July 15th, 2011

Parliamentary speaker says opposition complaints about pace of law-making justified; PM does not want to slow down

Speaker of Parliament Laszlo Kover, who belongs to the ruling Fidesz party, has said the pace of law-making should be slowed down, arguing that opposition complaints that they do not have enough time to prepare their positions on bills are justified, Nepszabadsag daily said on Thursday.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, however, wants to keep his ambitious legislative agenda rolling.

His spokesman, Peter Szijjarto, earlier told a television programme, “if there’s someone who counts on us slowing down […] then let me make it clear: there will be another half year running at a similar tempo with a similarly tight timetable [to the first 6 months].”

Kover, however, told InfoRadio that opposition concerns were understandable.

“I’d like to give more time for the preparation […] and debate of legislative proposals,” he said. “Things cannot go on as they are,” he added.

The speaker said that even if the pace of law-making eases, the predictability of the agenda will in any case have to improve, and this is a message that he had given both to Orban and Janos Lazar, the parliamentary group leader of the centre-right Fidesz party.

Lazar has said the major bills after the summer recess will cover the transformation of justice administration, new electoral legislation, the education bill, as well as the overhaul of the health-care and transport systems. Further, the creation of a land bill will also be on the agenda.

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