January 18th, 2012

Orbán says Hungary ready to cooperate to resolve EU infringement issues

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has indicated in a letter his willingness to find solutions to the problems raised in the infringement proceedings announced by the EU’s executive arm on Tuesday, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Barroso confirmed that the EC seeks to remain strict and consistent in ensuring that all EU member states fully respect community law.

Concerning the legal aspects, the EU sought to represent an objective position that is in full compliance with the EU rules, he said.

Orban’s spokesman Peter Szijjarto confirmed on Wednesday that the prime minister had sent a letter to Barroso, confirming Hungary’s commitment to reaching a fast agreement.

The Hungarian government is flexible and open to consultations on the issues contested by the EC, the prime minister said in the letter.

He added that Hungary sees a good chance for a rapid agreement on most points.

In the parliamentary debate Barroso said that the issue of the central bank’s independence should be addressed before Hungary enters negotiations for a financial assistance.

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  • Hrvat Tito

    Orban’s supine letter to Barroso this morning :

    “We have immediately started with our thorough analysis of all the points raised. In this context, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the European Commission and to you personally that you have decided to seek a legal solution to this very complex matter. I can guarantee that my government and I will do everything that is necessary in order to settle these questions in a satisfactory manner and as fast as possible.

    It is my assessment that regarding the overwhelming majority of the points raised by the Commission, we will be able to rapidly resolve the problem…. [C]concerning the remaining issues, we also fully share the principles articulated by the Commission, notably the independence of the Central Bank, the Judiciary and the Data Protection Agency; nevertheless, we might need further technical consultations in the coming days in order to clarify certain issues.”

  • James

    I suggested in a post about 2 weeks ago that not one of the institutions IMF/EU/World Bank should lend any money to the Hungarian government led by Orban Viktor.
    The people will not get any benefits either way because the money will simply disappear down the usual black holes.
    Hungary moves one step closer to the Greek model insofar as doomsday is just around the corner with the total mishandling of every situation by the Budapest brigade.
    This jumped-up little toerag, Orban Viktor, has also followed in the footsteps of that other befuddled role model, Gyurcsany Ferenc.
    Orban has picked a fight with everybody; drawn up and implemented autocratic legislation without due consideration of the nation’s best interests.
    Orban is a loose cannon surrounded by a bunch of post commie mavericks that are spiralling out of control by the day and bringing everything and everyone down with them.

  • Aloof

    @ James
    I almost can’t believe it, someone who gets it. Ditto for Iron Jack. If ever a song applied to Hungarian political leaderhip “Here’s the new boss, same as the old boss” does especially since 1989 when Hungary had a golden opporunity to ascend to something greater. But noooo… personal gain, personal wealth, ego, corruption and cronyism still rules the day, all at the expense, future comfort and peace of mind of the Hungarian people. Throw in Slovakia who appear to be going backwards as that slimeball Russia/Castro/Chavez lover Fico, another authoritarian type seems poised to take the reigns again. Little doubt there will be huge changes in Europe in 2012.

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