January 6th, 2012

Poll shows growing anti-Semitism in Hungary

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Hungary, as anti-Semitic language has become legitimate in public parlance because of the “Jobbik effect,” a survey by Central European University sociologist András Kovács shows.

Some 24% of adults said they find Jews disagreeable, up from 10-14% gauged during 1993 to 2006.

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  • Laszlo

    Szebb jövöt!

  • I love Hungary

    He who doesn’t remember his history is condemned to repeat it.

  • Big Fish

    How is the question anti-sem?

  • nimh

    This news item is *really* short – kind of hard to figure out what to go on here.

    I did find a Hungarian-language story on this survey that has a ton of information, including charts and more information about the wording of some of the survey questions: Google for “Az antiszemita nyelv legitimmé vált a közbeszédben”, it appeared on the site of the Szombat journal.

  • Ricsi

    Understandable considering current events,but they are too arrogant to ever learn 🙂

    • Viking

      Yes, we all just know that the ‘j*ws’ control the IMF, but they also control the ‘Market’, so where should Orban The Viktator have gone to fix Hungary’s problem?

      ‘leto’ think the ‘j*ws’ only control the IMF and not the ‘market’, so he just loves option 2, the ‘Market’, but which one do you propose?

      What is ‘option 3’?

  • Don’t worry about what happens to the jews, read what they would have done to us: http://ow.ly/FQZy0. Every fiber of their being is aimed at subjugating and ultimately exterminating us goyim. That means human cattle. That’s how jews see us. You remember the Orcs in Lord Of The Rings? They’re modeled after the jewish hordes who shot, mutilated, and starved to death 100,000,000 people in The Soviet Union & Eastern Europe. Also in Red China.

    Truthmonger dot info

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