January 19th, 2012

Hot debate among Hungarian MEPs during Strasbourg session on Hungary

Several Hungarian MEPs addressed the European Parliament’s Wednesday session, which focussed on Hungary in the presence of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Socialist MEP Csaba Tabajdi said that it was the policy of Orban’s government and not the European Union, as the government claims, that was “punishing the Hungarian nation”.

Jozsef Szajer of the ruling Fidesz party stressed that Hungary is a European democracy.

Speaking on behalf of the Conservatives and Reformists Group, Lajos Bokros said that “the rule of law had been exposed to carpet bombing” in Hungary.

Krisztina Morvai of the radical nationalist Jobbik said it is not Hungary that should be blamed for the failure of the European Union “which had passed decisions that caused massive unemployment, poverty and suffering in Europe”.

Kinga Goncz of the Socialists said the critical remarks were targeted at the prime minister’s policy rather than at the country as a whole.

Andras Gyurk, head of the Fidesz delegation, concluded that the European left wing sought to “continue its campaign of slander” which he said would only reinforce the extremist parties.

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  • Viking

    Jozsef Szajer of the ruling Fidesz party stressed that Hungary is a European democracy

    This is the same Jozsef Szajer who wrote the New Constitution and whose wife,Tunde Hando, was appointed chairwoman of the National Judicial Office (Orszagos Biroi Hivatal, OBH), in charge of:
    – appoint all judges and leaders in the judicial system of the country
    – decide on the appointment of 137 (!) new judges and 2 presiding judges at the county level
    -move any judge to any court in the country
    -move any case from any court to any court in the country

    This is the same Jozsef Szajer who claimed he resigned from all posts in Fidesz, so now shadow would fall on ‘Hungarian Democracy’ being ‘A Family Affair’…

  • steve

    When do you have so much time offer so much commentary
    I could only dream of having such time
    Do you do this at work?

    • Viking

      Being a Viking I know how to work, thorough, efficient and fast
      I understand you are impressed
      A feeling most people share with you

      • justasking

        Yeah, that was a good one Viking

  • Abácsi

    He got you Steve!!

  • woorry
  • woorry

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    • justasking



      It’s because of Orban

  • sonaive

    Kinga Goncz knew exactly that their campaign causes damage to Hungary’s people and banks.

    2012 is the payback year for 2008 money from IMF spent Bajnai and friends, press excluded

    • MagyarViking

      sonaive says:
      January 20, 2012 at 12:14 am

      Kinga Goncz knew exactly that their campaign causes damage to Hungary’s people and banks

      Eehh, care to substantiate that?

      How can an opposition MEP cause more “damage to Hungary’s people and banks”, than what Orban already done with his economic policies, since 2010?

      Remind med who is in the driving seat of the Hungarian car?
      The guy with a 2/3rd majority in the Hungarian Parliament implementing extremely many new laws in extremely short period, refusing to consult with the ECB wile doing this (even is just consulting is part of the Treaty of Central Banks), implementing actions that hinder free competition and favours certain companies friendly with Fidesz, or an opposition MEP?
      Must be a real tough question, that one…

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