November 28th, 2011

Fidesz candidate wins Budapest by-election in landslide

Voters in the second round of a by-election held in Budapest’s up-market 2nd district on Sunday selected Fidesz district mayor Zsolt Lang to represent them in parliament.

Lang won the ballot with 58.45 percent on a turnout of just over a third (34.16pc) of all eligible voters in the district. In the first round held two weeks ago Lang secured a majority but turnout at 39 percent was too low for the result to be declared valid.

The by-election had to be called because MP Istvan Balsai, representing the 2nd district’s 50 thousand voters in parliament, had been elected in June as constitutional judge, a post which is incompatible with being a lawmaker.

The opposition initially cast the election as high-stakes due to their stated desire to “dismantle the Fidesz two-thirds”.

Opposition parties fielded big guns in the hope of unseating Lang, who has headed the 2nd district’s municipality for the past five years. Lang became mayor of the well-healed district in the 2006 general election, and in 2010 he won a seat in the national parliament.

In the Sunday ballot Katalin Levai of the Socialists came second with 30.55 percent and Gergely Karacsony of LMP third with 6.45 percent.

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  • Leto

    Nearly 60% for Fidesz, 30% for the postcommies, 6% for LMP…. not bad at all! 😀

  • Viking

    In the The 2010 Mayor elections, which is the only stats from II-district I can find on the Election Office’s web-page
    Fidesz 66% (24.170 votes)
    MSZP 23% (8.282 votes)
    LMP 11% (3.967 votes)

    If we then translates Sunday’s election and (50.000*39.16%) 19580 votes in total:
    Fidesz 58% (11.356 votes)
    MSZP 31% (6.070 votes)
    LMP 6% (1.175 votes)

    Given this stats MSZP was the party who succeeded to mobilise their voters to the biggest part:
    Fidesz 47% recurring voters
    MSZP 73%% recurring voters
    LMP 30% recurring voters

    The result for LMP is a catastrophe and needs to be analysed thoroughly by them

    The result for Fidesz is probably on par what would be expected, if their supporters were convinced they would win anyway

  • Vidra

    Two-thirds of those entitled to vote couldn’t be bothered. Orange bucket, red bucket, beige bucket – what’s in them smells the same to most people

  • Leto

    34.16% for a turnout (and especially 39% in the first round!) is pretty high for a by-election! 🙂

  • Vidra

    Not a high turn-out if you believe that democracy should be an active process. So less of the “people’s will” clap-trap, if you please. I take it that the “landslide” headline was ironic, Erik….

    • Leto

      It’s *relatively* high compared to the typical turnout on by-elections. It’s no believing, it’s comparing numbers.

  • Jano

    Jobbik not included?

    • Leto

      Jobbik: 3.71%
      JESZ (ex-MDF): 0.79%

  • Jano

    Hmm, Jobbik must not get a substancial ammount of support the the city.

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