October 19th, 2011

Fidesz plans legislation aimed at individuals involved in post-1956 reprisals

Ruling party Fidesz will put forward a bill to lawmakers whose aim is to hold people who were responsible for post-1956 reprisals and law-enforcement officials accountable for their inhumane actions.

Fidesz lawmaker Gergely Gulyas told a news conference on Tuesday that the party’s proposal for a solution was constitutional and in line with international law. He added that the bill would only affect a small number people, of around several dozen at the most.

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  • Farkas László

    Good idea. Better late than never.

    There is still a lot of unresolved anger over what went on during that regime.

  • Viking

    One of the criticism against the Nuremberg-trials, was that the London Charter definition of what constituted a crime against humanity was unknown when many of the crimes were committed, it could be argued to be a retrospective law, in violation of the principles of prohibition of ex post facto laws and the general principle of penal law nullum crimen, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali
    It will be interesting if ‘ricsi’ and his friend will also use that argument against these trials, given that this will be an Hungarian trial, so only Hungarian laws will apply

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