November 10th, 2011

Call for new “Radio Free Europe” to combat right-wing “media hegemony” in Hungary

“A right-wing and at times far-right media hegemony prevails in Hungary, and I ever more often feel that Radio Free Europe or the BBC’s Hungarian-language service should be restored, to state the basic facts,” Hungarian-born writer Paul Lendvai said in an interview with Népszabadság on Wednesday.

Lendvai added that “regrettably there is no charismatic, right-wing Hungarian moderate like Poland’s Donald Tusk, and there is not nearly as much tolerance as in the Czech Republic, where the dual Swiss-Czech citizen Karel Schwarzenberg, a Bavarian property and Vienna hotel owner, is foreign minister and could even become head of state”.

He expressed qualified optimism, however, reasoning that Hungary is a small state and needs competent people with integrity; “and sooner or later a statesman will appear in the political arena who realises this, and acts accordingly”.

Lendvai presented his latest book Magyarok: Gy zelmek és kudarcok (Hungarians: Victories and Fiascos) to the media in Bratislava on Tuesday evening.

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  • Gandi

    NO, bring back the original “Radio Free Europe”, the one that combated communist scum like Lendvai….

    Typical left-wing hate mongering…
    Typical left-wing fear mongering…

    When they know they are in trouble they sling the horse crap…

  • Viking

    Gandi says:
    November 10, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    NO, bring back the original “Radio Free Europe”, the one that combated communist scum like Lendvai

    Yes the one that “was widely accused of misleading the Hungarian people into believing that they could count on
    effective U.S. support in their opposition to the Soviets”

    “Policy Review of Voice for Free Hungary Programming, October 23-November 23, 1956,”
    December 5, 1956
    In the wake of the Soviet suppression of the Hungarian revolution, Radio Free Europe (RFE)
    was widely accused of misleading the Hungarian people into believing that they could count on
    effective U.S. support in their opposition to the Soviets. This report by RFE political adviser
    William Griffith, published here for the first time, was part of an internal investigation of RFE
    broadcasts during the Hungarian uprising. The document claims that there were only a “few
    genuine violations of policy” but reveals that RFE broadcasts in several cases had implied that
    foreign aid would be forthcoming if the Hungarians succeeded in establishing a “central
    military command.” The broadcasts also appealed to the Hungarians to “continue to fight
    vigorously,” and even gave specific tactical advice to the rebels. Significantly, the report also
    reveals serious flaws in the organizational structure and in the control over sections of RFE. It
    points out, for example, that important discrepancies existed between the program summaries
    submitted for review by émigré staff prior to broadcast and the substance of the broadcasts
    From the mouth of the horse

  • M Baker

    Look who is talking? Lendvai was a pro-communist SPY during the cold war. He was most probably spying on people who were listening to Radio Free Europe.

    Lendvai is a discredited entity who does not enjoy any respect.

    On the other hand, Hungary’s media is free of communist hate mongering, so it looks like sour grapes, Mr Lendvai!

  • Big Fish

    Silly idea.
    If they (Lendai etal) are so concerned, broadcasting propaganda isn’t the answer. They should lead by example and demostrate with facts/actions why their adversaries are incorrect. Perhaps they can’t – they have no basis for their concern/argument.

  • Pete H.

    Who’s in trouble? Take a look at the forint euro exchange rate and it seems that the ruling party is in a heap of trouble.

  • Bill E. Boye

    Yah, Lendvai and Kertesz should dictate Hungarian policy and the Nepszabadsag the official state newspaper, eh what?

    • Andray

      *Thumbs up*

      • Leto

        And restore People’s Republic of Hungary, eh?

        • Viking

          Hardly possible inside the EU, so failed the test again
          The People’s Republic of Hungary was popular when it was created, it did not just stay that
          Parallels could be drawn to later time in history

  • Fidesz a victim

    Most media in Europe is dominated by the left and far-left.

    So, Paul Lendvai admits that Radio Free Europe and BBC are insturments of left-wing hegemony? Maybe, Hungary’s so-called right-wing media (yea, right) should establish branches in Germany and the UK to ballance the typically left-wing and far-left media domination there. Oh, that is right, in those countries such media would be banned, because only political correctness and left-wing and neo-con ideology is allowed.

  • wolfi

    That’s really funny:

    “Most media in Europe is dominated by the left and far-left.”

    Something similar was claimed some time ago by bobscountybunker (may he rest in peace …) and when I asked him about Berlusconi’s and Murdoch’s empires he answered something like: Oh, these are completely unpolitical “yellow press” …

  • Stephen Dedalus

    Figures that this nomenklatura prince would welcome a foreign power to violate the sovereignty of his country by propagandizing its population. After all, he had plenty of practice supporting a different foreign power’s occupation of Hungary.

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