January 18th, 2012

University orders inquiry into plagiarism charge against President

The head of Budapest’s Semmelweis University has ordered an inquiry into the circumstances under which President Pál Schmitt’s doctoral thesis was awarded, it was announced yesterday.

A commission formed by the dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at Semmelweis University will look into allegations that Schmitt’s doctoral thesis was largely plagiarised.

Rector Tivadar Tulassay initiated the inquiry, as Semmelweis University is the legal successor to the University of Physical Education, which awarded the degree in 1992.
Schmitt has cancelled a lecture planned for today at Eger’s Eszterházy Károly College. His office said “in view of the students obligations” Schmitt “did not wish to disturb the period of examination”.

He will go ahead with his visit to Eger.

Socialist Party president Attila Mesterházy said his party will initiate an amendment of the Constitution to ensure a referendum to remove Schmitt if he proves unworthy of his position.

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