April 13th, 2011

Socialists pledge to “correct” constitution as soon as possible

The main opposition Socialist Party will “correct” Hungary’s new constitution drafted by the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democratic alliance as soon as possible, party leader Attila Mesterhazy said on Tuesday.

Mesterhazy described the new basic law currently before parliament as “Fidesz’s party constitution.”

He said the Socialists had made the right choice when they decided not to participate in the drafting process. At Monday’s vote on amendment proposals submitted to the constitution draft, the ruling alliance rejected all proposals made by the radical nationalist Jobbik and independent MP Katalin Szili, he added.

The final draft clearly reflects Fidesz’s economic and social policies and the party’s attitude to power, Mesterhazy said. In addition, cementing the flat-rate tax system and the state pension system will significantly reduce future government’s manoeuvering space, he said.

Hungary’s new constitution will be “a legal manifestation of Fidesz’s party interests”, Mesterhazy said.

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  • Leto

    Joke of the day. 😀
    While these bastards are struggling for their mere political survival, they speak about changing the constitution… They must be laughing at themselves behind the scenes, too.

  • justasking

    @Leto, or anybody else who may have ideas for me;
    How do I go about getting the Internet in areas of Hungary, who do not provide a free WIFI? Did I even spell that correctly?
    Is there something that I can buy or ‘fill up’ like I do my Hungarian phone?
    And before the insults start…no, I am not computer savvy…and never claimed to be.
    I just want something simple like my phone. I have a Hungarian Sim card, and when I need more minutes, it tells me and ‘fel toltom’ at the local gas station, when I buy my gas and cigarettes.
    I would appreciate any advice on this.

  • FerencFone

    Hi JA. Not quite follow your question, exactly.
    Different ISPs (internet service providers) and telephone co’s, for the various regions of Hungary.
    If one of the techno-nerds doesn’t come up with an answer, email me and I will investigate, further.

  • justasking

    Will do.

  • Leto

    Well, I think the easiest option to use your smartphone which would provide mobile Internet.
    Start browsing http://www.t-mobile.hu
    I wrote a more detailed answer but that was retained for moderation..

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