January 18th, 2012

Orbán tells European Parliament disputes a natural result of Hungarian government’s “magnificent” efforts

Hungary has been renewed and reorganised under European principles, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Strasbourg on Wednesday, addressing a plenary session of the European Parliament.

In view of the speed of renewal, it is “quite natural” that disputed issues have also emerged, he said.

Orban said that the problems raised by the European Union can be resolved “easily, simply and very quickly”. He added that none of the EC’s objections affected Hungary’s new constitution.

Hungary’s renewal was urgent, as the economy was about to collapse in 2010, Orban said, adding that in view of the government’s “comprehensive, deep, magnificent and exciting” efforts it was not surprising that Hungary was being watched with increased attention.

Among the achievements of the past 18 months of his government, Orban mentioned Hungary’s decreasing state debt, a positive fiscal balance, and that paramilitary organisation threatening ethnic minorities had been dissolved.

The government’s structural reforms involved changes to the governmental, administrative and municipal system, the judiciary, education, taxation, pensions, as well as social services and national health care. “We have reorganised all systems that used to increase the national debt,” Orban said. “We have reorganised every system that produced debt,” he added.

Concerning Hungary’s new constitution, the prime minister noted that it had replaced the country’s communist constitution created in 1949.

Orban also admitted that the changes had hurt the interests of lobby groups and business circles and mentioned for example Hungary’s bank levy and crisis taxes. He added that he considered it as natural that amid all the changes, controversial issues surfaced.

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  • Viking

    He said that none of the EC’s objections affected Hungary’s new constitution

    Wrong as usual!
    I copy from the official declaration from the European Commission:

    “The new MNB law and certain provisions in the new Constitution are in breach of these principles”

    “The infringements identified in the letter of formal notice concern both the MNB law (‘Magyar Nemzeti Bank’) but also the new constitution”

    “Moreover, a constitutional provision regulates the possible merger of the MNB with the financial supervisory authority. While the merger is not a problem as such, the MNB Governor would become a simple deputy chairman of the new structure, which would structurally encroach on his independence”

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