June 27th, 2011

Controversy over blocked Tibet protest during Chinese premier’s visit to Hungary

Deputy head of parliament’s human right’s committee Timea Szabo has called for the leaders of Budapest’s police force to give evidence to the committee in connection with their handling of people who protested in support of Tibet.

Szabo told MTI in a statement on Saturday that she would investigate personally on what basis the immigration authority (BAH) had called in to its office Tibetan refugees who were living in Hungary legally and had residential and work permits.

The statement said that Politics Can Be Different (LMP), the party to which she belongs, deeply condemns the police’s treatment of Tibetan refugees and activists demonstrating in support of Tibet, by blocking them from openly expressing their opinion during the visit to Hungary of the Chinese premier.

The Help Tibet Society wrote in a separate statement on Saturday that staff of the BAH on Friday evening had taken in to the BAH office Tibetan refugees living in Hungary. Further, police had blocked demonstrators from the site of a visit by the Chinese premier.

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  • spectator

    They should have a few “Trianon” banners too, then they could have had their freedom of movement guaranteed!

    – In Hungary, that is, because their homeland occupied at the moment…

    Never mind, though, it “feels like home”, isn’t it?
    The same treatment, at least!

    However, I failed to decide, that the Chinese level of democracy has reached the level of the Hungarian, or the other way around..?

  • wolfi

    We were there on muzeum körut Friday around 15 hours when police stopped all traffic for a few minutes, luckily for us not for too long – that would have produced a chaos in traffic. Passing the nemzeti muzeum later we saw some young Chinese-looking people (or Tibetans) and a lot of police …

    Only later were we told that there were official visitors from China in Budapest.

  • szekely land

    Dalai Lama accuses the Romanian diplomacy of servility towards China. At least this is what claims the cabinet of European Parliament’s vice-president, Laszlo Tokes. The accusation was allegedly brought Monday, during a private conversation between Tokes and Dalai Lama.

    Tokes invited the Tibetan leader to Romania, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Bucharest recognizes the existence of only one China, which includes Tibet.


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