October 19th, 2011

Civic groups turn to European Commission for protection of ombudsman system

Hungarian civic groups have turned to the president of the European Commission to seek protection for the country’s ombudsman system.

The Károly Eötvös Institute, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union are asking José Manuel Barroso to launch proceedings against Hungary due to the passage of a new “cardinal law” covering the ombudsman structure.

In the organizations’s opinion, the government’s elimination of the post of an independent data protection ombudsman violates EU laws. [napi.hu]

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  • Orlando Andy

    If you have any luck,ask the commission to check out Florida next. The first act of Gov. Scot after his election was to fire the state’s Ombudsman, the non volunteer watchdog over nursing and assisted living facilities, a group of businessmen who had contributed heavily to his campaign. The fact that it was an illegal firing made no difference in a state where you now only get the justice you can pay for.

  • Werner

    It’s not the ombudsman system, it is the data protection commissioner. Fidesz sacks Jori because of his investigations (“national consultation” with bar codes, etc.) — but since the data protection commissioner is regulated by EU law, it might prove unlawful. The other commissioners are not regulated by EU, thus they can be sacked.

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