May 19th, 2011

Socialist platforms discuss future strategy

Platforms within the main opposition Socialist Party on Wednesday held a debate on whether the party should be developed as a cooperation between left-wing groups or a collective party welcoming non-leftist groups or politicians – a broader alternative to ruling Fidesz.

The latter idea was only supported by former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany’s Democratic Coalition Platform.

All seven platforms of the party agreed that the Socialists do not need a chieftain, an “Orban of the Left” but a team leader, Istvan Hiller, the head of the Social Democratic Platform, told reporters during a break of the meeting.

Hiller said that his platform had been set up in 1989 as a cooperation between democratic left-wing groups, and added that his party needed the modernised version of that model. He dismissed Gyurcsany’s idea of embracing liberal and conservative trends. Gyurcsany’s model would make the party dysfunctional, he said.

Gyurcsany himself did not attend the meeting due to a programme in the provinces.

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  • Party Pooper

    MSZP and FIDESZ should have a big bloody fight. Like real men, to death. No survivors.

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