July 13th, 2011

Parliament passes cardinal law on new ombudsman structure

Parliament passed a cardinal law on the country’s new, integrated ombudsman system on Monday night at its last session before the summer recess.

The law, in line with the new constitution, creates the post of a single ombudsman for fundamental rights. The ombudsman will work with two deputies for the protection of interests of national minorities and future generations, respectively.

The three officials will be elected, under Hungary’s new constitution, by a two-thirds parliamentary majority for six years, from 2012.

The new ombudsman will have new powers to initiate proceedings over alleged violations of the basic rights of large groups of citizens, not only by state-run institutions, but by banks, businesses or social organisations.

The new structure replaces the current system of four ombudsmen for general affairs, minorities, data protection and future generations.

The data protection ombudsman’s functions will be taken over by a new data protection authority, the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority.

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  • Andy

    That sounds good in theory but Fidesz still has their supermajority in 2012, so expect more handpicked Fidesz sycophants.

  • Dutch

    FIDESZ is doing exactly what its voters want them to do. Thank you FIDESZ for your much needed work and reforms. remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day, the fruits of FIDESZ policy are already showing, just wait a few more years. If democracy means having the risk that Gyurcsany and his zionist-mafioso gang may have another 4 years chance to destroy and sell out Hungary then I say no to democracy. Democracy is sooo 20th century, it’s done, over. We need something fresh. Are there really still sheeple out there who believe in democracy? Just look at the circus in the US called elections, it’s like choice in the communist era, you can vote for whoever you want as long as they are either Republicans or Democrats ( same people in charge, illusion of difference and choice). And in the netherlands? There are so many parties to vote for there will never be a significant majority in the parlament to really change or alter important policies. It is almost impossible to alter the crucial points of the system, even if voters want that. Example: Majority of Dutch citizens don’t want to engage in war with the US in Afghanistan or libia, but still we are there every time. Democracy? Idiocracy? get real, wake up and smell the deception.

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