December 15th, 2011

Jobbik ties with Socialists in new Ipsos poll

The opposition radical nationalist and Socialist parties are neck-and-neck in the polls while the pool of uncommitted voters is exceptionally high, according to a December survey by Ipsos published on Wednesday.

The ratio of voters turned off politics rose to 54 percent in December, the Ipsos poll found. 

Jobbik’s star has risen steadily, and the radical party now commands 24 percent of decided voters and 10 percent of the whole sample, up from 9 percent in November. This compares to 11 and 24 percent respectively for the Socialists, which has seen its support dwindle from 12 percent in the previous month.

The Democratic Coalition, a Socialist splinter group whose ten lawmakers sit as independents, saw its support rise to 2 percent of the whole sample (from 1 percent) and 3 percent of core party supporters.

Ruling party Fidesz had the backing of 18 percent of the electorate in December (down from 19 percent) and 39 percent of the decided block. Ipsos said that Fidesz lost 1.3 million voters in 2011. 

Green opposition party LMP lost a point from 4 percent in November to 3 in the whole sample, and stoon on 8 percent among the decided group, the survey conducted between December 5 and 12 with a sample of 1,500 voting-age adults found.

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