September 20th, 2011

Jobbik continues to be party with highest pornstar-per-politician ratio

Of all the political parties in parliament, you would not expect far-right Jobbik to have the highest adult film performer-per-politician ratio, although previous revelations have shown that to be likely the case.

Most recently, local porn producer István “Kovi” Kovács revealed in an upcoming autobiography that Jobbik politician Zoltán Kabai was one of his main male talents for approximately ten years in the 1990s, reports. Kabai did not deny starring in adult films earlier in his life, but said that was nearly twenty years ago and that he was considering legal action as the news of Kovács’s upcoming book caused “family problems” for him, which we assume means he probably wasn’t entirely honest with his missus about the jobs on his résumé.

Although Jobbik released a statement in support of Kabai over the weekend, Kabai announced yesterday through a party spokesman that he would resign his post of local organization director in Solymár to defend the party, added yesterday. Kovács for his part has said he will defend himself in court if sued.

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  • Andy

    Jobbik, Jobbik … you mean that party in Hugary, which is lead by Gábor Zázrivecz? hahahah it is really true hugarian blood… And those porn star … nice…

  • Freedom

    These alligations against Jobbik always target supporters of the party, average supporters, but in this case he was a regional organizer. However, I don’t think being a former pornstar in the 90s disqualfies you form holding office.

    I would also like to add that Jobbik has thousands of members, supporters, and that in any party there’re people who’ve done things that the any party would not have agreed with them doing. Had Kabai been a Socialist or member of LMP this would not even be news, but that is because of how Jobbik presents itself to the public.

    We all know that dirt exist, and that none of the parties in government are immune to it.

    Sadly, many Hungarians became porstars in the 1990s as Jews and Western Capitalist porn producers moved their porn-inductry into Eastern Europe.

    • So if it “would not even be news” if Kabai had been a Socialist or LMP member” and been uncovered as a former porn actor, I suppose you can then name lots of LMPers or MSZPers with porn pasts. Let’s hear ’em!

    • Andy

      why you are so obssed with all that anti Jewish propaganda? Did Jews killed your family? Raped your wife? I don´ t get it. Actuly..lot´s of people here are in same shape… Why such hatred?

  • Viking

    When ‘rating’ “Jobbik” we should obviously use the symbol of a “Penis Pump” instead of stars/plus-signs/etc

  • justasking

    “Sadly, many Hungarians became porstars in the 1990s ”

    Oh give me a break! A person can always find a job to pay the bills without having to resort to porn.

    He made a conscious decision to join this industry for whatever reason, fine…but seriously, did he not think it would come back to bite him in the ass once he decided to enter into public service?

    I don’t see why he should be pissed, threatening to sue.

    • spectator

      ‘..I don’t see why he should be pissed, threatening to sue.’

      – It’s pretty obvious, dear Zsuzsa – this is a highly compromising picture of him:

      -He wearing a knit cap, decorated with the German national colors instead the Hungarian ones…
      – Even worse, his shirt, (or whatever that is) striped with the wrong color: black!
      While every conscious Jobbik-member knows, that the stripes are red, and called Arpad’s..

      Be honest, it’s a scandal, a shame, that is..!

      • justasking


        “Be honest, it’s a scandal, a shame, that is..!”

        What…that he’s a fashion disaster or his past coming back to haunt him?

        I still don’t understand what his problem is. It would be one thing if he only did one movie and claim aliens had taken over his mind and he did not know what he was doing…but for the love of Pete…10 years of service?

        What do you expect, people wouldn’t find out?

        I think he should resign, not contemplate suing.

        • spectator

          Speaking strictly of the politically incorrect attire – of course! (I see nothing else to talk about, really.)

          A significant difference, by the way, that Cicciolina never denied her past – nor her presence, for that matter – I honestly respect that, as much as I dislike turncoats of any kind.
          Otherwise, the party may start up a new faction, as it looks like.
          They may call “The Woody Members”…

  • wolfi

    Did you hear or read that famous Hungarian girl Cicciolina aka Ilona Staller who was a member (no pun intended) of the Italian parliament some years ago will turn 60 this November – and get a nice pension from the state of Italy, around 40 000 € a year ?

    I’ve posted no link – justasking might freak out again if I did that …

    • justasking


      “I’ve posted no link – justasking might freak out again if I did that”

      Now for the entire story…..The link you posted, was a picture of 3 naked guys…you did this on a political website…who does stuff like that?

      I pinned your ears back, because I thought it inappropriate. You could have, at the very least, given people a heads up before they clicked onto it….pun intended.

    • Curious George

      @Wolfi – this is taken from the Guardian (no pics) “The stipend, which is for life, is her reward for labouring as a member of parliament for all of five years, from 1987 to 1992. Staller was elected for the libertarian Radical party and sponsored a number of mainly sex-related bills, including one to set up “love parks and hotels”.
      Her entitlement is no different from that of any other one-term politician in Italy. “

      What is shocking is the last sentence, and the long term implications for Italy of permanently taking on such a burden for every political hack. I wonder if Hungary has any such arrangement where single term politicians have special pension rights compared to the general public, and whether the public knows about this.
      ps – the picture you posted wasn’t just a picture of 3 naked guys – it was a pic of 3 naked Hungarian guys which, to some posters here, is a huge difference.

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