January 4th, 2012

Foreign Ministry rejects criticism of Hungary by France’s Juppé

Hungary’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday firmly rejected French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe’s comment made on French television, questioning Hungary’s respect for the EU’s common basic principles, rule of law and democratic values.

“Juppe’s comment is at odds with the traditional friendship between the two countries; neither does it concord with the process of consultations between Hungary and France,” the ministry said in a statement sent to MTI.

The Hungarian government is conducting dialogue with the European institutions and the international organisations to clarify concrete concerns about the constitution and the cardinal laws, it said.

Juppe told French public television on Tuesday that “the situation is problematic in Hungary”.

The French minister told the programme that France had asked the European Commission to take the necessary steps to ensure that fundamental principles and common values of the European Union be respected everywhere, Hungary included.

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  • American in Budapest

    The pressure is just beginning …

    No right wing dictatorships will be tolerated in Europe. Not even a country on the fringe of Europe.

  • Solstice Bells

    Right wing? You jest! It is Commie, Fidesz leftovers, under the pretense of nationalism. The right, nor the left, want anything to do with Orban Viktor and/or his madcap antics.
    Bad government is just that: bad government!
    Call in the pied piper and lead the rats into the ‘drink’ i.e. the Danube!

  • Someone from America Latina

    Good luck, hungarians. You will need.

  • Steve

    Of course they will reject critisism, with a bunch of national/ communist idiots at the helm, they pass laws and change the constitution without consultation with the people of the country, my father fought the commies in 1956 and had to endure banishment for the remained of his life in fear of the government,I will not repeat leaving my country, it is time for us Hungarians to stand up against the unjust and corrupt for the future generations to come.
    All that can be said is that the supreme leader is comparable to Zimbabwes Robert Mugabe, he only worries about being in power as the supreme leader to boost his ego and dos’nt care about the people as it is only us \commoners who are getting the bad deal

  • Democrat

    “….process of consultations…”!!! People have understood that Hungary (OV) does not follow these processes. No consultation with the ECB about the new Central Bank law or the approach to the IMF. No consultation with the people about the Constitution. Just when will Orban’s cronies realise that he has to be dropped. The country is just a few months away from meltdown.

    • Ironjack

      Financial default is unavoidable at this stage, but at the same time, necessary. I do not believe in Hungarian poverty. I do not believe that a country in which more than 70% of its land is suitable for agriculture has to beg for money from the IMF. That a country with incredibly big water and natural resources (even after Trianon) has to be the laughing stock of Europe.. What I do believe is that the current state of the country is the direct result of the mentality of its people. Their lack of discipline and commitment to work in the same team. This is the type of results you obtain when you have a country of “every man for himself”. Until you guys are not starving in the streets, you will not realize that the government is the least of your problems, and you will keep on living in a 3rd world country at the heart of Europe. 2012 is the year of change or die. Easy as that. Discipline defeats intelligence. Waving party flags and isolating from the rest of the civilized world will not solve the issue. Discipline defeats intelligence.

  • Hrvat Tito

    A ridiculous country with a comedian in charge of its affairs. Orban is playing “kicsi-Mussolini”

    “It is on the European Commission to check that these new constitutional texts respect what constitutes the common good of all countries of the European Union, that is to say the rule of law and respect for democratic core values.
    There is a problem today and we call on the European Commission to take the necessary steps to ensure that these fundamental principles are respected everywhere, including in Hungary.”-A.Juppe

  • True democracy

    I am not surprised France wants to see Hungary’s constitution changed. France’s experiement with liberalism
    failed miserably and they want to take everyone down with them. They are being flooded by foreign cultures, they abandoned their glorious past and their Christian heritage. They are a lost globalist nation like most nations in the western world. Hungary wants to protect the family saying marriage is between a man and a woman, recognize their christian hertiage, and get tough on crime. How dare they! In the liberal west that is unacceptable even though the ruling party in Hungary has a 2/3 majority mandate. I would like to ask everyone a question here. Are you sure we are still living in a free and democratic world!?

    • Democrat

      It is not France that wants to see the constitution changed. It was Orban. Was there really anything wrong with the other one? The defenders of the current situation seem to focus on attacking the critics rather than looking calmly at the mess which successive governments have made of this country. After 12 months of relatively normalcy under Bajnai, the Fidesz government have seemed to go on a rampage of nationalism and self destruction. This has led to widespread weakening of confidence and in turn the enormous domestic cost related to an ever weakening currency. Even now it can be turned round, but Orban seems to have a fixation on his chosen path. We can only hope that some of those close to him can convince him to go before he is pushed.

    • Ironjack

      Wow. what a brilliant deduction Jobbik. you guys deserve the Nobel of economics.Even if tomorrow there is some sort of miracle and the IMF saves Hungary,I am afraid it will not solve the problem. The real problem is the lack of leadership (which doesn’t mean dictatorship) and a total disregard for its people and dignity. dignity is not waving flags and isolation. Dignity is to acknowledge that you guys have a very rich country at your disposal and you can use it for your benefit.Just imagine what would happen if you guys change your retarded laws and tax scheme for something like this: tax exemption for any foreign investor as long as it creates minimun 200 jobs….in a week the entire country would be employed. or another one: Imagine what would happen if you realize that a WORLD SCALE food crisis is coming, and you decide to use your fertile lands to harvest food, which is 70% of your land.I have no doubt Hungary would be a super power if their people would NOT have the mentality of beggars and homeless sticking their hands out for coins from other Europeans.whether you like it or not, you will have to interact with the rest of the world to get out of your own crap.

  • Rendben

    Yes, we are. But not if your favorite nagybacsi has anything to do with it. Orban Viktor should make a charge for entrance into his Disney World of fantasies and forlorn hopes.Not in forint, though,not at the moment! (lol)
    Where are the 100, 000 new jobs promised by Fidesz and, VAT/AFA recently raised to 27% (the highest in Europe)which reflects the dire straits this crumbling nation now finds itself in.
    Hungarians tend to vote for the worst possible leaders imaginable. This is an historical trend that blights any hope of Hungary ever jumping out of the ditch that, quite frankly, is self-made.
    The only thing that is because, in all the shops are Chinese imports that, are as inferior and tatty as the present government.

  • andre

    We may not live in a totally free and democratic world (plenty of work to do to get there), but it surely beats by miles what we have here in Hungary!
    I agree with Rendben – as long as hungarians blame, see the enemy (as in True Democracy’s post) on outside nations, they’ll never get out of this hole. Self-criticism is a virtue! Learning from our mistakes…and it includes siding with the losers, in war, in politics.

  • seinean

    “the traditional friendship between the two countries”

    Sure thing. Especially since the “reign” of nagybócsai Sárközy Miklós

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