January 20th, 2012

Presidential plagiarism scandal deepens amid charges passages of thesis copied from German study

Certain passages in President Pal Schmitt’s 1992 university dissertation, surrounded by recent accusations of plagiarism, could have been translated directly from a German study, internet portals hvg.hu and index.hu reported on Thursday.

The sections in question “word by word” match passages in a work by sports sociologist Klaus Heinemann, published in 1991, index.hu said, noting that the German study was listed in the bibliography of Schmitt’s dissertation.

Last week, hvg.hu reported that a large part of Schmitt’s dissertation appeared to have been lifted almost literally from a study written by a Bulgarian sports historian and diplomat in 1987.

In a radio interview on Wednesday morning, the president rejected charges of plagiarism, and said that the paper had been based on primary data, using 21 source materials altogether.

Schmitt said the basic material he drew on, some of which was also made use of by the Bulgarian Nikolay Georgiev, was not anyone’s intellectual property.

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  • Feher Gyorgy

    Schmitt’s work was thorough and illuminating and earned a “Summa Cum Laude”. Nothing can change that. If the president claims that he didn’t plagiarize, I believe in his words.
    As Orban pointed out, this tabloid gossip is part of an international conspiracy with foreign attacks on the Hungarian President.
    People tend to forget that Schmitt was once a true warrior. Just like Zorro, but even better (Zorro has never won a gold medal, and Schmitt won 2). So instead of bashing his writings, they should better make a movie about this “hero of the people”!!

    • American in Budapest


      You are typical Hungarian nationalist. You show no ability to engage in critical analysis and even when Fidesz to verge of bankruptcy with a 13% structural deficit, you continue to defend them.

      • Leto

        @Obnoxious in Budapest:

        Being hoodwinked by a satirist, you have proved yet again how dumb you really are. 😀

  • Bowen

    @ Feher Gyorgy

    Wow, life must be so simple and easy inside your head. I’m a bit jealous.

  • Sophist

    People tend to forget the Feher is a great ironist. Just like Swift, but even better (Swift was never taken at face value, and Feher is)

  • MagyarViking

    As I wrote when this scandal broke, that it will hard to find any respectable academics who wants to investigate this case, seems to be true now

    This speaks volumes about the political situation in the Hungarian Academy world. Normally you would have a queue of academics ready to slaughter a fellow academics thesis, but not in Hungary today…

    On the other hand what some Hungarian academics, who now live abroad, have earlier stated about their brothers that stayed on in Hungary and their ‘built-in’ tendency to submission becomes more evident

  • Feher Gyorgy

    A true patriot should steal the dissertation to stop the conspiracy against our dear President. If I weren’t banned already from the Semmelweis Library for mutilating library materials,I would do it myself!!
    ps: I didn’t mulitate anything in my opinion, the marking and underlining were just for clarification.

    • Eva

      Oh, God, I hope u don’t breed.

  • Karoly Fekete

    Georgie White is very comical and astute and has brought a method (satire/irony/double entendre) hitherto unknown on this site with which to beat his detractors about the head.
    More power to his/her elbow!
    BTW. @ Soapdish. There is a difference between the late, great, Jonathan Swift, and Georgie Boy.
    The former a genius in his, and our, lifetimes! I suggest you have not read, Gullivers Travels,and that would be \ironic\ in itself! (lol)
    Georgie is merely a modern-day wag with his finger on the current, political, pulse.
    However, you, being an English teacher, would struggle to understand that self-evident truth!

  • Sophist

    “There is a difference between the late, great, Jonathan Swift, and Georgie Boy.”

    Really? My idea was only a modest proposal. Which truth – the waggishness of George, or the genius of Jonathan Swift – is self-evident? And how so?

    ELT tip! Use ‘late’ for the recently dead or resigned.

    PS I love ‘soapdish’, so close to ‘soapbox’. Thought of changing my username, but feel those who post under multiple names are probably mentally ill.

  • Fekete Karoly

    @Soapdish. Pettiness is the domain of drama queens and misguided, imbecilic ignoramuses, like you.
    I shall continue to use “late” in any context I choose.
    The pathetic barb leveled at me because of my penchant of posting whatever name comes into my head is another indictment against a scurrilous rat that also hides behind various nom de plumes in the hope that we don’t notice!
    I have a fancy you are related to that other misfit that believes he can ‘walk on water’ – Voodoo Child aka Vandorlo.
    There is only one person mentally ill on this site and that honour belongs to you. You sick b-st-ard! Seek help and quick.
    BTW. Do you think you and your cohorts are the only ones able to track down ip addresses. Think again, Buddy!!!

  • Sophist

    So you have been posting under multiple aliases – who would have guessed!

  • Fekete Karoly

    @Soapdish. Yes. And each time you get it right between the eyes and run for cover under your own set of ‘stolen’ aliases.
    The irony is, that, quite early on in my career I used and abandoned “sophist” and my breadcrumbs were hastily devoured by, guess who? Oh, no! Who would have guessed?
    BTW Sophistry: a) method of argument that is seemingly plausible though actually invalid and misleading
    2.) subtle but unsound or fallacious reasoning
    Most appropriate and matches that pink dress and straw bonnet you like to wear on special occasions.
    I would like to think that Fehér György is your alter-ego
    but I’m inclined to stay with my original opinion which is that you are the same old wet blanket irrespective of your alias-es.
    Hugs and kisses and best wishes from your favorite nagy bácsi xxx.

  • Sophist

    Hey, Karcsi, there’s guy on another thread who thinks I’m ‘szabad ember’ don’t you want to go over and put him straight?

    P.S. here’s your homework

  • Fekete Karoly

    Hey, Soapdish/Shit Ember etc
    Apart from demonstrating that you are the weirdest crank ever to crawl out of a sewer and an interfering busybody of no fixed purpose. What else is on your agenda that could possibly be of interest to us on a site that is dedicated to Hungarian politics?
    I’m sure you have better things to occupy your time such as teaching the under fives how to tell the time!

  • Sophist

    You haven’t done your homework, have you? I’m very disappointed.

  • Fekete Karoly

    @Soapdish You will always be “disappointed” whatever the weather.
    A sophist by nature is an illusionary figure more at home in B.C. 5th century Greece where banging each others bots was the order of the day whilst huddled in the corner pretending to discuss philosophical and political issues.
    You, I feel sure, would have been most at home!
    The sophists used unsound and fallacious argument in which to convince others that they were correct in their dubious reasoning.
    I’m sure the homework should be completed by you and then sent to me were “I won’t be disappointed” to use it for cleaning up purposes after my morning evacuation.
    Now, toddle off, and annoy some other girl guide or boy scout, whichever you prefer. I would bet good money on the latter.

    • Sophist

      Poorly researched, and confused in places – illusionary? Though better late than never! D-, Detention for the sarcasm, see Mr. White after Irony class.

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