тська Січ, Karpatska Sich), who had been fighting against Hungarian and Polish occupying forces.”wikipedia
    Now that`s a great spot for a hungarian monument.

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