July 6th, 2011

You won’t have Krisztina Morvai’s liberal Jewish husband to kick around anymore!

One of the biggest “inconvenient truths” of Hungarian politics in recent years was the fact that the most public face of Jobbik during the right-wing party’s spectacular arrival on the scene in the 2009 European Parliament elections – academic/layer Krisztina Morvai – was (in our cheeky words at the time) happily married to a Jew. Not any more!

Sometime in the past few weeks, Morvai and her husband, leftish TV host György Baló, got a divorce, having for the past several years lived separately in their house. According to hirszerzo.hu, the former couple released a short statement saying “We have gotten a divorce. We continue raising our children together.”

The media first reported that the couple’s relationship had deteriorated in 2009, when a friend of the family said they had been living on different floors in their house for years and had only decided not to get a divorce because they thought such a change would have had a negative effect on their children’s development.

Hopefully the children will now be under less stress from what was clearly a very tense and confusing situation. Same for everyone else.

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  • Laszlo Kovacs

    Hmm…should I say good?

  • Mike

    You should say: Help politics.hu not to see “it” as a “point”. Is “it” important? – shut up politics.hu Is “it” so important – even if “it’s” true? Will Politics.hu crow? Should they proove something? 🙁

  • djoci


    Now I can finally sleep well again.


  • James Warbuoys

    A little while ago, Morvai towed the Jobbik line and, made a lot of noise in the European parliament about Hungary.
    Some of her speeches/ramblings were focussed and relevant whilst, at times, she was inclined to be discursive and vague. Perhaps that was the strain of a failed marriage to a Jewish broadcaster?
    Anyway, the silence is now deafening, and the only noise heard is the rumbling of divorce, and that, the unlikely pair shared a house but on different floors. It could only happen in Hungary where the weird and wonderful embrace
    each other as do long, lost, cousins. Csokolom xxx!

    • Szabad Ember

      Thanks for the laugh, James!

  • judas

    The legendary Hungarian IQ is efficiently repressed by their lamentable EQ.
    – Zsuzsanna Ardó

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